“In these turbulent times, our fervent hope or prayer is that all of humanity awakens from the deep depths of slumber and that you take your places in the universe as the Light givers you have come to be.

There is such a short time remaining now, for those with awareness and insight to speak. Make your calls heard across the planet now. Make music. Create works of art. Enliven the planet with dance, with healing arts, with prayer, with blessings from the Earth. Use your spirits to awaken others who remain asleep. Do not give in to the hopelessness the media will try and sell you! And do not allow yourselves to be sold.”

“We know what you are made of, those of you who stand to be recipients and carriers of the Light. We know that you are made of finer cloth, woven with golden thread by the Master Weaver. Therefore, let yourselves become as pure as the Source which has sent you and as innocent as the angels who bless your coming and going in peace. For you will walk in numbers, in harmony, in silence and in song, to carry the Light from one to the next, as we enter the New Dawn. Let no fear assail you.”

”Peace. Peace. Peace. OM.”