July 20, 2019

Dear friends,
At times it can feel frustrating, even frightening to live in this world. My heart is full with deep compassion for the families separated in detention camps in America. I can feel the call of the children. It’s hard to imagine it is happening in what used to be known as the land of ‘free’ and the brave. Heartbreaking.

In this compilation of transmissions, what I love most is Orion calling for us to unify and to rise up across the globe in defense of human rights and freedoms we hold dear. We have no idea how powerful our UNITY can be.

I am inspired by the latest messages, which give a glimpse of hope that the Light surely will prevail.

Love, Parvati

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*Cover Photo is of Ecovillage Bhrugu Aranya,  in southern Poland


May 17, 2019 On the Fertile Soil of your Heart
Yes, yes. Indeed, changes are afoot. As chaos builds in Middle East and renewed tensions rise, there will be unmistakable signs of the New Era on Earth to come. Do not lose heart.

If you witness intolerance, prejudice and injustice in the world, see that none of these seeds that conceive hatred rest in the fertile soil of your heart.

Live as just and kind a life as you able to lead. Guard against the tendency to judge others different from yourselves. Welcome, in fact embrace, diversity. It is easy to fight racism with racism. Refuse to allow it! Practice absolute tolerance and compassion in your walk in life.

One of the world’s most ancient of seas will dry up. This is already seen as a sign of the imminent demise of a culture, which depends on this sea.

Activations will continue from here, and also at different sacred sites. Your next and crucial activations shall be in the mountains. First, the closest, Babia Gora, is due for another activation, as is one site in Krakow. Further, you will be directed.

We are, at your service.

On Centre of Light – Place of Refuge
It is Divine Will that this Centre of Light be erected in His name. Those who have been tapped to advance this great project know who they are. This is essential at this time. Divine does not err. Ultimately it will not be as a ‘business,’ as it will be a place of refuge, of FIRE for the whole of Europe. OM.     https://agnihotra.pl/en/news-events/campaign/

May 22, 2019 On the Fall & Rise of America
Yes, yes. Corruption at the top will always find an outlet to filter through the levels of society.

What will America do—as one by one freedoms ebb away?It will take a revolution from the ground up to change the course of history. Indeed, we foresee a crumbling of the once mighty democracy—unless a new wave arises to supersede the present government.

We do not become involved in politics, yet the decaying fabric of the once powerful nation is quite apparent.

These are days of great trial and tribulation on the world stage. Be non-attached to the dramas as they continue to play before your eyes.
Strive to speak truth, and to reach and to serve as many beings as you are able to reach in this life.

Be aware that those of the ‘freest’ country will be faced with change and must then decide their own destiny. Nothing is as it seems.

A rise of the wise and aware ones is called for.

These are times when truth will be completely exposed. A new force is on the horizon to assist in the transformation of this beloved record-keeper, planet Earth.

Beyond now, there is a greater force at work.

Usher in Grace.
Usher in change.
Justice and peace for all humanity.

June 13, 2019 On Support from the ‘Other Side’
Yes, yes. Dear ones lost have departed when they were called, some unexpectedly and others after long illnesses. Those beings whom you know who have recently crossed over will still assist their loved ones in their time of need. Their work does not stop with the death of the physical body. It continues and can even deepen, from the other side of the curtain.

On Radical Surrender
What the great Master was speaking of when he called for RADICAL SURRENDER is it requires the conscious, focused intent of every aspect of your being to embrace the will of Almighty.

And with every sinew, every cell, every impulse through every vein in your bodies, Surrender to Divine Will.

The result of RADICAL SURRENDER is absolute bliss.
And it shall be yours for the “price of a candy,” as was told you.

Blessings abound.
We are,

June 15, 2019 On Miraculous Agnihotra Ash
Yes, yes. Agnihotra Ash truly is a miraculous substance for future of human health. Now focus on the effects of Agnihotra ash on humans, on plants, and on animals. Articles can be written, and also documented case studies. As well, we suggest training Agnihotra teachers who can make Agnihotra ash for the people.

