July 12, 2018
Dear friends,

I am sending this short transmission received recently via Orion. To me, it is quite timely and a reminder to return to the Love, even if all around us is mired in illusion and confusion. Keep your hearts open and spread the love, anyway.

Love, Parvati 


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June 2018
Orion on Misuse of Power and Returning to the Well of Love
Yes, yes. In U.S. the blatant misuse of power is eroding what once stood as democracy. It is showing deep cracks in the foundation and is so far from its original proposed ideals of “freedom and justice for all.”

Policy has taken a hard line and, instead of compassion for others less fortunate, it has turned into a military state. Where is humanity?

Yes, yes, yes. We are not prone to political debate nor is it recommended by us as a path of resistance. Nothing can be gained, no peace obtained through politics. It is like wading into shark-infested waters, and cannot yield peace.

Yes, the signing of petitions can send a strong message from the people, but the people have been efficiently divided. Thus, one voice is met with opposing voice and both become null and void. Still, stand firm for peace. Expose what is cruel and inhumane in the world today.

It will reach a fever pitch and ultimately meet with justice and protection so needed now for the disenfranchised.

Whilst the people are being herded into detainment camps, everyone’s focus is drawn to their plight. Simultaneously, the passing of laws and a complete disregard for nature, environment are being enacted.

Yes, indeed, speak out. But go within to strengthen your borders, so you do not get swept up by the tide of discontent. Keep your inner borders intact.

Maintain your inner core where prayer is not only possible, but a plausible force for change.
Become more compassionate in your own lives. Actively, do random—or planned—acts of kindness.
Do not be deterred by the war outside. Keep your footing. Maintain your balance.
Do not remain silent in the ugly face of injustice, but do not be dragged under by it.

Continue to return to the well of love within you where you draw water to fill your soul.
All of you, may you walk in Light.

Hold these faces and places where Light is most direly needed, in your heart.
More prayer—those of you who walk the Path of Love.

May all, which you hold dear, be showered with protection and may the prayers of many compassionate souls meet with fruition.

You shall soon see the effects of mass humanity standing in unison, in opposition to unjust laws and regulations being imposed in a senselessly caustic and calculated manner. The tide has begun to turn and will bear fruit.