June 4, 2023
Dear friends, family,

Orion has been intensifying their contact lately, after a quiet period. I am grateful to receive these new transmissions. They certainly reflect the turbulence and the hope of these times.

We are living in times we can almost not imagine. It seems like everything is speeded up. Along with the turmoil come rays of hope and acceleration of higher energies supporting spiritual growth and evolution.

There seems to be such a clear distinction between darkness and Light now more than ever before. While some see it as division, I feel it is a necessary phase during which choices are being made to rise or to fall, to wake up or to remain asleep, unaware. It is truly a time of choice and there is great energy being given to those who choose the Light.

We are one and we are united in peace, in prayer, in love.

All love,




June 1, 2023, On Strengthening Your Resolve in this Sacred Time
Yes, yes. These are indeed perilous times, the darkness preceding the Light. “‘

Do not steep yourselves in negative news, no matter how dire it appears to be. Much is a spin to create fear amongst the now divided populace.

Refuse to be divided, derailed in achieving your destination. Instead, determine a clear course and move forward in Unity and defiance, in harmony amongst yourselves. Be the change you wish to see in the world. Yes.

The force of the Russian offensive will make a crucial mistake, which will cause their downfall.

Prepare and stockpile supplies of pure Agnihotra Ash and take it regularly at least once per day directly. Rest can be in your drinking water.  Do this soon.

As crises ensue around the world, remain resolute and strong in maintaining these Points of Light.* The three Points are each in need of a power boost. It is through these Points of Light the network is made strong and ACTIVE.

At all other centres around the world, increase your active participation in global Lightwork.

ACTIVE is the key. Just as in every human relationship, one must remain actively interacting in purposeful communication and manifestation of all that is of the GOOD!

Those here at Bhrugu Aranya, Centre of Light requires your active participation in her evolution process. She is about to rise! Mark our words, she will rise! We are within and inside the walls of this sacred site, as it is a reflection of the Master’s Grace in this life.

Stay on it!
Blessed be.

We are,

  • NOTE: (Three Points of Light given by Shree Vasant are Maheshwar Goshala, India, Bhrugu Aranya, Poland, and Elqui Valley, Chile)


June 3, 2023 On Gratitude, Forgiveness and Evolution of Spirit

Yes, yes. In these turbulent times, one must be absolute and resolute in tending one’s inner garden. Therein lies the seat of your power, the landscape of your soul.

It is also a time crucial in one’s own evolution and in the evolution of humankind when every moment matters.

If, in previous years, you went into meditation from time to time, it is high time to increase your efforts in the subtle realms.

There has never been a time like this in the world. Consciousness can be elevated quickly by attention to the inner work, the inner world.

Cultivate the fine art of gratitude, which fuels forgiveness in your hearts. It is ESSENTIAL to forgive all who may have harmed you, hurt you, or aimed false accusations toward you. All past slights, all present slights—FORGIVE.

Into the next dimension, one must travel light. Release old baggage from the past, let it go NOW.

This planet is also heading toward Light.

Those of you who have entertained the misbegotten guests of Fear, Anxiety, let them go! If they come tapping at your windows, knocking on your doors—pay them no mind. Rest assured, dear beings of Light, you will not need to reside in a fearful state anymore.

The times are so heightened that fears, even old ones based on trauma—your own or your ancestors’ or the collective conglomerate of fears—are able not only to be released but absolved into Light.

Power is at its zenith. These are great times for EVOLUTION OF SPIRIT.

We are moving at the speed of Light.

Blessings abound.

We are,