May 17, 2015
Dear friends,
So much has transpired lately on our planet—from tremendous earthquakes with massive loss of lives in Nepal to long-dormant volcanoes erupting in Chile, and shocking injustice and unrest in the cities in U.S. and around the globe.

I find my heart being pulled in many directions, as we gather in our community to send Light and prayers for peace and comfort around the world. I am constantly reminded that the suffering of one is the suffering of all. Those of us who can must open our hearts to include those less fortunate than ourselves.

As Orion once said,
“We suggest intense understanding of others on this planet and awareness of the plight of those beings on this great planet who are suffering.

“Keep their names, their places, their faces in your hearts. And as you lift your hearts to the Great Ones, indeed may it be as one face, one song, one prayer, one tear, one set of eyes beholding the Light.”

With love always,


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March 10, 2015 On Power of Mantra
Yes, yes. The power of the unsung Mantras rivals the power of the ones chanted aloud. The power and intensity of the inner Mantra is heard as well. There are a million voices chanting in SILENCE.

On Sensitives
Yes, yes, yes. Being a sensitive in the world today can be a challenge, even for those who maintain good boundaries and who are less fragile by nature.

One should never allow the criticisms of others to cause doubt in oneself. This is about them and what agenda they are serving. Understand that not all beings have positive intent, and even if they do, many are embroiled in power and privilege.

Be aware that energies, like free radicals, are circulating through the air. Extremely sensitive beings need further insulation if you will. We would strongly advise more chanting sacred Mantras, creating music attuned to the soul. Infuse Mantras into the atmosphere.

Insulation—with Mantra—is key.
Prayer carries intent to heal into the atmosphere, giving rise to the vibratory level.

Laws may come and go.
Divine law is sustaining. OM.

March 11, 2015 On Evolution and Unity
All predictions are subject to change. Such is the intrinsic nature of the universe. Whether predictions are for doom and gloom or for the fall of mighty empires and the rise of a new civilization—dear ones, everything is dependent on the present time and developments as they unfold. One can no more control the course of events unfolding than one can control the rise and set of the sun.

However, what is in your power to control is your own evolution, both individually and globally. Your spiritual evolution depends on your inquisitiveness, your true longing for higher purpose, your search for Truth, and your insistence on maintaining that Truth with integrity and honour.

All that has passed has shaped you in this moment in time. All that you are and have become in this moment in time shall shape the future—of you and of this lustrous, turbulent, majestic planet Earth.

Satisfying earthly desires and dividing yourselves into separate units that do not support or embrace each other as a whole is a folly.

This is the time to seek out similarities, to build and rebuild bridges of understanding between you. This is the time for UNITY and brotherhood, sisterhood.

Indeed, it is through Unity that the force of Light is strengthened, and the expansive nature of Love is given free rein to reach every crevice in this ancient landscape, touching every heart, healing the distances that lie between you.

May you all rise to the calling.
Those Light Workers who are able, heed the call.


March 14, 2015 On Orion’s Promise
Yes, yes. While the news media is full of terrifying headlines, and alternative media sources are reporting the news from between the lines, it is our understanding of your human nature that leads us to believe that you are already besieged with enough information—true or not true. It is sufficient.

All of you can see the dire situation played out on every level around the world, from overtaxed environment to political corruption, from dire scientific predictions to prophecies from the Ancients, to the end of times.

Indeed, you are aware of it. We will not entertain conspiracy theories to such an extent that it puts the mind into a booby trap that catches itself in a mire of illusory disillusion. Nor will we paint an overly rosy picture to satisfy the faint at heart.

 What we will do is train you to see with the eyes of the wise, listen as Nature listens, walk with gentle spirit, respect your diverse landscapes, honour each other and face the future with courage and determination to save this great planet.

We will seek always to guide our Earth brothers and sisters to the higher road.

We will continue to encourage those of you who walk always toward the Light to seek commonality while retaining your true individuality, aiming always for a unified existence on the planet.

We will encourage you to attune your hearts and minds to a higher vibratory scale that uplifts this great human race and leads you to ascension.

We will use our resources to protect your resources, all the while teaching you how to become more resourceful.

We will assist you in increasing your inner resonance and heed your highest calling.

