July 23, 2016

Dear friends,
This Orion message is short, but timely. In the world we call ‘home,’ there is great strife, shocking injustices and crimes against humanity. Of course, these always have existed, but there is now a greater push to control us all by dividing us against each other.

We must rise up as One energy, one force. Please do not allow the horrors of today’s events to divide us. We have to look beyond the fear that is being injected into us via every source of media. Still we must protect our children, our sisters and brothers.

As the saying goes, “To be forewarned is to be forearmed.” Now, more than ever, this applies—but to be forearmed with the power of truth, love, compassion and faith. Let us choose non-violence and yet fight for justice using the sword of Truth and the shield of Grace.

All love,






Yes, yes. It is urgent that you do not become embroiled in the negativity that is being foisted upon all of you. Across the world stage the horrors of war have become frightening sudden explosions of fury they are occurring all over the world.

There is an orchestrated plan behind it all, but it is neither a particular racial or religious profile to blame, nor is it one governing body. It is being orchestrated by those in power, many of whom no one is even aware of. Yes, it is sinister. And yes, the effects are widespread.

You must not give unto fear. Those troubling events will continue, well-timed and fear inducing. When a population is fearful, it can be controlled easier. Yes, yes. It is the ‘new world order.’

Detach. All of you Light Workers have honed your healing skills, learned the properties of herbs as medicinal balms for body and mind and spirit. You have found ways to rejuvenate the natural resources through the healing fires of old and through sounds which resonate with five elements, and created songs and imagery to uplift your souls. You have collected wisdom, ancient and new, for just these times.

Build your oases.
Come together in communities.
Raise children with Love, human decency, honour and integrity.

Learn to love your brothers and sisters.
And above all, create bridges of UNDERSTANDING, held firmly with Compassion and TRUTH.

Know that these times have been foreseen and foretold.

You have been forewarned. Thus you are forearmed – with LOVE, tempered with GRACE.

Stand firm in the TRUTH. Your souls are moving into the LIGHT.

The enemy is FEAR.
The ally is FAITH.
And Faith shall always yield GRACE.

Walk in Light.