March 9, 2015
Dear friends,
We are coming to a close of another relatively mild winter here in Europe. Spring will be welcomed with open arms. There is something magical about the sun, plants sprouting and flowers blooming that give hope for today and hopefully for tomorrow. 

It is easy for us to be overly sensitive, easily overcome by the injustices and ineptitudes of those in power on this planet. With the ferocity of a mother for her young, my feeling is to protect our fragile, majestic Earth with everything we have within us. I pray a lot. I give in to the calling from deep within my soul that says, ‘nurture from within.’

I honour and appreciate those who are able to represent us on the frontline, especially the eco warriors striving to save our planet’s resources. I feel the efforts I can make from within myself can strengthen theirs and likewise. We are, after all, one.

Self-development and individual growth are entwined with planetary healing. Our world is multi-faceted. Ultimately, what is in the one is in the whole. As above, so below. We have to work on every level, individually and as a global family, to create harmony and interconnectivity between us all.

What keeps me centered—and it takes constant attention and focus in these trying times—is knowing that there is a Higher purpose to serve. I am reminded that it isn’t just about me and my needs and desires. It helps me see how I can serve, what I can do with the gifts I’ve been given to help humanity. It spins my mind in the direction of service, which alone I find fulfilling. Orion’s words express it eloquently:

“When your lives exist for a higher purpose other than fulfilling your own individual needs and wants, every aspect of your lives shifts. It requires a new sense of sight and sound, a new balance of awareness tempered by Grace, humility and deeper levels of understanding.”

 All love, Parvati

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January 27, 2015 On Creating Oases, Arks of Fire
Yes, yes. Your human race is living on borrowed time. There is an erroneous assumption that Nature can take all abuse and manipulation of its precious resources for the greed of humankind. However, this is a deadly assumption indeed.

If human beings continue abuse and negligence of natural resources at the current rate, whole landmasses will be destroyed.

It is beyond the political realm what is being foisted upon inhabitants of this sacred planet. Dear ones, be aware. Seek to create oases where you can grow your own food, develop your own technology, practice alternative methods for healing the atmosphere, body and mind.

These ‘Arks of Fire’ we have been referring to are the wave of the future. It is through these healing fires that the Nature is nurtured, that the human organism can be fortified to begin the process of self-healing. It is through these ancient healing fires that the balance of elements in Nature is restored.

Dear ones, learn from the Ancients the ways for the future.
Blessings abound. OM.

On Homa Organic Farming
Yes, yes. Begin securing your borders whenever possible, should you own land and wish to farm it organically, free of genetically modified crops and chemicals. We would suggest in particular, those of you whose land borders other farmland try to secure that bordering land. If you are unable to do so, there are protective measures which can be devised to keep your crops safe from genetic infiltration. Study what is available at this time.

The practice of Homa Organic Farming is actually an ancient solution for modern times. There is great power in the Agnihotra Ash, as we have said on numerous occasions. This itself is a protective agent. If one uses additional methods such as permaculture and working with subtle energies, Devas and the like, it will only enhance the Homa Organic Farming techniques.

The base of fire is like insurance that your gardens will be surrounded by a protective layer or shield, which, when done correctly, will nourish and enliven the soil, cleanse the air and energize water resources.

Subtle energy fields at sacred places, such as here at Bhrugu Aranya, are infused with Light. A high-pitched sound is emanated from all around the area. One can experience this energetic resonance when present on this land.

At such high-energy sites, there is a greater harmonious element which eludes explanation but does not elude experience. Beings present, particularly those who have come for the purpose of meditating or ‘decompressing’ from the world outside, will feel a marked difference. It can lead initially to light-headedness or sensitivity. However, deeper realizations are far more possible in such an atmosphere.

We highly recommend it. OM.

February 7, 2015 On Stone Circle Activations
Yes, yes. Further Stone Circle activations yet to come in the year 2015.

Activations in Czech will begin this year. As well, continuation of Stone Circle activations in Poland and other countries shall continue. Stone Circles are of great interest to us, as they are aligned with the planetary system and with the stars above, so below.

There are several additional Stone Circles, known and unknown, in Poland. Poland is abundant in history of ancient peoples who left their marks on the landscape and activations are nigh.

Begin researching sacred sites for activation. Begin with Poland, Czech, and lands bordering Poland and Czech. Nothing in Germany in the moment. Ancient Slavic sites in Poland, followed by ancient sites in Czech. Once a concise list of possible sites is ready, we can assess the data and give guidance for much-needed activations.

