“The words of the greatest prophets of your civilization echo through the Nature. When human beings were not listening, Nature was listening. Great prophets have left their mark upon the Earth. Now, the stones speak eternal truths deeply ingrained in the fibre of Earth’s very essence.”

“Humankind marches forth, confident in its abilities to forge ahead through all trials with its great industrial madness. When man’s great machines cease to function, chaos will ensue. He will be forced to trust in the very Nature he so callously defiled.”

“Then, with profound love of a mother toward her children, Nature will receive humanity in its weakened state and gather all together in the hours and moments of time. Even as she erupts, even as Nature’s greatest storms carry the planet through turmoil and chaos, she is still ever present, ever forgiving of humanity.”

“Divinity is reflected in every movement of grass, every scent of soil, every gust of wind, every bird in flight, every sea rising, every mountain struggling to retain its majestic stance. Nature is pushing humankind back upon itself. She is your mirror. Look. Listen. Listen. Listen. You have time to retrieve data to carry on this civilization, but in a new direction, in a new dimension. In Light. Be brave.”