Parvati (Fran Rosen-Bizberg) is a healer, artist, and teacher from U.S. living in Poland. She is the author of Yoga and Meditation for Children, I Wish I had Known, Mary’s Call for Healing, and Orion Transmissions Prophecy Vol. I and II.

In U.S, she studied early childhood education and art therapy at several universities and taught in the Head Start program for under-privileged preschool children. Later, she taught troubled teens and children in the U.S., Europe, and India.

In 1993 she traveled throughout Poland, teaching stress reduction techniques and creative activities for children to teachers and psychologists, accompanied by Jarek Bizberg, who later became her husband. The two were married in 1995 and now reside in the Tatra region of southern Poland. Here, they have created Ecovillage Bhrugu Aranya. The community offers retreats and workshops on Homa Therapy, Mandala Art Therapy, Homa Farming and creative Self-Development for adults and young people.

Parvati has been receiving guidance in meditation for thirty years. Since 1997, she has been regularly receiving transmissions from Orion. An intuitive healer, she travels internationally, offering individual healings for people free of charge.

Books by Parvati Rosen-Bizberg

Orion Transmissions Prophecy Volume I
This is a book of revealed guidance received via telepathic transfer.  It provides knowledge essential to the growth and development of awareness on planet Earth. These amazing transmissions touch on every aspect of human life today– from Earth changes to our spiritual well-being, from practical solutions for today’s problems to prophecy for the future.

Messenger of the Sacred Fire
A beautiful biography of Shree Vasant Paranjpe, a visionary who pioneered the use of the ancient science of  Homa Therapy into every aspect of life – from agriculture to pyschotherapy, alternative medicine to self-development, from global warming to ecological balance. (*book and e-book available now)

Yoga and Meditation for Children
This is the teacher’s guide for the Yoga and Meditation for Children program taught by Fran Rosen-Bizberg (Parvati). The book gives complete lesson plans and activities to help children learn to cope with stress, develop their creativity, bolster self-esteem and help unfold their spirituality. It comes with a supplement of additional ideas and activities. Recommended for anyone who loves and works with children. (Also available in Polish language)

I Wish I had Known
This revealing account depicts the author’s early search for spiritual fulfillment. It is her compelling, personal story. The book is a wealth of personal, spiritual guidance that anyone may apply to daily life.

Mary’s Call for Healing
A lovely book of spiritual and practical guidance received from Mother Mary. Full of compassion, hope and love. Presently available in Spanish language, soon to be available in English, as an E-Book.