What is essential is your insistence on the Truth in your own lives, as well as in the world around you. And, above all, resist fear which has been set loose like a wild beast in your universe. Resist by embracing all that builds and fortifies your resolute FAITH.

Breathe deeper.
Focus sharper.
Attend to Nature which surrounds you. Walk in Nature.

Attune your humanity so that your own nature becomes that of a warrior leading you through the jungles of your life.

Do not entertain an imagination that creates monsters to paralyze you into submission. When you attune your errant minds to Divine Nature, to a Higher Will, your true calling in life, doors swing open. Light appears to lead you on your way, obstacles are removed, blockages shattered.

The strength of a pure heart will always reign supreme. That, you must believe in your heart of hearts. FAITH.

Once you know your path, walk that path. We hear our brothers and sisters talking, convincing others of their way. Dear ones, walk in Light. A life lived in Light is the most convincing, the most inspiring to all. We see nothing blocking you.

In blessing, we are, Orion.

March 15, 2015 On Fortifying Your Spirit
Yes, yes. Those of you whose roles take you to the frontline in the revolution need also pay equal attention to raising your vibrational levels in your evolution. It is very easy to become so outward directed that you forget or neglect to fortify your spirit. Indeed, if you are striving to heal and save the planet, dear ones, you must pay heed to your own inner healing.

It is through the healing practices such as healing fires, prayers, conscious breathing techniques, intonation of sacred Mantras and meditation that you can fortify yourselves. It also takes stilling the will to attune to the Source, God, Divine, Higher Energies. This is an essential step in walking with awareness, speaking truth and living consciously upon the Earth.

Then, you can be on the frontline or behind a desk, in the classroom or in the boardroom, and your ability to follow through with all your goals will persevere.

Seek to release all fears, face your flaws with humility and rise to the occasion to SERVE others with Grace.

Answer your calling with both feet firmly planted on the ground, with your heart open to love and your eyes reflecting Truth. It indeed is a balancing act, but there is no other way. OM.

March 16, 2015 On Egypt Activation
Yes, yes. Interesting your granddaughter brought up Egypt. There are ancient sites in ancient Egypt in dire need of activation. There is one such site of ancient pyramids which have been recovered, but were in ruins. There, in the earth, lies a set of stones laid in a particular configuration as to reflect the star formation of Orion. This is underground and radiated great power at one time prior to the destruction of the sect of civilization which had settled there. It was a desert region, but there was an abundance of water and underground rivers which later rose to the surface during the ruination of the civilization.

These were desert peoples who spoke a language which made use of symbols and corresponding sounds. These were a mystic tribe, no warrior clan. Perhaps most similar to Aboriginal tribes who later arrived in Australia—but that is a theory untested.

This tribe communicated with Orion. Even some of their names were from star formations and ancient Gods and Goddesses lesser known in mythical lore.

Indeed, interesting phenomenon. If you can locate this site, it can be activated from here. It is possible. Yes, by all means. For now, let activations here begin.

Blessings abound. OM TAT SAT.

March 20, 2015 On the Call of Ancients
Yes, yes. A power-packed period, this day. You can hear the call of Ancients through the wind stirring one’s perceptions, signaling the next planetary shift.

As we have said, the call of the Ancients propels you into the future. It is as a marriage between Past and Future. And those present in the Present will facilitate this union.

Those who came before are present with you today. You have summoned the ‘angels’ and indeed they are present. Or, shall we say, present in the Present.

More. More. More to come. Blessings abound.

March 21, 2015 On Creating a Buffer Zone
Yes, yes. Realize the effects of atmospheric pressure on the mental state of human beings is great. Therefore, with awareness of the intensity of the energies on the planet combined with the energy fields’ disruptions all around you—comes the added responsibility to prepare your physical, mental and emotional bodies.

Creating a buffer around your psychic energy field is essential. Eat nutritive foods, with the aim of 100% organic food. Walk daily or get some minimal aerobic exercise. Drink water in abundance, preferably with Agnihotra Ash added to it.

Practice Breath Meditation. Keep your spirits uplifted with the fires you practice and chant sacred Mantras daily. All this is preparation for your multi-level bodies to be fully present on the Earth.

Preparing one’s body, mind and soul will be given a boost from the Source of all Light. One must also learn the fine art of surrender. OM.

