Orion Transmissions
July 25, 2022 

Yes, yes. Times have indeed changed. Beings on this rather shaken Planet Earth are rather unaware of the FUNDAMENTAL CHANGES which have occurred on the planet over the last two years. Shall we refer to it as the ‘Covid period?’

Indeed, many deep changes occurred, some of which are irreparable. Conversely, there are those who have chosen to champion the rights of others less able to stand for themselves. And still others valiantly, tirelessly working for world health and for the restoration of Earth’s now fragile ecological balance.

As the darkness encroaches, the Light somehow is miraculously strengthened. However, it is—you will witness—an era of extremes, of division, of unrest, unease. And simultaneously, it is an era of great awakenings.

Certainly, the effects of this period will be everlasting, though transformation remains a hopeful possibility, even a probability.

The human spirit, though collectively beleaguered, is indeed the proverbial Phoenix Rising.

We caution over optimism, which allows one to turn a blind eye to the subtle energies being adversely affected. Remain one-pointed, realistic. Guard your optimism as it were a precious, priceless diamond. Polish and guard it. The Light passes through the clear vehicle of Truth.

We are with you all.
We are,

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