July 18, 2017

Dear friends,

It is difficult to express in words what my impressions are of these recent transmissions, particularly those from July. I see a world around me which is rapidly becoming more hostile, more divided and more unjust. However, the role we have been given is to act as stewards of Mother Earth, focus on the Light and uplift others.

I am again and again reminded of my teacher’s wise words, “To be forewarned is to be forearmed.” The arms are our own arms, linked together in unity. This makes us strong and empowers us as a force for positive change in this world. We don’t have another viable option, as I see it, other than continuing to strive for fairness, truth, equality, understanding and compassion.

We can strengthen each other, but not by continually becoming immersed in the mass media maelstrom. Stay aware of the pitfalls and blockages, only to be better able to navigate them.

What Orion brought up that sparked my interest is to not limit our interactions with those of like mind. We think that by reaching out to friends and family, sharing our views and ideals, we’ve done enough. Yet, there are many out there in need of a positive framework for change. We need to expand our reach to include those less aware of an alternative way of thinking, feeling and willing.

I’d love to hear from you.

Also we welcome you to join our fundraising campaign for Centre of Light much-needed venue at our Ecovillage Bhrugu Aranya! See link below. We really appreciate your participation and support.

Love, Parvati

All about our Centre of Light, ongoing project of our Foundation Terapia Homa in Poland. It is part of Ecovillage Bhrugu Aranya, our international Homa farm community.

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May 16, 2017 On Underground Tunnels
Yes, yes. Again, research into underground tunnels here. There is an intricate network of tunnels beneath the ground and access is not out of the realm of possibility now.

On Cleansing of Jewish Cemetery from World War II
Begin with cleansing the cemetery in Jordanow. It is time for that work. It will release a blocked area which has been sallow and sorrowful for many years. There do one Agnihotra ceremony at sunset and allow for the energies to calm. It is a point of fear for locals who have heard talks of its twisted fate down through the years. The Jews of Jordanow were herded together and murdered. Some families divided and assimilated, remaining in Poland even after the war. The cleansing of this cemetery will restore its land to peace again.

More will come upon request.

We are, as ever,

May 28, 2017 At Cleansing of Jewish Cemetery in Jordanow, Poland
(Jordanow is the nearest town to our Ecovillage, approximately 5 kilometers down the mountain from us. Jordanow used to have a large Jewish population, now all gone. There is an old, dilapidated Jewish cemetery hidden amongst trees and bushes. An iron gate leads to the grave sites, which are not well kept. Ulrich, Barry, Jarek, Asia and I went there for sunset. We each performed our own Agnihotra fire and completed the cleansing. It was a moving experience for all of us.)

Yes, yes. The treatise of war. There are those whose spirits have remained. For this purpose, you have received direction at this time to cleanse this area, to begin healing divisions which remain intact to this day

Human beings are built to forgive, created to love and honour one another. In today’s bitter world, hatred has risen, but it will not last. There are rumblings of Truth, which cannot be silenced. This is the Age of Truth. Light will rise. Light will rise again.

July 8, 2017 On Navigating between Worlds
You are in between the worldly and the otherworldly, losing foothold in the material world, as you embrace the world of spirit or the inner world reached through meditation and solitude.

Self-development is the beginning of that world, only the doorway through which you enter. You ask the question, “Who am I?” to open the first door. After that, even the deepest of questions unfold the answers which are not expressed via words.

You begin honing words and, in the end, you find your true beginning, where words are of no consequence.

You have opened the first door. You have even run up the stairs and gotten true glimpses of that Freedom and Higher Consciousness—only to again return to the comfort of that world which you know, yet no longer know.

You need new navigation to traverse higher realms. It is step-by-step.

Blessings abound.


July 10, 2017 On Unity Through Diversity
Yes, yes. Transmissions shall again resume. Indeed, as we view it, the world is a shattered stage upon which the play must continue. We see the human condition as warranting great change in order to overcome the adverse conditions upon this Earth caused in part by mighty corporations and by those who abide by them. Creating, manifesting, supporting and nurturing alternatives are quite essential to living in harmony on this planet.

To cite and recite all past and current injustices somehow relieves one of the responsibility to work tirelessly to change them. If the beings of this planet would refuse to be divided by race, religion, cultural background, financial status or creed, these barriers would come down.

Is it enough to voice your comments on social media? Is it really sufficient to, “Tsk, tsk. So unjust,” then turn to the next page of the Sunday Times?

Educating others is one step toward creating a better, more tolerant, compassionate world. To preach to others whose views are already similar to your own is like living-room banter, unless it reaches outside one’s comfort zone and touches the hearts of those less tolerant, less aware than yourselves.

Use your abilities to reach those outside your circle of comrades in arms. Gather together amongst yourselves of the same path of spirit to uplift and support each other. Then, expand your view and your reach to envelop the world.

The seeds for global change lie within each of you. Let not a day go by where you have not spoken TRUTH, where you have not stood in understanding and compassion for all.

Refuse to be DIVIDED.
Remember your WORTH.
And all are children of Almighty

Seek UNITY through diversity.
And let your voices call out loud.

Let there be Peace on Earth
And let it begin with YOU.


July 15, 2017 On Environment, Inner and Outer
Yes, yes. Whilst defending the environment from the onslaught of industrialists and anti-environmentalists, remember to clear your own inner environment.

Reduce your anger, quell your fears. Go within to seek direction in all matters—be they ecological action, interpersonal communication, physical rejuvenation, or spiritual transformation.

Go within.

Therein lies all the strength you will need in these tumultuous times. This will give you the power and courage fueled by faith and clarity to continue in the world as a Light bringer, a carrier of the Light, a force for change.

In order to be fully effective as a pioneer in this world, an advocate for humans, plants and animals’ rights, and a beacon of Light for the younger generation who are in dire need of enlightened leadership—remember to always return to that inner spring of Wisdom Within.

Meditate daily and regularly.
Pray as you will.
Listen in silence.
Then, armed with Truth as your shield and your sword, walk in Light.

In this world, this is the only way to maintain your power. By aligning yourselves with the Highest, you will remain above the fray, and your voices will be clear and will be heard.

Despite all the darkness of today’s world, hold on to the Light.

Keep Faith as you breathe and breathe deeply.

You are not alone. All that radiates love and healing energies throughout time, throughout this universe, pulsates with you who continue to believe and remain resolute.

Then, defend Nature.
Protect your environment and do so 100,000 times strong.

If you listen, you can hear the many voices calling in unison with you.

There is more than meets the eye, beloved ones.

We are all One and we are mighty.

July 15, 2017 On Unstoppable Force of Light
Yes, yes. The force of Light is unstoppable. It appears the darkness is winning. It is not so. It is not what it seems. We know there is much destruction already perpetuated upon the Earth. That the negative forces are stirring up trouble—yes, it is certain.

However, the power to change it is in the hands of those who are working diligently for the Light.

Those of you who have risen in defense of Nature have been heard. However, the ‘powers that be’ prefer all be blanketed in darkness.

Do not fall prey to the fear-fueled media, which for the most part is controlled by the same powers.

Listen to the silence, the drumming of ancestors, the calling of the Holy Spirit as it rises within you like a lion from deep slumber.

Every avenue that ‘appears’ to be blocked is accessible to you who walk in Faith, not fear.

There is power beneath your feet.
There is power above, as below.

There are forces unknown to human beings which are aligned to protect and support those who are on the Earth.

Know this.
Take comfort in it.
That which shall be, shall be.

Blessings abound.
We are ONE.