March 26, 2015 On Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland
(The following request was sent to me. I include the question as well as Orion’s response.)

Question: Can you put a question to Orion concerning the Large Hadron Collider in Cern, Switzerland? This is where scientists are trying to ‘prove’ the existence of the ‘Higgs Boson’ or ‘God particle.’ Now they are ramping up the power in this atom-smashing machine to try to create the equivalent of a ‘black hole’.

A scientific critique of this experiment (cost: $700 billion) states:
“The first hints that the LHC is seriously damaging life on Earth which we predicted in 2007 – an increase of earthquake and volcano activity – are now facts.

“This is due to the fact that the LHC is creating a powerful gravity magnetic field, a ‘ring’ of charged massive particles that can interact with the magnetic fields of the magma and Earth’s centre.”

I would like to know from Orion if it is indeed the Large Hadron Collider that is causing more earthquakes and volcano activity? And if so, what about this new ‘black hole’ experiment?

Orion’s response:
Yes. Yes. The question posed to us regarding the Large Hadron Collider is one which is simple, but the answer is not so simple to convey.

The operation is one which interferes not only with weather and seismic activity, but it can cause more serious ramifications in the future. No doubt it can affect or cause a jolt in the already increased occurrence of earthquakes and volcanoes erupting. However, it is not the main cause in the increase. There are numerous variables and clandestine operations being done without the public’s knowledge, much less acceptance.

It is a world gone mad and one can see the effects of this reflected in increased cases of various psychological illnesses ranging from schizophrenia to attention deficit disorder and anxiety disorders, particularly affecting the young.

All these are effects, but one cannot put the finger on one cause. There is greater danger in the continuation and intensification called for in the Large Hadron Collider. Thus far, blockages have been created.

While it is good to be aware of events happening in the world and to mobilize forces to draw attention to and attempt to block such events from proceeding, one must also focus on creating viable alternative solutions and safe havens for those living in alternative reality.

Be aware—that is, forewarned, forearmed—in the vein of nonviolence of course. Then continue to build oases for the coming times.

Being a warrior in this age is not quite the same as in eras past. There is no suit of armor, no sword and shield, no great steed. To be a warrior in these times, one must employ all of one’s senses and increase awareness of the subtle realms, which are as yet untapped by many but are available for garnering inner strength, ancient wisdom and great gifts from the Earth.

Learn to listen as trees listen. Learn the language of the subtle realms. Herein lie the greatest mysteries —those which even the greatest, most complex atom-crushing machines can never reach.

Be aware of the perils poised against the planet. Be also aware of the graces being gathered to seed, nurture and protect those of you who walk in Light, in spirit, in peace. OM.

March 26, 2015 On Polish Activations
Yes, yes. Do pay attention. While there are a number of activities planned for Spring, we might strongly suggest there be a plan for the first Polish activation of the year.

Yes, yes. This is a region just south from your abode. There is a river which crosses at the spot where some legends may indicate an ancient Celtic or Pagan site. It is perhaps lesser known than one which lies quite near it. Explore what you can find.

Do begin the activations as early as possible, providing weather is ok. Follow instructions. There are as well, stone circles to be activated, just first site is due south, precisely due south. It involves a river. It is lesser known than one nearer to it. This should suffice. Should possible locations be found, we can assess the information and guide accordingly.

Blessings abound.
We are, Orion.

March 27, 2015 On Counteracting Fear
Yes, yes. We can see consternation over the Large Hadron Collider information and our response to the request. There are far more dangerous things being done on this planet today, often in the scientific experimentation vein. However, because you and others are unaware of their existence, no fear is attached to them.

If one wants to live in fear, there is always a host of opportunities to entertain fears. There is no shortage of frightening events, viral diseases, cataclysmic prophecies and doom and gloom warnings to fill your minds with fear and trepidation. If you were aware of all the dangers in this world, you would hide yourselves away from anything and everything and everyone. Thus, many of you are unaware of the world’s fragile state.

There is room for being aware of the planet’s existent perils and yet, adopt a more detached stance, so as to be able to maintain your own peace of mind. Peace of mind—and this is of utmost importance to realize and embrace—is not dependent upon outer circumstances or events.

