Dear Friends,
These transmissions came in a flurry, like the snow that is whirling through the air as I write this. Since winter is such an inward journey, it is a wonderful time to dive into spirit.

All of us are attempting to balance the so-called spiritual with the so-called material world. Orion says here, ‘Why not simplify your lives and focus on the spirit first and foremost?’ Admittedly, this is easier said than done.

We all have our outside responsibilities, our social involvements, our family duties and work. Yet, many of us feel drawn toward the spiritual, like a moth to the flame. We can’t seem to find a way out. But the key is to find the way IN.

It is not via the intellect that one can find inner peace. It is, as Orion says, “When one shifts the responsibility from the great all-powerful human mind to the actual great all-powerful Divine Spirit, the entire system changes.”

I’ve learned that spiritual path is not separate and it is not the number of hours one meditates, prays, chants or levitates. It is how one lives one’s life, one’s willingness to offer selfless service without expectation of reward or recognition. It is in the kindness, the generosity, the Love that the human spirit is uplifted.

This year 2015 is one which portends to be one of mass awakening. I hope this is true. It is a year in which we need to move more in Unity and Oneness. We are not islands in the storms of life. We are connected, all of us.

Jacob created a new short film on Ecovillage Bhrugu Aranya with Matt Powers from U.S. editing. It is lovely, complete with our Sound & Fire music and great imagery. ‘Like,’ share & enjoy! 

With love, Parvati

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January 1, 2015 On The Year 2015
Yes, yes. As the world enters the year 2015 it will be a year of great floods of awareness, like a mass awakening of sorts.

However, the year 2015 will not be without global challenges, increased volcanic activity, resultant tsunamis likely to follow, as well as new areas where wars may be on the edge of erupting. There will be various crises facing the world, but many not without amazingly simple solutions.

There is grave danger in Middle East at this time, as news events will reflect. However, an unlikely resolution is near at hand.

In regards to the ‘mass awakening,’ this has been long in the developing stage. Actually, many who have parked themselves rather sturdily on the proverbial fence will now be forced by their own natures to take a leap of faith into the realm of consciousness. Indeed, and there will be many. Some famous faces will join the global consciousness movement which will be growing by leaps and bounds in the year 2015.

This year will be a year for further activations in Poland, in Czech and further in nearby countries. Should opportunity arise, you may entrain for Spain.

On Genetically Modified Products, a Warning
We expect some rather stringent ecological reforms to take place in the middle part of 2015, if not sooner. Stricter laws and a growing awareness of healthy living will change the course of the genetically modified foods blanket of deception quite radically. It will become more increasingly well known as a dangerous venture into destruction of farmlands, not to mention physical bodies of those blindly eating these substances.

No longer are these recognizable as vegetables, grains, fruits, and their resultant products. These foods actually begin to act as foreign substances, wreaking havoc on the digestive system.

We advise all of you to cease to cooperate with the deceptive genetically modified products being imposed upon you. Buy and grow only certified organic foods, support local organic farmers and cease to buy products containing genetically modified substances whatsoever! Your health and well-being and the health of this planet depends upon your diligence and insistence.

On Compassion
Yes, yes. Intense energies today. Tomorrow, these energies shift, giving way to a lighter, brighter period.

Consider the humans suffering on this planet. “No man is an island,” as the saying goes. Indeed, following grave losses of human life on a large scale, there is a period of deep mourning all around the globe. Even though one may interpret this as one’s own inner turmoil or the astrological predictions or numerological readings—the fact remains that when suffering increases in any area of the world, it is felt and experienced everywhere in the world.

Give time for prayer for those suffering, those in mourning, for those living in poverty, for those homeless and destitute, for those frightened, for those alone. When you expand your own heart, your own sorrows fall away and your spirit is uplifted.

Always, when you are used to strengthen, to comfort and uplift others, your own life reflects that which you give. As you give, so shall you receive.

January 2, 2015 On Mantras
Yes, yes. One may experience Mantras on multi levels, not only hearing, but seeing and feeling as well. Mantras transport the spirit to its ancient source. OM.

January 5, 2015 On Cultivating the Garden of The Mind
Yes, yes. Though temptation runs toward entertaining negative thought forms and energies thrust toward you, decline to become absorbed with such thoughts and worries. Once the dark side is repelled successfully, it retreats and can no longer threaten your peace of mind. But in order to successfully defeat it, you must be clear in your intent and positive in your movement toward the Light.

Thoughts are expressed in words and further, via action. Thus, one must be diligent in weeding out negative thought forms before they become the spoken word. One must weed one’s garden of negativity first and foremost.

