September 25, 2018

Dear friends,
Autumn has suddenly arrived with its wild winds, leaving a trail of apples, plums and a bounty of walnuts all over the land. It really looks like a colorful cornucopia.

We are busily collecting Nature’s harvest from our Mandala garden, rich with vegetables and healing herbs. We will miss the warm season, but autumn carries its own beauty.

Many of you are probably aware by now of our Centre of Light being built at Ecovillage Bhrugu Aranya. We are building the Centre of Light to be able to better serve the increasing number of people wishing to come and learn how to move toward a sustainable way of living on Earth.

It will provide a much-needed venue where teachers, healers, artists, seekers and pioneers can share their gifts for humanity and for our planet—a place where people receive support for personal transformation, at a time of great global transformation.

We’re excited to share with you all the progress we’ve made, which is “nothing short of a miracle.” We have completed the clay/straw outer and inner walls, the tiled roof, and are now preparing to protect it from Poland’s harsh winter. We are currently appealing for donations for installing insulation and wood siding, urgently needed now before the frost and snow come.

If you would like to read more or support this wonderful work, click on the link below.

I’d like to share with you some wonderful Orion quotes about Centre of Light:

“Yes, yes. This Centre of Light is to provide sanctuary, refuge for coming times, where people can learn how to move toward a sustainable way of living on Earth.

It is not just another centre, but one which was called for, one which has been guided for this specific time and place.

At such a site where Vedic healing fires have been maintained for over twenty-three years, the atmosphere is thus super-charged.

Build the ark of safety amongst the raging storms.’’

Thank you.
All love,



August 13, 2018 On Children
Yes yes yes. Children need grounded energy and to feel safe in the world. Agnihotra at sunrise and sunset will create a cleansing, healing environment, which will change one’s life.

On Clearing One’s Way
One must clear away the cobwebs of illusion and of disillusion embedded in one’s consciousness from lifetimes.

Walk in Light.

September 4, 2018 On Uprising of Awareness and Power in Love
Yes, yes. We see the world reeling from climate change, erratic weather conditions, and deep unrest, not only in warring countries—but in countries once ‘great’ super powers!

Indeed, whilst the world stage is dominated by erratic leadership, faux pas and allegations which would normally result in impeachment—behind the scenes, far more sinister far-reaching changes are being made, while the seeming buffoons act in the political arena. Indeed, there will be a greater force which arises to even out the playing field.

On the level of the heart, there is an uprising of aware human beings rushing forth with hope in mind and prayers in heart.Indeed, the people must rise. In every area of life they are being called to rise, to change the direction of world events and reassert the notion of FREEDOM, which seems to have slid off course.

Now, the youth shall rise and take rightful places in leadership, affecting policy changes and correcting wrongs done against humanity.

Even the diets of the youth will be influenced by the aversion to cruelty towards the animal kingdom. The current peak interest and embrace of Vegan diet across the world is an indicator of change.

Yes, indeed, change is in the air.
Do not give up hope.

Lay down the sword and refrain from violence of any kind.
Link arms-in-arms, rather than take up arms.

Rise up and take your rightful places in the march of resistance to evil.
And move as one toward the path of good.

There is strength in numbers.
There is power in Love.

We are with you, brave ones.
We are,

September 9, 2018
(Today we celebrated the 22ndanniversary of our healing temple. These messages were received during Rudra Yajnya in the temple.)

On this auspicious date here at our Bhrugu Aranya, blessings are being showered upon you all.

The Mantras are seeded into the atmosphere from the repetition of Rudra Yajnya chant. There is an instant recognition of these Mantras and they are drawn into the trees, into the plants, stones, and soil of this sacred place.

Those who learn these ancient Mantras with relative ease in this life have often been seeded with the Mantras from previous incarnations. For them as such, it is an instant recognition as well, and their souls are drawn to and awakened by repetition of the Mantras.

Humans, as well as Nature, respond to Mantras in a similar manner. It is like a light is suddenly switched on. We commend all who carry the Mantras into the next generation, and uphold the sacred practice of Yajnya.

Yes, yes. In this New Year, which begins in the month of September, by the ancient Hebraic calendar, we salute the ones who continually, year after year, keep the ancient healing fires burning. This will one day be well known and respected. Time is stretched to include those who have come with pure hearts.

Yes, yes. In ancient caves in Himalaya Mountains, such fires continue untended by human beings on the physical plane—but continually maintained round-the-clock on the subtle planes.

If one sits for meditation in the caves and is steeped in silence, one will hear the Mantras being chanted through the ethers.

If you go to ancient sacred sites where once sacred Mantras were chanted, you will hear them, however faintly, being emitted through the stones, carried by the wind, resonating with all of Nature.

When you perform Agnihotra at sunrise/sunset, you are seeding Mantras into the atmosphere, which will resound throughout Nature for millenniums to come.

As you connect with the ancestors, you are simultaneously connecting with generations to come. And the cycle remains unbroken.

We are humbly in your service, all who carry the Light forward in time.

We are, Orion.

September 24, 2018 On Mysteries of the Universe
Yes, yes, yes. This is a powerful full moon for the planet’s ascension into the next dimension.

Time is relative—relevant, as it is irrelevant. Indeed, there are parallel universes in which complex civilizations play out their own destinies.

Do you really think this is it?
Do you truly believe this is the only sphere upon which life exists?
And within this, there are more layers than meet the eye.

As we observe those amongst you, even the great ones amongst you, do not quite get the magnitude of who you are—as individuals or as collective masses of humanity.

Within each of you lies the DNA code of the planet.Within each of you there exists seeds of pure good and seeds of darkness. It is what you do with the precious life gifted you that elevates the soul or denigrates it.

Indeed, dear ones, one life does matter. Whether you are aware of it or not, each of you is part of an intricate universe, a play of Light, a dance, if you will.

Focus less on life’s trivialities, less on ‘he said, she said,’ and more on the spirit within each of you waiting to shine.

Ah! Be simple as a child is simple and enter the sphere of love for which you were born.

Blessings abound.
We are,