One must, in this case, fortify oneself with Mantras, with healing foods and herbs, with the company of others of like mind and heart. At the same time, pay attention to food storage, alternative agriculture, natural medicines and living in harmony on the Earth. Otherwise, there may be no immediate danger and still one cannot walk in balance, despite relative abundance and creature comforts. One must, in fact, go within.

The only way out, dear Earthlings, is IN.

March 28, 2015 On Positivity and Unity
Dear vehicle, we have a message for those beings living in harmonious interchange with the elements and with Nature here on planet Earth. It is important that all of you pay heed to this urgent plea.

We come at a time in this planet’s history where at every turn, there appears to be yet another apex or point where choices need be made. This exists in Nature, as well as in human nature. What is reflected in your environment can also be seen directly in your individual, as well as collective, lives.

Here is where your attentive minds need to listen. There are all sorts of negative energies poised to influence human minds, in order to cause apathy or lethargy, in order to cause confusion and even depression. Do not listen to that. Do not surround yourselves with negative news broadcasts designed to frighten you into submission.

Tune yourselves to the Truth, which is always that which uplifts, inspires and creates. If what you are attending to is not of the Light, shut it off.

The best way to thrive in these times and through these times—you will get through them—is by joining together, working in unity and refusing to be divided.

 It is important to cease the tendency to compete between yourselves and actually, embrace your individual differences in favour of the greater whole.

Of course, if there are quite strong differences between schools of thought, then there may be the necessity to stay true to your own understanding and not join with others who are not of the same mindset. However, speak kindly of them. They can be different; they can walk a divergent path. Live and let live.

The main focus is to strengthen and support each other in times of need, in times of growth and development. Refuse any acts which could cause division.

The ‘dark side’, as you may call it, thrives on divisive politics, separation and denial.

When you know the Truth, you can rise above all that separates and divides.

Walk in Light, brothers and sisters of the Flame.

April 7, 2015 On Answering Your Higher Calling
Yes, yes. Let us speak to the sanctity of life.

Dear brothers and sisters of Planet Earth, our friends and co-workers in the efforts to save this planet:

We have knowledge of your lives on your planet and see that so often there is a tendency to avoid interrelating from the heart. This is due to a lack of respect for the sanctity of life.

The tendency of most human beings whom we have observed is to become so caught up in the dramas unfolding in their lives, that they do not have time for each other or for their true purpose!

Indeed, many of you carry the imprint of a higher existence in your spirits, which—if activated—could serve to heal many, enlighten many and create harmonious interchange amongst many. Yet, that great potential is rarely reached, much less realized.

We urge those of you who have an inkling of your Higher Calling to answer that call, make every effort to create or uncover avenues for that higher purpose to be realized in your lifetimes.

Your human life is seemingly short, as you see it, and as you see it, you are correct— it is short. However, the greatness of your human life, the potential in each of you, is far greater than it would appear.

Strive to find ways of right livelihood, where you can earn a living doing what resonates with your higher self, that provides the avenue for you to realize your greater potential and at least begin to reach those seemingly lofty dreams which inspire you.

Seek company of those who foster those aspirations and who follow or are keen to follow their own higher calling.

Do not rest on past laurels, as you say. Continue from every act of creative energetic manifestation to build upon that success. Success in the spiritual realm is far greater than anything you can achieve on the material plane. Yet, in some instances, they can manifest for the higher good of all.

Watch the tendency to become attached even to the spiritual path. There are those who become enamored with the power, with the glory of following spiritual tenets and seek to be masters before they even succeed as students. This tendency is curtailed naturally, but the urge for fame and notoriety can be strong in some individuals. Best to avoid that. There is no greatness in it, only a trap for the human ego, which can lead to more suffering.

There is something to honor in being humble. Let it be that even if you become great in the eyes of others, you remain unaware of your own greatness.

Become simple, humble as a child.
This is the way of Divine.

April 9, 2015 On Grounding the Ungrounded
(The following is an excerpt from a message given to someone who was troubled with negative energies, which were felt to be psychic attacks. It may be of use to others who have had similar experiences.)

 Yes, yes. To curb that imaginative tendency to translate subtle negative energies into monstrous proportions, one needs to put things into perspective and not allow the mind to take control. Always, the mind will dramatize and exaggerate even the slightest impulse.

