September 25, 2015
Dear friends,
As many of you have read and watched on the news, Europe is in the midst of a refugee crisis, as thousands rush the borders of EU countries in desperate need of a homeland without violence. Orion addresses the need of the hour.

This set of transmissions is short in quantity though rich in content. The messages are pertinent to the crisis at hand. I felt they should be sent out sooner rather than later.

Europe’s borders are swelling with new arrivals, while protests divide the countries. As always, there are those for and those against. As our world grows, our cultural identities are being challenged. How can we maintain our uniqueness and still celebrate our differences, while realizing how intricately we are woven into the human tapestry, rich with texture, color and beauty?

I love the way Orion takes the highest road, the one of compassion, non-judgment, acceptance and wisdom. I pray our world somehow becomes one in which all beings can navigate with freedom, treated with justice and respect, with acceptance for differences and embracing the humanity which brings us all together.

All love,
       Parvati Welcome to our new & improved Orion Transmissions website! (English, Spanish, Polish). Enjoy!

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August 15, 2015 On Mandala Mosaic at Bhrugu Aranya
Yes, yes. There is a specific numerical alignment, which the centre mosaics of your garden reflect. It is more than beauty or creativity you see. It is drawing energies to it. It is reflecting energies from it. It is a new energy spot on this sacred land, which resonates with the stars and with our planet, but not only our planet ORION.

It is what is referred to as SACRED GEOMETRY. We welcome it into our orbit. We can transmit with ease here on this circular clearing.

One Moldavite piece should be installed here for resonance. OM.

     Mandala Mosaic by Aaron Kidd
in our Mandala Garden at Ecovillage Bhrugu Aranya

August 20, 2015 On Agnihotra In The Media
Yes, yes. More articles on the phenomenal effects of Agnihotra, both in medicine and in farming, need be flooding your media sources. Focus on that.

Make use of the Internet. It is a great tool for propagation of TRUTH in a global awareness. OM.

September 5, 2015 Orion on Refugee Crisis
Yes, yes. The influx of refugees in great numbers is only a beginning. As wars and conflicts erupt in Middle East more and more families will be seeking refuge in every country throughout Europe.

Humanity must expand itself to embrace those whose lives are endangered, whose very existence is threatened.

As the heart of humanity opens, the balance will take place naturally. Many of these suddenly homeless beings have great gifts to offer and can enrich whatever land they finally are allowed to call home.

As these shifts can put a strain on the economy, they also can create a greater diversity and expand awareness of other cultures and ways of life.

Europe’s cultural diversity is an essential element in growing, in tolerating and accepting ideas, faiths and lifestyles other than what is the sanctified ‘norm.’

We see a great shift coming in Europe when truly boundaries crumble and the beings in residence become global citizens, rather than cloistered groups.

September 6, 2015 On Walking in Truth and Unity
Yes, yes. Man’s inhumanity towards man is astonishing, shaking the very roots of compassion, defying karmic repercussions with arrogance and a cold-hearted stance.

Yet, the opposite is also astounding—the resilience of the open heart, the willingness that gives way to deeper levels of compassion, profound depths of understanding, and a love that transcends difference, bridging divisions with ease.

You have such a dichotomy in your human race. You divide and conquer, marginalize and separate, categorize and negate the very existence of those who look different from you. Yet, those of you whose hearts are open represent the very best, highest of humanity.

Indeed, those who can see further and dream greater, those who can embrace each other’s differences and come to each other’s aid in times of peace and in times of strife—TEACH YOUR CHILDREN AND YOUR CHILDREN’S CHILDREN. Impart the sense of UNITY, of honour, of compassion. See that they understand and practice these qualities in their lives.

This, dear ones, is the way to recreate the world in the Eyes of Almighty. Live your lives with this in mind. Don’t get lost in the things that would divide you—by race, by religion, by ideology, by gender.

Walk in TRUTH and carry the lantern of TRUTH within you.

Blessings do abound.
We are, ORION.

