Our culture, our planet is in the midst of change, transformation. Many people on this Earth have awakened to the realization that their planet is going through major changes. Some have chosen to ignore the warning signals, while others valiantly attempt to educate the public through means of ecological reform, political awareness, etc.

However, our planet remains at a critical point. In response to the need for increased awareness on this planet, information is being made available by Higher intelligences out of love and concern for planet Earth.

ORION TRANSMISSIONS are rich in information and guidance, which touch on every aspect of human life today.The messages cover everything from political situations to how to raise children in our society, from environmental disasters and their solutions to our emotional well-being, from the inhibiting role fear has taken in our lives to how to extricate oneself from its hold on us.

The need of the hour is to change our focus from the quest for material power and gain, to SURVIVAL of our beloved planet Earth, through awareness, cooperation and TRUTH. There are shocking revelations included about worldwide corruption, ecological predictions, Earth changes and their solutions.

First I would like to explain that I have never taken much interest in reports about extraterrestrials, UFOs or channelled information from that source. So, it was a great surprise for me when I experienced it for the first time.

I began receiving Orion Transmissions via telepathic transfer, in the winter of 1997. I saw three bright neon blue lights in triangle formation in the front yard. What followed has been a beautiful unfolding of information, loving guidance and amazingly clear revelations. The messages really increased in 1998 and the beings revealed themselves as Orion after quite a long time. I had never asked them who they were, as I just enjoyed their presence and didn’t feel the need to ask.

These messages have been sent to many people in different countries via e-mail. Current transmissions continue to be sent out as they are received. I was guided in meditation to compile all the transmissions and publish them in book form. The result was Orion Transmissions Prophecy Volume I, published in 2003.

For many of you this may be the first time information of this kind has been introduced to you. I would encourage you all to view these messages as an opportunity to change what needs to be changed on a personal level in order to not only survive the coming times, but to guide and inspire others through them.

Over the years, Orion has been a comfort, inspiration and guide for many people. I am grateful to receive the transmissions and it is my deepest joy to share them with you.

As Orion says:

“We are entering an era when all of you will be asked to deposit fear, anger, doubt, worry, regret, envy, jealousy, greed on the side of the road and continue the way on your path without them. You must be willing to travel the spiritual path unencumbered.

Shed the baggage of the past and the trappings of future expectation, and tread lightly on your way. Into the next dimension, baggage is limited. You all must, in essence, learn to travel light.”