January 31, 2022  On Finding & Living the Truth Within You
Yes, yes. Do not be deterred by the winds that howl through the landscapes of this earthly plane. There will be much upheaval—that of natural and unnatural origins. This was already indicated in previous transmissions, as well as prophesized in a great many texts, ancient and modern alike.

The fears of those drawn to conflict and chaos have grown. Anything with a base in fear can only lead to more chaos, increased levels of anxiety and ultimately, to bitterness and confusion.

We are well aware of the manufactured reality and the manipulation on the part of powers that appear to control the masses. Fighting their war, arming yourselves with theories that have considerable proclivity to confuse and create division, will not assist the ‘masses’ in making the necessary shift into the next, most crucial phase of planetary and human evolution. These theories are, as well, rigged to create chaos. There is no cut & dry answer which can be encapsulated in complex rhetoric and complicated proofs, often questionable.

Whilst we admire humans’ natural need to investigate that which is being spread across the world, creating fear in hearts otherwise brave and full of faith—you must look further into that, as it is also a tool playing into the very hands from which you seek to escape.

Again, go within. Therein lies the key, the Truth. It is not in aligning yourselves with this theory or that dogma, neither in political promises designed to deceive. Follow that which you find within you.

You may have to shift through the news broadcasts and anti-news broadcasts, to reach a quiet state, a stillness where words are of no consequence. But do come to the point wherein lies the TRUTH. Align yourselves with this TRUTH.

Unplug from media madness. All of it. All sides.
Be still.
Go within.

As your minds have been saturated with convincing theories and frightening predictions, fear-propelled madness is not your objective here!

Shift past all the rhetoric, the jargon—until silence fills you with an innate sense of peace. From that very place, live your lives in love, grace, kindness and faith. Everything else is illusion.

Blessings to all.
We are,