“This fire which you practice not only effects change in molecular structure in plants, in soil, it also has reverse action on man himself. That is to say, The effects of the Agnihotra fire can reverse the direction disease takes in the cells of the body. Disease can be eradicated if one ingests the ash taken from the purest of Agnihotra fires alone.

If the person is present during the exact times of the fire, that is to say exactly at sunrise and at sunset, indeed the body can be cured of any disease. This has a phenomenal effect on physical illness, on the growth of healthy cells in plants. In particular, this fire will have a profound effect on mental illness, on skin diseases and on specific types of cancers.”

This sacred fire of this ancient time encompasses all aspects in need of healing on the planet—the human being, body, mind and spirit, the atmosphere surrounding the planet, the Earth upon which you plant your feet as well as grow your crops, the air you breathe, and the water you drink.

Agnihotra fire also has tremendous curative properties not measured, and not possible to measure. And it is these properties which correspond to the very shape of the soul.”

Specifically, regarding Agnihotra ash, countless miraculous healings have occurred. It is a healing substance which can be used in every aspect of our lives. It can be used to treat physical ailments in humans and animals. It can be applied in agriculture to grow pure, nutritious, Homa organic produce. Indeed, it can be used to heal all of Nature.