We have illustrated previously some techniques which, when used in combination, can help to protect oneself from ‘psychic free radicals’ in the atmosphere. Simultaneously, one needs to train the mind not to react to such stimuli. Don’t name them as personal attacks. They are not that. And they are less powerful than imagined. You must take back the power for your own life and trust in the Higher Power, the Divine which you seek to serve. That Higher Power is greater than anything outside yourself.

There is great power in prayer—prayer and positive mental outlook.
Also water inside and out, grounding oneself in a garden or in Nature, and ultimately, SERVICE.

It is finally through SERVICE that one transmutes one’s deepest prayers into action.

April 10, 2015 On Wholistic Energy Medicine
Yes, yes. There will be many requests for time, focus and energy from beings in deep turmoil. Many human beings suffer from subtle maladies for which they rush to their physicians to find a cure. Not only do they find no cure, but none of their battery of tests reveals the true cause. Deficiencies in vitamins or in levels of serotonin may be revealed, but nothing conclusive is found to address chronic insomnia or anxiety-based pains and suffering.

One is advised always to check with one’s medical doctor to eliminate physical causes, but continuously returning to the same physician to address what are now widespread subtle maladies will result in frustration or, worse, in over-medicating to treat symptoms of anxiety, stress, etc.

One must address the fact that human beings are multi-leveled, multi-sensory beings now. They are not as simple as in times gone by. Therefore, one’s ailments need be addressed in a wholistic manner, as you have become more wholistic by nature.

Human beings’ very nature has changed. Thus, energy medicine is more prevalent than before and alternative solutions seem to work solely or in conjunction with the already established medical treatment, to heal human beings on every level.

That said, the cooperation of the being who is ailing is essential here. If the human being insists upon following only the medical diagnosis and medical treatment, he or she is likely to be disappointed, but no pressure should be placed upon that person to accept any other treatment save for what they believe will assist them in their recovery process.

Alternative treatments should be voluntarily chosen by the ailing individual and not insisted upon by those alternative practitioners attending him or her. This is important for various reasons.

Treating the subtle maladies of which we speak requires the patient to be very much involved in the interaction, as it involves all the levels of being—physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Physical requires the body to be present to receive treatment. When it is multi-level treatment, all the levels are addressed and the human being need be quite interactive in the cure. As well, interestingly, for some of the treatments, they need not even be present in the body physical! So, it is an entirely different awareness that is required.

Prayer, as part of the solution, can be included in any process. Prayer always adds the level of the heart. Therefore, in any resolution of illness, prayer is welcome. OM.

Without absolute humility, with no exceptions, the human being cannot evolve at a steady pace, but instead experiences highs and lows, ups and downs, and finally be often in a state of exasperation!

Always one’s expectations that this should happen or that should happen cause more pain than the ailment or discomfort itself. Greatly reduce your expectations, with the aim of fully restoring the original state of: “I and my Father are One.”

When that remains your goal and your life’s direction, the Hand that feeds you will always lead you home. OM.

April 18, 2015 On Activations of Ancient Sites
Yes, yes. At this stage in the activations in Poland specifically, and afterward in Czech, most assuredly the more direction which can be gleaned by a bit of study of already concluded data, would benefit and heighten the effectiveness of this mission.

The sites as yet to be activated here in Poland are essential sites, sites which till now have remained not exactly unknown but guarded and obscured by the blockage of information of an esoteric nature. However, it is not the esoteric which reveals this essential information, but instead, practical down-to-earth knowledge revealed by locals and by those who have studied the landscapes themselves.

Of greatest interest to us are stone circles and specifically targeted rivers which are pivotal in carrying information throughout the landscape and beyond. So— rivers and stone circles.

Caves, of course, are important, but more so in the Czech region and on the Czech borders. There ancient remnants of a more powerful time in history remain locked in the stone structural setting. Activations in Czech will be quite interesting.

Blessings abound.
We are, Orion.

April 23, 2015 On The Sound of Healing
Yes, yes. It is through the agency of SOUND that healing will take place at a more accelerated rate. It is no accident that the emergence of sound-based therapies has become so much in demand. The evolution of this planet calls out for the intensification of Mantra. Indeed, these subtle energy matters are of urgent concern.

Blessings. Blessings. OM TAT SAT.