December 18, 2015
Dear friends,

Here we are in Poland with what portends to be a green Christmas! It may be the only winter I can remember without a snow-laden landscape by late December. Our world has changed in every way, from weather to the collective state of mind. Innocence seems like a vestige of simpler times.

With all the emphasis on divisive politics and fear in today’s carefully planned news broadcasts and the growing angst amongst the public, we have to find a way to protect and to nurture our spirits. Orion is constantly advising embracing Faith, not fear—and to go within, and use all our creative resources to generate a new way of thinking, feeling and willing.

It is vital to join together with others of like mind and heart, because alone we cannot stand. United, we can. I can see communities starting out of sheer necessity where the collective consciousness evolves in a harmonious, supportive environment. It is invigorating, challenging and inspiring.

From our home to all of you, we wish you a peaceful, insightful, joyful holiday season. May your dreams come nearer to fruition and your hearts be filled with Light, Love and Laughter.

All love,
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#6 ORION 2015

September 27, 2015 On Service for the Sake of Service
Yes, yes, yes. Needing validation from others to help one believe in one’s goodness can at times keep one from finding that goodness within, thus validating oneself.

One may have longed to please the Master, the Guru. His validation, valued above all else, was, and has remained, a great motivation and inspiration in one’s life.

Now, one shifts one’s intention, one’s focus, and one’s ways and means on SERVICE for the sake of SERVICE. Then, all need for validation goes.

On Visionary Artistry
Yes, yes. The being Anne has culled from the Creative Arts a Divine vision for the future. She has been endowed with the gift of Visionary Artistry. Applied to the path of the spirit, it summons the sublime from what is plain, simple and unadorned. It is not beauty for the sake of visual artistry, but beauty for the soul. This illuminates, not just decorates, and harmonizes with Nature simultaneously.

Yes, indeed, you ladies of vision need to tell your tales.

Our dear vehicle’s vision is from within. That which sparks the Truth and nurtures the spirit, is what our vehicle can envision.

Again, speak. Tell your stories and spread what you see, feel, hear and create—for, it is in sharing with others that every seed bears fruit and fulfills the promise of the Great Visionary who guides your heads, hands and hearts.

Blessings abound.
We are,

September 29, 2015 On Feeding Faith and Starving Fears
Yes, yes, yes. Indeed, these are trying times when the face of the future may appear rather obscure and goals may seem unattainable. However, the same principles of manifestation apply during times of strife or times of peace, during times of plenty or times of want. Dear ones, make no mistake. Adhere to correct principles, nurture positive attitude, feed your faith and starve your fears, and know that what is of Light and Truth will most definitely thrive.

We cannot deny that the difficulties plaguing those of you who walk in Truth do not exist. It is a practice of rising above the fray that is necessary to inculcate, in order to move smoothly through life’s ups and downs. The valleys and the mountains will always exist. How you traverse them is entirely in your hands.

October 7, 2015 On Refugee Crisis
Yes. Yes. We seek to avoid political discussions and galvanizing the masses to follow one direction or another.

In regards to those seeking refuge from lands of war, it appears that the initial influx was of desperate families fleeing in fear.

As time goes on, there are others with less than honorable intentions—those motivated by economics and not actual refuge. Europe is at a crossroads. No doubt, the Western nations cannot continue to allow immigration without control. It appears that the ceiling has been reached in such countries as Germany, which has led the way in the refugee crisis. The humane response was, and is, honorable.

However, there is need for greater evaluation and parameters in determining actual need for refuge vs. desire for economic stability and the possibility of wealth and careers, otherwise difficult. Though the need for a more stable financial footing is valid, that alone is not the same as frantic fleeing from a war zone.

It is also a time for borders to be dissolved between humans of all cultures, races, religions and creeds. On this we stand firm.


October 13, 2015 On Nurturing the Light Within
Yes. Yes. Today much of the news you read, hear and watch is designed to elicit a mass response. News media studies precisely how to motivate you to experience sadness, joy, to increase hope, to create a sense of despair or desperation, to buy what is being sold to you or to abstain from buying what is labeled as dangerous to your health. Marketing has become quite sinister and multi-layered. UNPLUG.

Most wars have been agitated, provoked with an effect in mind—or how to gain control of your minds.

There are strategies behind strategies, and strategies being developed behind closed and bolted doors which not even top military officials are privy to.

You cannot fight darkness with more darkness. The only hand you have to play is the hand of Light.

Nurture the Light within all of you. Hold prayer vigils, global meditations. Come together to form support teams for Light Workers.

If you try to focus on darkness, it will leave you feeling helpless. The darker it is, the less you can see.

Trust fully in that which emanates Light. Do not give in to fear. Continually, diligently feed the Light. Walk in Faith. With all loving hearts.

We are Orion.

October 23, 2015 On the Political Race
(I arrived in U.S. on 22nd October)
Yes. Yes. Our vehicle has returned to her roots so-to-speak. No doubt this country is once again embroiled in the political mayhem, which engages the population, thus diverting the focus from more crucial matters concerning the world’s human race. Political race takes precedence over the human race and propels the people into yet another divisive torrent all in the name of power.