Pure Agnihotra Ash* is infused with nutrients and energies required to reset human organism. We would suggest taking it regularly by mouth, either in water or in hand, tablet or powder.

When asked about impending developments and implementation of ‘5G technology’ and what can protect human beings from the deleterious effects on the organism and on Nature, one answer is performance of this ancient Vedic science of Agnihotra and regular usage of the resultant Agnihotra ash. This contains great healing properties.

*For optimal purity of Agnihotra ash used for medicines, it is best to bathe & put on clean clothes before performing Agnihotra. Agnihotra should be done precisely on time to the second. See www.agnihotra.pl

On Guardians of the Light
Many changes due on this planet now. Be prepared.
To be forewarned is to be forearmed.

You are not alone.
There are guardians of the Light all around you.

At sacred places of fire, the energies are palpable.
Blessings to all keepers of the sacred flame.

We are humbly at your service,

June 16, 2019 On Living in Truth
Yes, yes. We are aware of the strategies being foisted upon the people of the world. Conspiracy theories rise and fall, nearly as swiftly as the crises unfold on this planet. Remain one-pointed.

Be aware. Be active when such interaction will be productive in creating change for the betterment of humanity, for healing the planet, for protecting endangered species, for protecting children and victims of crime. Do not remain silent, but LIVE IN TRUTH.

Balance the work with a lightness of being—music, art, time in Nature, time with each other, peaceful meditation, prayer and inner reflection.


Then strengthen and fortify yourselves with diet, proper rest, healing herbs, and deepened meditations.
All of this is part of the plan.

Rise up and UNITE.
This is time for UNITY.
Light shall prevail. Of this, be certain.

In reverence,
We are

July 17, 2019 Rise Up!
Yes, yes. This is the time of the great divide. Those who are on the same team, UNITE. Set aside minor differences and support each other in the reunification of those who have carved their own path but whose hearts remain true to the One.

Dear ones, it is not the time to stoop to infighting, to self-righteous superiority or judgment. Seek to revel in the similarities between you and honour and respect your differences.

This is not a time for judging, nor of warring brother against brother, sister against sister.

Rise up as One, united in Peace, in Love and in Unity.

There are those who would seek to divide you in order to weaken your fibre, create doubts in the weakest link. Refuse to take sides against those whose aims are true.

Yes, know thine enemy.
Do not fear it.
Do not allow yourselves to become weakened in the face of it.
Resolute faith is what will be your sword as well as your shield.
These are the days which try human souls.
Move forward in Light.

He whom you follow knows in whom to place His trust.

Be comforted at times of sorrow. Rise up!
Be focused in times of wavering weakness. Rise up!
Unite in times of struggle. Rise up!

And take your places in the Light.
You are never alone.
Every voice is counted. OM.

July19, 2019 On Unity for Human Rights
Yes, yes. There will reach a point where there is a siege, a showdown over human rights. It is essential to maintain the rights you hold dear to you. Thus, this is the time to let your voices be heard.

Come together in UNITY all across the globe, in defense of basic human rights that are being put under threat.

Indeed, in the land of the ‘free’ and the brave, freedom is your greatest right. Do not let it slip away for lack of awareness or focus, for lack of passion or purpose.

Standing up in the political arena is not the answer. Why focus on politics when the answers all lie way beyond that artificial plane of existence? The Light will prevail, rest assured.

Forming unified chains of human beings to preserve freedom and fight for human justice—this is not political. This is humane. Worldwide, let your voices be heard!

We have foretold of times of Nature’s disasters, both natural and manmade. We have warned about the rise of seas and danger of coastal regions in various countries. We have warned of apathy and of the rise of violent crime.

Now is the time for beings of Light to UNITE.
Every life and every voice still matters.

These are the times when the very fibre of humanity is tested.
Stand firm as ONE.