“The effects of this Agnihotra fire are far-reaching in scope and on the subtle levels, far more powerful than recorded. Agnihotra ash, when taken from pure fires performed exactly on time at sunrise and sunset, will retain the power indefinitely if undisturbed.”

“AGNIHOTRA ASH itself has the properties of all elements—Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Ether. It is a balanced substance. It is neither Yin nor Yang. It has the properties of healing and of Light.

One can project the healing energies of this Agnihotra ash to any area of the body which is in need of healing. One can effectively cure many diseases, even chronic cases, with this ash. However, when one participates in Agnihotra by performing Agnihotra oneself or by being physically present for the fire, one becomes a part of the healing cycle it creates and thereby benefits greater from this miraculous substance, Agnihotra ash.”

“The power of pure Agnihotra ash will now be magnified, the energies locked in the Ash activated by acceleration and by the need on this planet for this healing substance’s miraculous powers.”

“There is magic in the Agnihotra ash you use for farming and for medicines! Not abracadabra magic, but actual miraculous properties capable of restoring balance to soil, water and air. There is medicinal value contained in very small quantities of this Agnihotra ash. It has the capacity to heal ailments as well as refurbish resources.

This is the substance required by Nature for survival in the 21st century.”