“These are the best of times and the worst of times. But most of all, these are the greatest of times for manifestation of all which has begun in Light.

We all need to take a good, long look at our precious planet. With each day, consider the effect one life can have on the world. The effect of one human being in prayer, one sharing their heart with another, one consciously spreading joy, one listening without judging, one answering the call for healing, one lighting healing fires for the Earth.

Truly, one life can alter reality on this planet. The power lies within each and every one of us.

We need to live consciously, listen actively, pray fervently, chant joyously.

Do not suppose that your dreams are not vital, not possible to come true.
Be willing to take the risk in order to live your life in Truth.
Release all fears. Live in harmony with yourself and others.

When we utilize our great gifts, we activate the seeds within, enabling them to grow and to shine light in these darkest times.

These are times of great darkness and times of great illuminating Light.
Keep your focus on the Light.”

                             Excerpt from Orion Transmissions Prophecy