February 7, 2015 Orion on Somayag 2015
(Note: The sixth of seven Somayags proposed by Shree Vasant was held February 3-8 at The Homa Therapy Goshala, Maheshwar, India on the banks of the ancient Narmada River. Usually 6 days in duration, these are great fires done on auspicious dates for specific purposes, performed by a specially trained group of Vedic scholars.)

Yes, yes. Preparations for Sound Current are underway, though likely time will be longer than originally conceived. This series of Somayags during which Nature is being nourished and interplanetary communications fostered, has a fuller effect on environment than one would think.

At such a sacred site as the present location by the River Narmada, ancient resources are being tapped, that is activated to create healing environment for future generations. All occurs on subtle levels, imperceivable to human beings. The Master knew of which He spoke. His awareness was profound and His vision wide-ranging. Thus, the series of Somayags which He called for are precise in timing and in practice.

Attendance at such sacred events upon this ancient soil will cleanse those present who have fully concentrated upon the flames. May all walk in Light upon this Earth.

There is a sense of urgency on the planet now, knowing that one must focus one’s energies, steel oneself with the fortitude of a lion and the calm peace of the angelic realm. Walk in balance upon the Earth.

Blessings abound. Blessings to all.

February 9, 2015 On Self-Development and Truth
Yes, yes. Whilst the current state of affairs seems to have taken a dramatic turn towards a more unified front, it could also be simply a front. However, even if human beings embrace a facade of peace, it may in actuality precipitate a real resurgence of same.

As with individuals, when one begins to tackle one’s own obstacles to inner peace on a personal level, wading through often turbulent waters of emotional debris resulting from storms past, one actually takes on a warrior stance. When in that warrior stance, one can easily rise victorious over one’s emotions, but not with logic, not with intellect. One can only rise above one’s obstacles and traps of the mind with strength and tenacity of spirit.

There has never been a time in the history of humanity till now that warrants complete, thorough self-examination in order to rid oneself of all that blocks one’s progress on the spiritual path of evolution.

The signs are everywhere that the environment, the planet and all living beings are poised on the brink of self-destruction. However, when there is a mass of those awakening souls readying themselves for their ascension, there is hope beyond all hope for the survival of this lustrous planet.

Indeed, one human being in prayer and conscious living, in harmony with Nature, can affect the whole of humanity, producing a dramatic healing effect upon the world. And in these times, there are many of you, more than you even can conceive.

The subsequent rejuvenation—renaissance, if you will—of ancient cultures has given rise to a rebirth of wonder. This is essential to all who wish to continue to unravel the mysteries of life, the spiritual tenets which are so essential to your evolution as human beings moving swiftly towards the Light.

There are no magic wands which will turn frogs into princes or resolve inner conflicts, bringing one into an ecstatic state of peace! Indeed, the work remains in your hands and requires, first and foremost, an absolute commitment to honesty with oneself.

One cannot pull the proverbial wool over one’s own eyes and expect to hide from what is truth. Truth cannot be denied and it is of absolutely no use to attempt to pretend, to conceal one’s true being behind facades, masks, or the full blown intellect buoyed by ego and the need to control.

As we have stated on numerous occasions, these are the times when Truth will be revealed. Even in old worldwide conflicts, truth now will surface. There is no hiding from Truth, whether they be your own truths or global truths as yet unveiled. It is the era of revelation and nothing can hide it.

Though media has been bought and sold and redistributed to the unsuspecting masses, the Truth will still rise up and prevail. Nothing can stop its rise to the Light.

Thus, in your own individual lives, strive to speak the truth. Do not think that you can remain hidden from others, living a lie or concealing that which is essential to your nature. Live in Truth with humility and purpose, with compassion and focus.

Blessings do abound. OM.

February 10, 2015 On Orion
Yes, yes. You are about to receive a profound reading via our auspices, so buckle your seatbelt. Here we go. Or hear we go.

We do not reference any of the rumors or mysteries surrounding negative accounts of beings from our origin, though we are aware of the general hysteria that some aliens have been a part of. Due to misunderstanding as well as misuse of resources made available primarily to governmental agents and those whose aim may certainly be questioned—we choose not to comment or give credence to reports, whether factual or fictional.

Our aim is true. We are not in communication or consensus with any beings other than our own. Our beings are purely of absolute integrity, aim and existence. Our only focus or goal having to do with your lustrous planet Earth is to save it from destruction and to assist its evolution into the new age.

