Author: Parvati

May 17, 2015

May 17, 2015 Dear friends, So much has transpired lately on our planet—from tremendous earthquakes with massive loss of lives in Nepal to long-dormant volcanoes erupting in Chile, and shocking injustice and unrest in the cities in U.S. and around the globe. I find my heart being pulled in many directions, as we gather in our community to send Light and prayers for peace and comfort around the world. I am constantly reminded that the suffering of one is the suffering of all. Those of us who can must open our hearts to include those less fortunate than ourselves. As Orion once said, “We suggest intense understanding of others on this planet and awareness of the plight of those beings on this great planet who are suffering. “Keep their names, their places, their faces in your hearts. And as you lift your hearts to the Great Ones, indeed may it be as one face, one song, one prayer, one tear, one set of eyes beholding the Light.” With love always, Parvati   On Facebook: Ecovillage Bhrugu Aranya. Orion Transmissions Prophecy. Agnihotra Polska (in Polish language). Centre of Light. Agnihotra Global Community. ************************************************************** #3 ORION TRANSMISSIONS 2015 March 10, 2015 On Power of Mantra Yes, yes. The power of the unsung Mantras rivals the power of the ones chanted aloud. The power and intensity of the inner Mantra is heard...

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March 9, 2015

March 9, 2015 Dear friends, We are coming to a close of another relatively mild winter here in Europe. Spring will be welcomed with open arms. There is something magical about the sun, plants sprouting and flowers blooming that give hope for today and hopefully for tomorrow.  It is easy for us to be overly sensitive, easily overcome by the injustices and ineptitudes of those in power on this planet. With the ferocity of a mother for her young, my feeling is to protect our fragile, majestic Earth with everything we have within us. I pray a lot. I give in to the calling from deep within my soul that says, ‘nurture from within.’ I honour and appreciate those who are able to represent us on the frontline, especially the eco warriors striving to save our planet’s resources. I feel the efforts I can make from within myself can strengthen theirs and likewise. We are, after all, one. Self-development and individual growth are entwined with planetary healing. Our world is multi-faceted. Ultimately, what is in the one is in the whole. As above, so below. We have to work on every level, individually and as a global family, to create harmony and interconnectivity between us all. What keeps me centered—and it takes constant attention and focus in these trying times—is knowing that there is a Higher purpose to serve....

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