There are no pure politicians on this high level of the game. All are compromised, bought and sold. The world of politics is one which does not give way to Truth, but instead compounds, twists and re-represents it in a package of deals brokered behind closed doors whilst the very rights for which wars have been enacted, slip further and further into the background.

On the Human Race
Dear beings, concern yourselves with human kindness. Preserve your rights, but learn to act in a righteous manner toward your fellow men, women, children.

Care for the planet’s natural resources. Do not allow them to be destroyed. Unify your voices to preserve this planet’s delicate eco system. And, on an individual level, walk gently upon this Earth. Make your voices heard, but utilize your creative spirits in bringing Light into the darkness of the hour.

Do not sink all your own personal resources—time, creative energy and strength of spirit—into the material world alone.

 Use your creativity to make a change in your own reality. Hone your creative skills to serve humanity in the most unique form—via the sacred avenues of music, art, dance, writing—new models of communication for the children to learn, for creating harmony in the world. And, above all, unify your efforts to bolster your creative spirit and act as one force toward the Light.

In enthusiasm and respect for the human spirit.
We are,

November 16, 2015 Orion On Avoiding the Fear Vortex
Yes. Yes. In light of the latest attack on civil liberties via the terrorist network, we seek to console you. This action is similar to terrorist activities of the recent past. However, there is far more than meets the eye.

Though major government leaders and heads of state may not be consciously aware of the underlying network responsible for those claiming responsibility—no one organization works alone—there is some culpability implied. Whether knowing or not knowing, governments are themselves being manipulated into playing their own roles in a greater, far more sinister plan.

However, focusing on revenge is absolutely ineffective, as there are multi layers to the perpetrators and ultimately the puzzle is unable to be solved.

Those who openly committed crimes against humanity must be held accountable, yes. And indeed those pulling the strings will be revealed.

Do not fall into the deadly trap of hatred, espousing prejudice against an entire religion, race or nationality.

It is of vital importance that the role you play in the dramas unfolding is the role to which you are drawn to play and not that which has been assigned to you by the ‘powers that be!’ If you know what role is truly yours to embrace, do not be deterred.

Yes, yes, yes, yes. Indeed, the world’s sinister state is alarming, but if one chooses to function in a state of fear—exactly what the ‘powers that be’ want you to feel—one will enter into a vortex from which it is difficult to disengage. Do not feed the fear, dear ones.

In all moments in time, practice forgiveness and deep compassion for all.

Violence will be curtailed.
Pray for Peace.
Pray for Truth to be revealed.

Blessings, blessings,

November 18, 2015 On Preparing for Future
Focus on preparing yourselves and your loved ones for the future. Seek information on alternative resources which you can tap fairly readily as needed in future times.

Store food for six-month periods, and recycle accordingly. Stockpile all necessary items which you require for comfortable living. However, do so without alarm, without fear or worry. Learn to buy more than what is presently needed, and in this natural way, begin food storage for future times. Don’t think that you must go out and buy enough food items for 6 months today! Just do it gradually, but steadily, without any undue effort to amass endless stores of food. Keep it simple. It is simple.

On Our Ecovillage
This community is in a unique position, a pivotal position in Europe, to provide great tools and teaching for many. You will not be getting your normal winter retreat, though there will be enough time for retreat during this season. You will be receiving interested beings here on a regular basis, weekly, if not monthly. Who is being sent now are beings whose earnest search has brought them to your open door. Future community members are coming now. So, be alert and open to receive.

As well, old tribal members will be finding their way back to your door. Not that they have necessarily been here before, but they have been in your tribe for many years. Beings will begin to flock here. This has already begun.

Yes, yes. It seems our presence has been noted by an elder of your community. (One of our elders saw spheres of Light outside at night, similar to those I saw when Orion Transmissions first began.) Most certainly, we are present here. Where our energies are present, you will take note that changes in the elements of the land will be always to the fortunate side. You will notice a richness in the soil, more so than in previous years. And it seems the slug problem will be greatly reduced in the following gardening season, from our calculations. Of course, Nature is variable, but we see a decline in the pest population now at Bhrugu Aranya.

Blessings to all. OM.

November 19, 2015 On Winter Weather Trends
Yes, yes, yes. Time has turned. With the advent of a new season comes the changing of the guard, as winter calls upon new forces in Nature’s bounty. This winter will be more unpredictable weather-wise—more mild during the early months than what was recognized once as the ‘norm.’

Latter months in Europe, particularly in Eastern Europe and parts of the western region, will likely see intense storms, powerful winds and icy temperatures. However, these storms will more than likely be short-lived and will miss some regions entirely. In other words, there will be random weather fronts, hitting parts of Eastern Europe with a fury and missing entirely some regions, with seemingly no logical or scientific explanation.

Your region here in southern Poland, usually accustomed to frigid winters and intense snow, will quite possibly be more mild and out of the range of some of the worst storms. Let us see. Weather trends are always fluctuating, particularly now in a world adversely affected by man’s inhumanity toward Nature!