That said, we must now inform our wondering vehicle of her true identity. We may reference past lives on this planet and certainly they do exist. However, our vehicle hails from our origin and has been told this on several occasions. Thus, the communication between us is simple and occurs with ready ease.

On Astronomical Phenomena
We foresee the emergence of new stars in your galaxy and more vivid visions in nighttime skies, particularly above Egypt and above sacred points of Light, such as Bhrugu Aranya in Poland, Elqui Valley in Chile and Maheshwar, India. More reports of uncommon sightings will be reported in all three regions of this planet.

Planetary intersections also create some concern, as do the likelihood of such phenomena as starbursts and meteors. However, we do not foresee danger, as previously reported. Some dangers have been averted, though planetary shifts are not only likely but also expected.

Regions of Europe will be actual safe zones whereupon beings will be housed. Do not fear. One such safe zone is where you are currently dwelling. We see this as a fully operating sanctuary which, upon the erection of the Centre of Light, will serve humanity as one cannot even perceive in this moment. No fear. No fear.

Blessings. OM.

February 11, 2015 More on Orion
Yes, yes, dear vehicle. For the moment put all your concentration on these transmissions, as there are many to be given via your instrument in coming days and months, and years.

Dear one, the tendency of our Earth brothers and sisters is to focus minutely and literally, as opposed to truly ingesting the higher sense of what is being spoken to them. Even in individual matters, in personal situations, every word is weighed and an interpretation made, based on the literal understanding of Divine counsel, which is essentially what this is.

We do not act alone. We are attuned and directed by Divine Source. We are not acting on our own inclinations, though in truth, we have no inclinations! Oh, difficult as always to explain our extraterrestrial existence to those of the terrestrial realm. Let us attempt, in our simplest form of expression, in words which can be comprehended as they are spoken.

On Harkening to a Higher Calling
On Earth, those beings of you who have been tapped into service by Divine order—that is, those whose lives no longer exist to serve your own desires but instead have been transformed by Grace to perform acts of kindness, love and compassion in accordance with Divine laws—harken to a higher calling.

When your lives exist for a higher purpose other than fulfilling your own individual needs and wants, every aspect of your lives shifts. It requires a new sense of sight and sound, a new balance of awareness tempered by Grace, humility and deeper levels of understanding.

All of you are in the process of ‘becoming,’ in essence, who you really are. At whatever age you awaken, that is like your first year in a new cycle. It is like a birth, if you will, in a new era of your lives on this planet.

The changes in your lives will often be profound, as you move up to a higher level of understanding the spiritual laws and how they impact your lives. You begin to see how incongruity will no longer serve your higher selves. You will learn to become more honest with yourselves and others. Your sense of personal integrity and clarity will replace tendencies to hide from your own faults and weaknesses. You will learn how to transform those weaknesses into strengths, as every aspect of who you are becomes fodder for self-realization.

No shadows are too mighty to be unmasked. As you embrace more Light, shadows are revealed. In the blinding Light of Truth, nothing can hide. Be prepared to know yourselves. And see yourselves as reflections of all that is holy and good in the world and beyond. This leads to self-acceptance and healing on every level of your life.

February 13, 2015 On The Substance of Stars
Yes, yes. It is of vital importance that human beings become aware of the substance of stars. That is to say subtly, that humans need know what stars consist of and how they are recorded in your DNA. The stars are as much a part of you as the ground beneath your feet.

When new stars are discovered in the galaxy, they are interrelated with human life
on this planet. It is a difficult concept to understand, as most human beings barely acknowledge their own interconnectivity with others of the same species, much less from other planets.

Still, in the course of one’s life, one wonders at least what the stars are in relation to one’s own existence. It is natural, particularly for children, to wonder. It is that very sense of wonder that creates the spark of understanding in the hearts of human beings.

February 14, 2015 On Finding Your Spiritual Path
Yes, yes. By all means, conduct your lives according to Divine contract, as you have understood it, as it has been revealed to you.

Do not allow for doubt or confusion, especially those of you who are new to spiritual path. Find the path that resonates with your spirit. Do not seek a pathway for glamour, fame or fortune, though most spiritual paths do not embrace these. Seek to find that which inspires and instructs, that which teaches by example, so you have a guide to follow the precepts and tenets that encourage you to act with love, compassion and your own innate understanding.

Indeed, many are the paths of Divine Spirit. Yet those which claim to be the one and only are likely not.