As with any garden, unless one comes upon a magical method which flawlessly eradicates all weeds, one must weed one’s garden on a regular basis. Pull the weeds of thought which no longer serve the garden as a whole, from the roots out. Do not simply clip the tops of the thoughts to make the garden look good. Before long, the weeds will appear again, even stronger. Weed deeply and uproot those which do not serve the whole.

Weeding of the garden of the mind is a delicate matter. One does not want to become enmeshed in the very thoughts one is trying to eradicate. One needs to follow a clear plan. Go from the worst affected area to the least. Unless one uproots potentially poisonous thinking, one cannot plant new thoughts!

As one is constantly in the state of thinking, one shall be weeding and replacing the weeds with new seeds almost simultaneously. If one weeds one’s garden and does not replant, the earth alone will call upon new growth to come up.

Since you will have a greater sense of and design for your garden, choose your plants carefully— choose thoughts which have been nourished with love, strengthened with care, and sow them with Grace.

This winter is a perfect time for inner growth and development. Tapas, self- discipline practices, will have a longer incubation period and will result in positive change.

January 10, 2015 On Unity
Yes, yes. Unity is hard to manifest without effort, diligence, intense inspiration and willingness on all parts of the grand whole. Thinking about unity is not only insufficient, but illusory as well. All should realize the urgency, the crucial times in which you live. However, unless there is great difficulty, people tend to satisfy themselves with business as usual.

January 18, 2015 On Planetary and Social Media Shifts
Yes, yes. The planet is undergoing a profound shift in the moment, as the planet mercury prepares its retrograde shift. There will be challenges, but none too serious. It is not a difficult mercurial shift, this one. Rather mild, with simple changes and ripples in the stream of life.

Be aware that the social media, which many have become dependent upon for communication, may be more under surveillance as the year progresses. Keep your posting on the positive level, and decline political posting and controversial statements which could be misinterpreted. Nothing to worry about, as the average being is not being watched as closely as they think. But key words are useful in the searches. No worries at all, just awareness. Go light on the Facebook pages. Use them for positive sharing which is beneficial to reaching the public.

Blessings abound. OM TAT SAT.

January 19, 2015 On Media
Yes, yes. Certainly, we are pleased that our vehicle is sitting for meditation at this time. Much to be ‘downloaded’ as the planet begins another clear shift into a new direction.

We do not suggest continually updating one’s news broadcasts which focus clearly upon instilling fear in the hearts of the unsuspecting public.

Those of you with budding awareness of spiritual evolution should realize rather swiftly that media is not at all involved in furthering your awareness, neither cosmic or otherwise!

You may utilize media to expound upon spiritual teachings, particularly those which shall serve to awaken and inspire others toward their own paths of Light.

On ‘Separatism’
There are many paths to Light and all join at some point, as the road becomes narrow and preconceived ideas and opinions fall away.

Separatism no longer exists, as one evolves beyond ‘mine’ and ‘yours’ and ‘ours’ and ‘theirs.’ It is that profound separatism from the view of spiritual aspirants and even some spiritual mentors and masters that can compound the search and delay the ultimate state of ‘I and my Father are One.’

On Oneness
One must realize the Oneness with all humanity and the expansive collective consciousness that results. One comes to suddenly—or so it seems suddenly— realize the nature of Truth as being so wide and majestic that it comprises all beliefs and at the same time redefines them all!

One sees walls between people dissolving, so much so that it can be emotionally astounding and way beyond the intellect to comprehend it. In fact, one’s great intellect becomes dwarfed by the knowledge of the universe that dawns and one is humbled by it. Actually, it is then that the mind expands, even though one realizes the smallness and seeming insignificance of one’s existence. Paradoxically, it is when human beings cease to ‘matter’ that they do truly matter as part of a magnificent whole.

The daily news pales in interest and in magnitude. One’s interests in outside activities often wanes. One instead taps into a river of clarity, of profound awareness that brings one closer to the Source. As that occurs, one begins to become aware of a heightened sensitivity, a greater emotional awareness. This opens one to compassion and empathy beyond the normal range of responses.

One’s experiences of intuitive clarity and awareness of the suffering and need of others, even personal friends and family, also increase.

Conversely, as one’s interest in outside events declines, one’s involvement in true meaningful interactions is at a zenith. So, while one appears to be more aloof perhaps, one is actually resonating with a greater sense of connection with all of humanity!

On Divine Intervention
Dear ones, let go! Let Divine enter your lives in a way you may never have experienced before. In times of intense emotional conflict or at pivotal points in life, you may have called out for Divine intervention and, once it came, been humbled with gratitude and amazement.

However, what happens once you evolve further is that you will become more available and more alert to Divine involvement with every aspect of your lives. This cannot help but keep you in a humble state of absolute grace and reverence.