December 4, 2015 On Human Resilience
Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. Indeed, horrific crimes are taking place on American soil. There are no catastrophes of Nature at the moment, only catastrophes of man. It seems no interference is necessary from Nature, as man’s preoccupation with terrorism is already self-fulfilling. The cause of this trend towards terrorism is in part due to a world gone haywire—in part. The other part has to do with government control of human beings’ minds and corruption of human will.

As we advance into the next phase of global awareness on this planet, we observe a decline in decency and a tendency toward fear and mistrust. We see divisive politics as the purveyors of this new state of mind. Where once there was harmony, even amongst races and religious groups, there is bitter acrimony, or at least, only a fearful co-existence.

We do not find the situation completely unresolvable. There is the element of human resilience which even those in ultimate power seem to have dismissed. There is still a great humanity, just waiting to be tapped into being. There still is a higher realm, as yet untouchable by those in power who wish to control and dominate the minds and hearts of others. In that sacred realm of consciousness where lies the soul, no power can permeate and no rule dominate.

Thus, we urge all of you to begin to adhere to your highest code. Develop higher standards of thinking, feeling and willing. Inculcate the attitude of service, the willingness to step outside your small individual selves to embrace and heal the world outside yourself. This is essential in overcoming the negative mindset that is being nurtured by the powers that be! You must override this tendency toward negative thinking and imaging.

 Seek to strengthen your faith, whatever that faith may be. Strengthen that which makes you whole again. It is through constant affirmation of FAITH that fear can and will be defeated, not only in your mind, but in the minds of your children and your children’s children!

 December 13, 2015 On Global Awareness and Creativity
Yes, yes. While the planet is in a state of chaos, as governments conspire to gain control, as terrorism is on the minds of all—those who invent it, those who carry it out, and those unsuspecting millions who fear it—we address you, our dear brothers and sisters of planet Earth:

We implore you to work tirelessly at your own tasks, those which enrich and support your well-being and serve to benefit those around you, the land, the atmosphere, and the global village.

Do not be deterred or discouraged. We have forewarned of destruction. We have advised of the nature of governmental deception. You have been informed clearly and succinctly of these very times you are experiencing now.

Be aware that the headlines chosen for your perusal are only fragments, the ones the powers that be want you to focus all your attention on. Often, they are a smokescreen to deflect what really is happening behind the news.

However, do not ignore the events in the world. Become aware, but do not lose yourself in the various conflicts and dramas played out on the world stage.

Maintain your peace of mind. You have been graced, given tools for survival in this world—not only on the physical plane, but to strengthen and nurture your spirits.

Make full use of your skills, your talents and abilities. Through creating music and art, through living lives in service and in harmonious interchange with Nature, through persevering in these times of change—you may reach and touch other souls lifting their hearts to the Light. All of you have gifts to be utilized in times like these, dear ones. Do not despair. CREATE.

December 15, 2015 On Interplanetary Intervention
Yes. Yes. Dear beings of Planet Earth, as we have already told, we reiterate once again—there are beings of Light present on your planet whose origin is not of this planet. There are many whose sole purpose is to assist those who have awakened, to succeed in protection of Planet Earth.

There are many incidents at crucial points in this planet’s history when intervention—that is, INTERPLANETARY INTERVENTION—has come to save the planet from destruction—whether on a slow or fast scale. That support continues to be given for the purpose of saving Planet Earth, the record-keeper, from what has been prophesied as the end of the world. You, dear Earth beings, are neither alone nor abandoned in this effort.

We have interceded and we will continue to intercede on behalf of the Light.

Great change for the good is possible and probable, dear ones.

December 17, 2015 On the Invisible Thread that Unites Us
Yes, yes. Dear ones, you must learn to understand, the plight of one is indeed the plight of all. If one of you suffers anywhere on your lustrous planet, all suffer. There is no separation, only in the mind. You see, there is an invisible thread that unites you all, despite cultural divides and differences in race, religion, tradition. Dear ones, the sooner you realize that Oneness most surely exists, the sooner you can learn to embrace it in your own lives.

The divisions that exist in the world do exist, but they exist because they were manufactured, created, designed to divide you. It is not the natural state of affairs.

We urge you to continue to strive for unity amongst you, within your small circles of friends and family, then extend to include the community, further reaching across borders and oceans, all around the world. This is not only possible that unity shall prevail, dear ones. It is written as such, but first it may take disintegration of society as it exists today, in order to rebuild a world where love presides and fear has no place in the open heart.

In this, the season of giving, take time out to reach for friends and neighbors, community and even strangers, to give to them from your hearts. Find someone or some family in greater need, and give of yourselves with love. It is time to learn to expand the borders and boundaries of your own hearts, to include those less fortunate than yourselves.

Indeed, it is through seemingly ‘random acts of kindness’ that love shall prevail. Seeds become plants, and those plants flower and reseed. Begin.

May all of you have a joyous and sacred season of Light.
All around the world.