December 19, 2020
Dear friends,
Orion addresses what seem to be the needs of the hour—from creating safe havens, places of refuge, to food storing and the importance of sharing with those in need. To live in abundance is to always remember the whole and continually keep the current flowing with gratitude and generosity toward those who have less and need more.

I am grateful to be living in an international Homa ecovillage, which really feels like a safe haven in the storm, especially now. To breathe in the pure atmosphere fortified by many Ayurvedic healing fires is awesome. To be in the company of others who are walking with intention on their path towards the Light is inspiring and life-affirming. All of Nature is abuzz with high energies. Just really feeling so thankful today.

How can we serve others who are not living in such safe zones? How can we help others to feel supported and heard? We are daily doing what we call ‘healing circles,’ basically simple prayer circles for those who send their names in and for places around the world in need of calm, in need of Light. It began with just two of us and has increased into a revolving number of residents here who join in every day at 12 noon. It feels strong when we gather in a circle with a loving intention, and concentration on healing.

Some of us post inspirational prose or poetry on social media, to try and help turn the people from fear to hope. A nod to dear Maria B. who daily posts affirmations to inspire and uplift whoever reads them.

Interestingly, as the threats and violence rise, the ones who love are buoyed with heartfelt purpose, motivated by higher calling—one which rises above hatred to embrace and exalt Love.

I do believe somehow the phoenix will rise.
We will rise.
We will unite.
We will support.
We will grow.
We will be inclusive.
We will forgive.
We will live in harmony and compassion toward each other.
We will grow as ONE.

With all love,

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Ecovillage Bhrugu Aranya



November 26, 2020 On a Benevolent Force
Yes, yes. This is a day of miracles taking place in and for this present civilization. A force of great benevolence has begun its patterning for the sake of Mother Earth, the record-keeper planet. It may take several more days, if not weeks, to begin receiving reports of this new wave of Light.

Do not despair. Even in such dire times as these, listen and you will hear the sound of healing winds.

December 8, 2020 On Places of Refuge
At this time on the planet, there is a release of intense, energetic chaos. Thus, maintaining places of Light has never been more essential. This land whereupon you all reside is imbued with high vibrations from all the healing fires performed here. Accept that you are the caretakers of a true place of refuge and understand that people will begin to seek residence in this place.

You will need to use your intuitive senses in vetting those beings who come with requests to be here. Most will come with absolute pure intention. You will know them. Yes. Others may come with ideas of their own, not necessarily to join you. Curiosity seekers should generally be discouraged and best times for their visits can be ascertained as a group forum. Have no fear. All will settle now. New blessings on the horizon. Yes, we see this here.

December 12, 2020 Orion On Creating & Preparing your Lifeboat
Yes, yes. All humanity is facing the darkest time in history, a time of absolute uncertainty, a time when fear is paramount, giving rise to extreme levels of anxiety amongst the populace.

There is, for most human beings, no clear point of reference from which to observe the events occurring around the world with any sense of clarity.
It is a time of sharp declines, not only in health but also in economics and in systems created to achieve balance between the incoming and outgoing energies.

The world seems to be spinning faster, helter-skelter.
Again, during such pivotal points in the history of this civilization, one absolutely must develop the practice of going within. However you do it, this is the only way to achieve a clarity, and to balance the extremes both in Nature and in your own human nature.

Thus, those with strong spiritual practice—whether meditation, holistic yoga practice, concentration on the Sacred via prayer, chanting, singing—this practice will be your lifeboat! And prepare your craft for the sea. 

Be willing to take on passengers, those searching in desperation for compassion and for family. They will come to you who have prepared your vessels for the times which are swiftly coming.
This is a call for the tribes to reunite and strengthen and shelter the whole.

We have predicted these times for many years. These are not times unexpected. Be prepared.

Be fueled with Love and Gratitude, and more than willing to welcome those who seek safer shores—into your hearts and homes.

We are in awe of this humanity coming together in Peace.

We are always with you.
We are,

December 16, 2020 On Sustenance and Sharing Abundance
As the pandemic deepens, so the desperation of the people rises. There will be an increase in crime, a direct result of a world plunged into economic turmoil.

For years, we have been advising attention to food storage, becoming more self-sufficient, especially as far as growing one’s own food. It becomes increasingly more important to eat only organic foods. Learn food preservation, such as preparing fermented foods.

Once you have a good stock of food stored here, for example, you could take part in food sharing or donating some percentage of food to food for the needy. Either through a group formed for that purpose or, if you are aware of a family in need. In other words, regularly donate a percentage of your food grown here to a charitable purpose. This keeps abundance moving, flowing between you.

Yes, yes, yes. As winter deepens, so will the need for sustenance. Be willing to share what abundance you have with those in need.

Blessings abound,
when one serves from the heart.


December 17, 2020 On Holy Days
Yes, yes. Dear ones, during these holidays, do remember to focus on Holy Days—not simply ‘holidays!’

There is much power on specific dates aligned with the moon and stars. Indeed, there are several days coming which are aligned in a way that is rare and lesser known. There are energies being cleansed on these days and a few days prior, which have the capacity to uplift those who choose to attune their own energies to these special times.

More in-depth meditation and deepening of global prayers.

December 18, 2020 On Raising Consciousness
Yes, yes. Again, we reiterate the call to go within! Do not be fooled, cajoled or manipulated by threats being propagated via media, whether left or right, global or local.

Remain absolutely steadfast in turning your focus inward. And, no, it is neither selfish nor an act of avoidance.

It is simply the only way to establish preparedness of spirit. It is not enough to store food for months without storing positive energy within yourselves. Inside is where all the answers lie.

All these years, most of you, seekers in life, have amassed tools for inner growth and evolution of spirit. Now is the time to use these tools!
Concentration on Breath
Practices of Forgiveness.
Intuitive Healing
Creative Arts in Service

The avenues are many, the paths to Higher Consciousness are varied. The aim must be pure and true.

All prayers are answered.
Quiet your minds.
Quiet your hearts.
Prepare your inner space within to receive.
Open your minds and hearts to receive God, in whatever form you recognize to be true.

This is the way to prepare yourselves for whatever is to unfold on the world stage.
Strengthen your inner resolve by joining together with ones of like minds and hearts.

When the consciousness of humanity rises, Grace manifests!
Fear has no place in the loving heart.
Feed the faith and starve the fear.

We envision this planet surrounded by waves of healing Light. We hold that vision before you.

You choose your point of concentration.
You choose that upon which you wish to focus.

Strive to be the loving hearts you so truly wish to be.
And this is the road to peace, unity and healing of humanity.

Blessings abound.
We are,