by Parvati Rosen-Bizberg

For over fourteen years, I have been called to perform cleansings of sites of great turbulence or destruction, where so many souls remained trapped. In cleansing these dark places, these souls can be freed. It is all done on a subtle level. In Europe, we actively did this at all WWII concentration camps in Poland. In U.S., we were involved in many cleansings of Civil War sites in Alabama, Georgia, Virginia, North and South Carolina, and Mississippi. A group of dedicated Agnihotra practitioners joined together and drove from state to state, doing this amazing work. The profound experiences were life-changing for all of us involved.

More recently, in the past ten years, I’ve been led to do activations of sacred sites, where the energies are locked in the soil, stones, rocks beneath our feet. From New Mexico, U.S., to Australia and parts of EuropePoland, Czech, England, Slovakiawe have been activating ancient sites where, in old days, healing humans and nature had been a way of life. In activating these energetic sites, the power is brought back to life. I feel deeply grateful to be a part of this wonderful healing work.


”Activations of sacred sites requires the human element. Certainly, Devas and Angels can bless, as well as Higher Entities can inhabit the site and breathe Light into the atmosphere, but in order for the process of ascension to come to fruition, the human element is required.

In Europe, there are several cave areas where ancient secrets lie buried within the soil. This will not be an expedition to uncover buried treasure but to activate the energies in the area to be ready to receive healing from Divine sources, via fire and via water as well.

We are conscious of a shift in awareness on planet Earth. In some areas, there is too little too late, but there is also the element of Grace. It is possible to save this planet. Otherwise, why would there be so much effort placed in doing so?

The activation of specific points of Light, as well as sacred places across the globe, creates a vortex of Light which assists the inhabitants of the planet to survive the coming catastrophic events, as predicted in many holy texts, from the Bible to the Koran and the prophecies of Native American Indians as well as the prophecy of Nostradamus and others. Therefore, let us seek solutions on a personal level, so that we are more clear-minded and focused to assist on a local level and on a global level.”

The most recent activation site was Mrukowa, in Poland. According to old historical accounts, high in the hills above Mrukowa there was an ancient Pagan site which was where fire rituals were performed. It was considered an energetic site, upon which a Mother Mary chapel was later erected, on the exact site of the ancient Pagan sacred place.

A large stone is embedded in the wall inside the tiny chapel. According to legend, Mother Mary’s footprints are imprinted on the stone. That is why people worshipped the stone for centuries. 

In the last century, the old dilapidated wooden chapel that had been there for hundreds of years, was rebuilt with sandstone. The workers threw the sacred stone into the nearby river, because it didn’t fit into the new structure and they didn’t realize its value. Every morning when the workers returned to work on the new chapel, the same large sacred stone was back in its original place! Impossible! The small river was about 200 metres away! Finally, they were instructed to embed it into the interior wall of the new chapel, where it remains to this day. When we went there, I felt the sacred stone and it had a powerful energy, though I cannot say why.

Early in the morning of October 18, 2017, Jarek, Asia and I embarked on the several hour journey by car. When we arrived, we hiked up the mountainous path through a thick, magnificent forest. After 1½ hours hiking up what we later discovered was the rougher route, we reached our goal. The chapel, simple, made of stone, sits in a quiet spot surrounded by trees, a river flowing nearby. It was a magical place, untouched.

We entered the chapel, which is quite small, housing a lovely crowned statue of Mother Mary surrounded by an array of candles and flower bouquets. Along the sides of the altar were two wooden plaques covered in rosaries, hung there by pilgrims who had made the journey to worship her.

I could feel the rhythms of the ancients in the land, and the power of the many prayers that lingered in the air. I felt an overwhelming feeling of purity and love in that chapel. At the exact spot directed to, Jarek performed a Vyarhuti Homa healing fire. It was a powerful feeling reinstating the ancient healing energies once again.

What follows are some messages received at the site.

October 18, 2017 Mrukowa Chapel in forest

“Yes, yes. Indeed, this is one of the ancient sites of Fire which was said to cleanse the Earth, enrich the soil, and carry nutrients through all the elements—earth, air, fire, water, ether.

These ancient sacred fire rituals were performed in this exact place. As told in previous guidance, the stone upon which these fires were performed is buried at the base of this chapel, on the southern or southeastern side—not exactly in the middle. None of this knowledge remains accessible to this day. Now you have it!”

I felt the air in the chapel rich with prayers uttered in silence and aloud by many pilgrims over the years. They hang in the air like delicate lacy flowers, blossoms that drop to the ground silently as the prayers are fulfilled. Bells rang in my ears, high-pitched tones that I imagine the voices of angels sound like.

I pray too that I can be an instrument of healing, prayer, comfort and love for all I encounter in life. Amen.

Orion continued:

“Yes, yes. Awakening the healing energies submerged beneath, years and years hidden from sight—will create a linking system between various ancient sites now being tapped to awaken. These sites all take their places on the grid and will become activated once the time is ready—like a switch going on to light up the grid.

Preparing these ancient sacred places, particularly of the elements, FIRE and WATER, is essential now. Light will spread its blanket of Love over the darkness that threatens all today.

This is preparation. Continue this blessed work.

We are in your service, dear ones

We are, Orion.”