January 12, 2023, Orion on Truth
Yes, yes. The unfolding of Truth is occurring now, even in those who have long been in denial of it. This is the era of Truth. Of course, as you know, the truth can be told in a palatable manner—and thus, will reach its goal. One who holds the truth within has a righteous duty to impart that truth whenever possible. However, there are various ways to impart truth.

One is through the avenue of speech. If truth is to be told via speech, one must choose carefully not only the words themselves but the timing of delivery and the recipient of such delivery.

Another way to impart the Truth can be through the written word, again with caution and clarity. As well, truth can be imparted via sound, music, poetry or via any avenue of the creative arts.

Many great beings whose very presence is said to be inspiring—even enlightening to some—choose the way of no words, no material delivery. Instead they choose simply to live the Truth and affect the masses by the way they conduct their lives, the way they walk through life, the way they carry themselves and how they treat those around them. We would say that this is of all, the highest way to impart truth in a world so devoid of such.

When one chooses to walk the path of Truth, their silence speaks louder and clearer than any words could speak. One learns simply by breathing the same rarified air as this human being who walks with Divine.

Still, when one has the opportunity to impart wisdom one has received, do so in a quiet manner without expectation, without pride or awareness of one’s own greatness. Always defer to Almighty when receiving accolades for your truth telling. Receive and give in the same manner. Thus, one incurs the blessing of GRACE.

On Current State of the World
Concerning the current state of the world, we have already forewarned you, all of you, of the inception of these darker times. This is not a sudden, unexpected development in the history of humanity! All signs pointed to this. However, many were not prepared to hear nor willing to see the signs before them. Perhaps they were too engaged in the enjoyment of life’s riches or engrossed in their pursuit for fame or wealth, fun or prideful successes, and these warnings came more as an unwanted interruption of their daily dramas unfolding.

Those who listened have prepared for these times. Those who did not will be caught in the crisis.

Still others chose to steep themselves in conspiracy theories, lost in the incessant chatter over cause and effect, choosing whom to blame rather than how to extricate themselves from the muck.

The answers do not lie nor have they ever lain in the political realm. Those of you who choose to go that route, in an attempt to resolve the conflicts of the world, will come to realize there is no end to the mental meandering which can result in nothing but more of the same—like a rat in a maze. Such is the political realm. Indeed.

On Listening to the Earth and Living in Harmony
Do create safe zones, places of Light, where all life is respected as sacred, where humans and animals live in harmony.
Endeavour to become more self-sufficient.
Grow your own food and develop a network of others who can exchange seeds and products, when possible.

Learn to walk lightly upon the Earth.
Listen to the trees.
Listen to the birds.
Listen to the Earth as she calls you to Her.

These are deeply troubling, chaotic times. These are times which divide families and tear at one’s deepest roots. However, these are also the times of the great return.

Listen. Listen. Listen.

The calling is in the wind.
Listen. Listen. Listen.

Blessings be upon you all.
We are,