Author: Parvati

December 25, 2016 Portal of Light

December 25, 2016 Dear friends, This transmission was received early Christmas morning, while sitting in meditation following our yearly 12-midnight healing circle. It felt like a special communication for all of us and I decided to send it out on its own. May your holidays bring you time for peaceful introspection and joy. All love, Parvati ***************************************************   #7 ORION TRANSMISSIONS 2016 December 25, 2016 On the Portal and the Light Yes, yes. The Portal, which we referred to in previous transmissions, is now slowly closing with the final days of 2016. It has been a powerful year of change, not...

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December 10, 2016 Unity and Community

December 10, 2016 Dear friends, These are truly the times that try humans’ souls. Shocking politics around the world, human injustices and the outlandish destruction of Nature weigh heavy on all of our minds and hearts. But somehow, as I have witnessed in Light workers around the world and in decent people everywhere, these times seem to be bringing us together. And this I have seen, across cultural divides, and amongst people of all ages and belief systems. This is the time for unity, if there ever was a time. It is our responsibility as aware human beings to...

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