September 8, 2015 On the World: A Melting Pot of Humanity
Yes, yes. As the refugees begin to meld into their prospective new homelands, it remains to be seen if the initial show of tolerance and compassion shall continue. Uprooting families, undergoing arduous exiles into unknown cultures can be a rather shocking experience. Once the initial entry is behind them, Europe has the responsibility to continue gracious acceptance of its foreign immigrants. As the numbers increase, no doubt some levels of strife will follow.

However, we applaud the heroic efforts of some, even those in powerful governmental positions, who have championed human rights and have acted from a sense of righteousness and human goodness.

It is easier to turn away than to face the grave needs of others, even for their survival. Those who have opened their borders and have embraced thousands in dire need shall not have done so in vain.

This is a humanitarian crisis of great proportions and it is only a beginning.

As Europe’s infrastructure shifts and expands, systems need to be in place to receive greater numbers of refugees now and in the future.

We see the shift in global terms. The small world of isolated cultures and homogeneous populations, all adhering to the same religious structures and customs, is now shifting to a greater cultural diversity. As this occurs, the mentality of the culture shifts as well to accommodate the expansion.

The concept of global citizenry is swiftly, not slowly, becoming an irreversible reality. The world as a whole is becoming a melting pot of humanity.

Old ways of thinking, resulting in judgments, attitudes of limited understanding of others, are on their way out.

We see these shifts as essential for the evolution of the human race.

As with any change, there will be those against it. However, they will be greatly outnumbered, as the world of tomorrow collides with the world of yesteryear and creates a new, much needed balance of power.

Yes, yes. The balance of power is shifting. There is no element which will be left unchanged. The people of this planet are collectively ready for change. And preparation for Earth Shifts is also underway.

As above, so below.

September 15, 2015 On Weaving through Illusion to Truth
Yes, yes, yes. The world of Maya is richly layered and fascinating to the eye. It is alluring with its mystery, a showcase of illusory pursuits lined with temptations of every sort imaginable.

The world of Spirit is also richly layered and truly inspiring, but it is simple, uncomplicated in its presentation and enriching on a deeply profound level.

One can be tossed in the sea of Maya, yet once one’s true spiritual journey has begun, the truth reigns more powerful, and gradually the illusions fall away. One realizes the emptiness in the pursuit of worldly gratification, material madness and fulfilling one’s ego.

One becomes aware that self-importance is also an illusion. Even as one advances on spiritual path, one must always guard against it. The saying, ‘I am not the doer,’ has far greater significance as one moves further on spiritual path.

As one begins to experience the higher states of consciousness, one’s need for self-importance falls away. It becomes almost a foreign concept.

All that one needs is to fill one’s mind with the hunger for Divine. Then, every aspect that is false will fall from this soul. In this state, one experiences Oneness, the ultimate JOY. And this state is achievable in this life.

September 18, 2015 More on Refugee Crisis
Yes, yes. As the refugee crisis continues, the veneer of patience appears to be thinning. Lack of infrastructure to accommodate the large influx of refugees flowing into Europe lengthens the already complicated process. Many more follow with no place to go.

The leaders of those lands need to unite to form an allegiance to find solutions and create alternatives to accommodate, at least temporarily, the masses. The plan needs to take into account future expansion, as there will be more refugees in future times.

As earthquakes rock the world, thousands of evacuees face an unknown future. The world, as you know it, is becoming one which requires more than a road map to navigate through.

Borders will vanish in future times. Many will seek refuge, not only from other lands but also within their own countries. This is another vital reason for building this Centre of Light. Indeed, it will be become a place of refuge in times to come.

Go deeper in your meditations, Parvati. Guidance is like a spring of wisdom just waiting to be tapped.

September 26, 2015 On Full Moon Lunar Eclipse
Yes, yes, yes. This is a powerful, powerful lunar eclipse and full moon, but one of peace and a more calming influence, opposing the wrath of a topsy-turvy planetary collision, which has preceded it. Look for a calmer time now.