It is in this humbled state that one truly begins to embrace one’s ‘Higher Self’ and sees life always from the viewpoint of one on one’s knees before Divinity. OM.

On Spirit First and Foremost
Yes, yes. Let us continue in this vein. It is of vital importance that all of you realize there is no separation between the material-spiritual when you advance beyond the borders that are artificially constructed to force a choice between two realms. There are, actually, more realms than just that, so all in all, choices continue to unfold as you shift to higher levels. But leave that notion for the moment.

It is a world of separations. We observe beings separate their lives into work and play, into business and family, into material and spiritual, logical and emotional. There are delineations between the ‘worlds’ and there are timings assigned to each. Interesting how orderly human beings have become, but when faced with spiritual crises in their lives, all the borders evaporate and spirit runs rampant through every nook and crevice of one’s life.

Why not simplify your lives and focus on the spirit first and foremost?

Prioritize your spiritual development. Take the time daily to assess your progress on spiritual path. Seek to find ways to practice selfless service in every area of your lives. In your material world, as you call it, seek to inject at least some essence of your higher spirit into your workings and your works. Business will reflect the newfound peace and your direction will automatically appear effortlessly, once the spirit is consulted and the mind is given a much-needed rest!

On Shifting Decision Making
Which brings us to the next subject: Decision Making. Most human beings make major life-changing decisions employing their logical, rational brain. They weigh out pros and cons, evaluate risks and consequences and try to foresee the future via mental output. However, without spiritual input, often these sane, rational decisions fall flat. The best laid plans of mice and men, as they say!

When one shifts the responsibility from the great all-powerful human mind to the actual great all-powerful Divine Spirit, the entire system changes. One’s internal dialogue begins to include one’s spiritual guides, whether they be angels, Holy Beings or simply one’s Higher Self so empowered.

One begins to include other aspects when making crucial decisions and life choices. One begins to access intuition by opening the door to spirit. And one’s state of mind begins to reflect that inner peace, so longed for and sought after, which existed always within one’s heart. Only listening and paying full attention to the spirit can reveal this key. May you all find it and use it daily.

January 20, 2015 On Interplanetary Communications
Yes, yes. Indeed, this is the time when interplanetary communications are quite easily reached. There are blockages only on the Earthly plane. We do not become disturbed by the blockages below. We cannot be controlled by governmental sanctions or mollified by media magnates. Indeed, Truth has a way of rising triumphant. It is the timing which is determined by Divine and not by those who are in current power on the planet.

That said, there are various ways to attune oneself to the cosmic flow of the universe which, coincidentally, include other planets and galaxies.

On Tuning the Spirit with Music
There are levels in music which correspond with one’s own spiritual evolution.

Without awareness of the whole, it is difficult to tap into the whole.
Great music of every century which has astounded audiences of every caliber has been able to tap into a sound, a bridge between universes, that cannot be explained in human terms or language.

Many great musicians were considered mad, crazy, out of touch with reality. They tapped into something which they were ill-prepared to manage, but could not refuse entry to. Some musicians were driven to madness because they were so far ahead of their time, aware on some level and woefully unaware on others.

Thus, when one’s spirit it called into the realm of music and simultaneously one is following one’s path of spiritual awareness, one’s inner and outer worlds become more attuned, if you will, to higher vibrations and there is no separation, no dichotomy, no chasm to bridge to reach a greater level of comprehension of the whole.

In short, this is a different time in the world. Beings have advanced further than when the great Mozarts, Beethovens and Bachs existed on the planet. This is the time of spiritual escalation, when all doors have flung open to awareness.

January 25, 2015 On Attunement
Yes, yes. Those who believe in the path of the Ancients, that which has been traversed over hundreds of years, have become aware of the ways of a world gone by, as well as the world of future times. What remains for you all to accomplish is to come to a level of understanding, without fear or expectation, of the world of the present.

This present world is the most difficult of all to navigate. It doesn’t matter what part of the world you reside in, what country or hemisphere. In every land, there are unique challenges to face and different ways to face those challenges. There is no country where there are no challenges or obstacles to face.

Divine can override all obstacles, if it is Divine Will. Any obstacle can be removed in a single moment, if Divine so desires. Seek to attune yourselves to that which is Holy and not that which is lowly. If you attune your instruments to the highest chord, you will move through the seas of change with ease.

Let nothing distract you from your goal. Let nothing deter your spirit or cause you even one moment of confusion. All of you are faced with daily decisions and seek guidance to find the best ways to proceed in all matters material. But seek ye first the kingdom of heaven—this is the key.

Immerse yourselves in the depths of spirit, and continue in all your endeavours with Grace and with surety that your way will be revealed, once your vision is clear.

One has to have one’s eyes open in order to see the Light.