“Yes, yes. This Centre of Light is to provide sanctuary, refuge for coming times… There will be need for healing on all levels. There will be need for comfort and solace, peace and rejuvenation. This place will afford this. Ultimately, this Centre of Light will be a gathering point where beings can receive healing just by being present for Agnihotra and other healing fires.”

“All fires performed in this healing atmosphere here will have magnetic energy and effects multiplied. Now, the fires themselves are increasing in power and healing energy. Those who come here will feel as though they entered a heavenly abode.”

“Bhrugu Aranya is a central point of Light on the grid which is currently in a heightened state of activation. All elements  at Bhrugu Aranya are being activated – land, soil, water, air, Divine beings, human beings, those of the animal realm, the plant kingdom, the Devic kingdom.”

“More beings will be drawn here, because of the Light. This site, Bhrugu Aranya in the Tatra Mountain region of Poland will be an Apex, a point where Light emanates to heal the whole of Europe, East and West. It is a Holy place. The fires are the power. Let there be Light.”

“Ancient sites hold memories of sacred rituals performed in the Nature which forms their base—in the soil upon which holy beings trod, in waters which carried nutritious rain to the beings living nearby. Trees, mountains—all bear the history of what has come before. When these ancient sacred sites are activated and continually cared for with reverence, they flourish again. At such places, sacred songs and Mantras can be heard in the wind, even without anyone present singing or chanting them. Those energies become live, activated. Instantly the frequencies are increased and healings occur spontaneously.”

“The chanting of Sanskrit Mantras into the super-charged atmosphere at Bhrugu Aranya is creating a powerful resonance throughout this continent. It is a most powerful tool.”

“This Centre of Light will be the point where interplanetary communication will be most strong, where profound healing energies reach from the bowels of the Earth to the heavens.”

“Europe will experience shifts and the overflowing of seas, floods, loss of crops. The Centre of Light in lower mountains of Poland shall indeed serve as an axis for healing and Light. Build the ark of safety amongst the raging storms.”