Should you find yourself on a spiritual pathway that feels overly constrictive, uncomfortable or unjust in its teachings, decline involvement and walk your own way. When the student is ready, the Guide or Teacher will always appear, and always right on time. Divine timing is impeccable. Trust in it. 

Above all, follow your heart. These days are trying, and the waters of the world rough and hazardous. However, keep the light lit in your heart to find your way home. All will be revealed, if your hearts are true.

February 15, 2015 On Nature’s Ways
Oh yes. As some resources on the planet become scarce and human beings must, by dire necessity, change the lifestyles to which they have become accustomed, other resources will become so great that there will be an overload.

Water. In some countries and even in regions of countries, there will be extreme drought, while in other lands, water will be in such abundance, threatening to overflow and capsize whole villages and towns.

Nature run riot. Nature responding to abuse. Nature is not silent. When her harbours have become overrun, mountains destroyed, landscapes turned into moonscapes, and the very essence of the plant kingdom defiled—Nature is giving her ‘first response.’

Listen. There will be warnings issued prior to every natural catastrophe. If there is no warning given, it is of manmade origin. Nature will always give ample time for change or, at the very least, for those who will be mostly affected, to evacuate or prepare for the time. Nature is, above all, compassionate.

Even if man is not listening, She will speak in hushed tones when called for, or loudly proclaiming, when that is the way She may be heard. But always, Nature calls ahead. It is the contract. It is Her law.

February 21, 2015 On Ancient Egypt & Orion
Ancient civilizations are again in our awareness, as we were fully operational in conjunction with those of ancient lands. Egypt, dear one, holds ancient secrets totally attuned to our star formation. Egypt is infinitely intertwined with our star system. We reflect that which has been erected in our honour, and likewise, Orion’s star formation is reflected in the great pyramids and constructions of ancient temples in the ancient land of Egypt.

We do not foresee our vehicle doing tremendous travels in the year 2015, but definitely there will be some travel within the European landscape and of course, to U.S. later on. It is travel on other planes that we foresee as being in the cards, if you will—other planes of consciousness as opposed to airlines.

February 26, 2015 On Renaissance of Wonder
Yes, yes. In this most modern world, wrought with conflict, chaos and confusion, there exists a simpler way. Yet, it is of little interest to those embroiled in heavy pursuit of name, fame and fortune. However, it is this very simplicity that humanity craves!

We speak of ancient cultures, of old ways which harvested new ideas like plants from the garden. The tables were set with the finest of care, as creative spirits were both nurtured and nourished with a fine mix of gentle and whimsical.

Those beings whom the Arts called were treated not as odd but as purveyors of a hidden world, at once enchanting and uplifting, a world which was more revered than feared. Indeed, artistry was a gift which not all beings received, but those who did were considered blessed with another sight. Indeed, in the modern world dominated by machines and electronics, driven by politics and greed, humans have lost sight of that other sight so revered in ages past.

It is time for a Renaissance of Wonder.

We tip our hats to those with the extra set of eyes, which can see into the inner world and express what they see with a combination of modern techniques and an ancient sense of all that is sacred, all that is magical, all that is lyrical, all that is waiting just to be found.

Blessings abound.

On Compassionate Interactions
Yes, indeed, understanding of others is essential in improving dynamics of relationships, whether they be familial or unfamiliar! It is essential to at least attempt to understand the other human being in the equation. The same rules apply to any interaction.

As long as one sees others as lesser than oneself, one will remain sadly lacking. It is time for intensifying one’s own spiritual inner journey. Then, one will become far more balanced and well. If not, one’s purpose seems less and less fulfilling, because what one does is without joy.

Always try to hear the other human being, and try to see it from their point of view. In the time it takes at least to attempt to accomplish that, the situation can be diffused if it was potentially volatile, or more calm and centered if it was deeply impassioned.

This is an offshoot of “Love thy neighbor as thyself.” It takes patience which leads to a greater tolerance and always a deeper understanding not only of the individuals with whom you relate, but of human nature itself.

Consider for a moment the effect a great teacher had upon your life, or a patient parent, an attentive friend, even a compassionate stranger. Remember how you felt at the time and how it influenced you, even if for a short period of time.

When you look into the eyes of another human being and look with eyes of your heart, you can see their suffering, feel their pain, understand their hesitance to embrace life or their resistance to joyful acceptance of it. It changes you, if you can do this.

Indeed, dear ones of planet Earth, build and rebuild bridges of understanding between you. You will find the world a smaller, closer place once you see through eyes of the heart and no longer through the lens of a distant sight.