July 3, 2016
Dear friends,
Orion highlights the necessity of remaining positive amidst the negativity of the world. A wonderful tool for bringing Light into the darkness is Agnihotra. I am deeply grateful for this sunrise/sunset healing fire, which transformed my life in 1975 and continues to do so to this day. It has been a blessing that has cleared the way for the sometimes arduous, always amazing journey on spiritual path.

In the three months since the last Transmissions, spring/summer has arrived and construction of the Centre of Light here at Ecovillage Bhrugu Aranya in Poland has speeded up. In our efforts to raise funds, we have launched an Indiegogo Crowd-funding campaign. We deeply appreciate all your support. In case you have not seen it already, please follow this link. There are excellent ‘perks’ including healing Mandalas, handcrafted original Moldavite and gemstone jewelry, Meru copper pyramids, our favorite recipes book, magical music and more.


What Orion says below about the Centre of Light being a source of transformation for many who wish to come, feels like a real blessing while at the same time, a large responsibility for us here.

“The Centre of Light is not just another yoga centre or ecology centre or esoteric centre. This has been called forth by Higher Laws which govern the spirit world. This is for the generation and regeneration of energies for the healing and protection of the continent of Europe. It is for the energetic healing of the planet.

“Indeed. Indeed. It can be a turning point for many who wish to come, as transformation is a near certainty for most beings who and come and experience this rarified energy vortex.”

Guests and volunteers continue to flock here, as Orion said would happen, and the energies here feel infused with positivity and hope for the future.

What makes my heart sing is the love and unity in our community here which extends outward to connect with the wider circle of Light Workers everywhere. The strength that comes from the forging of deep bonds of friendship and camaraderie, the ongoing support and trust, never ceases to amaze me. We are committed to sharing how to create communities of like-minded people around the world. If you are considering forming such communities, please feel free to visit or write us.

Love, Parvati




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May 2, 2016 On Trust and Peace of Mind
Yes, yes. If you follow political trends and base your peace of mind upon these fluctuating events, prone to change and bound to change radically—your happiness will be temporary at best.

Do not be deterred by government changes and political upending. What goes up will come down. Just as day goes into night, such shifts are never so definitive. From the crumbling of governments, always comes a rise in human development. Do not fear what you cannot understand nor control. Trust in Almighty’s plan for your spiritual evolution.

Trust fully in the prophecy given to you re: this sacred land and the purpose under heaven for its development.

You are embarking upon a new and higher direction.

Do not concern yourself with matters of politics or earthly diversions, chaos and miscommunications.

Walk in Light.

June 6, 2016 Divine Feminine
(This transmission began with what I call ‘Divine Feminine’ and She spoke about lightness of being. Orion followed afterward)

Oh dear beloved, the soul is unbothered by daily ups and downs. It remains undisturbed. Why cling to darkness when Light surrounds your being? You must allow your earthly body to relax and enjoy the lightness which is yours to experience on every level.

Orion: On Putting Spirit First
Yes, yes. Our vehicle is ready to begin to receive our prophecy. These times, as we have been trying to explain, are great, great opportunities for your souls’ evolution.

Indeed, in every realm, every aspect of human existence on planet Earth, there exists great strife, chaos that has just begun and, no doubt, shall escalate. Yet, we plead with all of you who walk on the many paths of Light, realize the opportunity to not only rise but soar beyond your greatest expectations.

You must put spirit first. You simply must extricate yourselves from the workaday madness and, at least, at pivotal points of the day, focus all your energies on the One.

When you experience stress, are overburdened with life’s demands and with your own expectations of yourselves, know that to be your signal—to show you to value greater power—connection to your own spirit, ultimately to that which propels you forward into Light, from whence you came. Ultimately, it is a return to spirit.

June 7, 2016 On Extreme Climate Changes
Yes, yes. Weather presents challenges due to unpredictable sudden shifts in temperature, precipitation and total climate reversal in some cases. Thus, such concerns, i.e. volcanoes for example, cannot be allayed. Due to the extreme changes in the planet’s environment, brought on in part by the industrial age—yet still more man-created—nothing can be told for certain.

If purchasing land or an existing farm or home, best to avoid locating near a volcano, whether more recently active or threatening activity or long-dormant. Settling near the sea is also not recommended. This we have reiterated over many years. For short-term vacations, one can decide. For long-term plans, it is best to seek greater elevation from the sea and greater distance from volcanoes.

June 8, 2016 On Changing World Consciousness
Yes, yes, yes. (I could hear Orion, but at a distinct distance) Yes, our communications are interrupted but only temporarily. We reach you via intuitive perception and your presence, albeit straining, is sensed by us.

All of you must not concentrate on what moves are being made around you, but instead focus on fine-tuning your listening and clarifying abilities. Keep questioning, but do not become self-absorbed in the quest for answers. Be more drawn actively into finding the clear ways in which you, as individuals and as masses, can begin to change this world’s consciousness to bring the ‘powers that be’ to their knees.

On Activations
ACTIVATIONS, yes, it is soon time for them. They have been delayed, postponed from May to perhaps July. Timing is specific.

Truly, the intense work done in U.S. by those involved in the Freedom Mission was spectacular, beyond the scope of the normal enthusiast in matters of a subtle nature.

What was accomplished there, upon former battle fields, amongst those disenfranchised human beings whose basic liberty was taken from them—such work is phenomenal. There, you listened, you were sent, you were guided and directed. Hallelujah. Many souls were set free and families of souls united.

You have no idea how Divine this was, how blessed.

If a film is to be made, it must be based on actual events, with interviews from those present. This is and was work of the Sacred. This was and is continuously working, even without your presences there.

Be attentive. Lines of interplanetary communication are being repaired and you can expect more from us now.

As always, in Light, we are, Orion.

June 13, 2016 On Carrying the Spark of Light
Yes, yes. In the world there are senseless crimes against humanity, but not only humanity—also, senseless injustice toward the animal kingdom, and the beleaguered environment. There can be no more cries from the hungry, those in pain, those alone and suffering, in every corner of this tumultuous, troubled world.

Those of you who have seen and experienced Light, Truth and Love that surpass understanding, can and must carry that spark of Light to all human beings, high and low, around the globe.

Cease the fretting and unnecessary woes, curb your worrying tendencies and strengthen yourselves in unity. Move as one force through the darkness that surrounds this world.

Chant. Pray. Sing. Write.

If you think you can isolate and achieve this purpose, you will find yourselves feeling something is amiss.

It is not time for isolation, nor time to insulate yourselves, even within your tribes or even within your family units. It is time to make full use of all your creative gifts to spread the Light.

Many will speak words of inspiration, which will awaken others through the power of the word of TRUTH.

Others will inspire and awaken via the majestic power of MUSIC.
Still others, with ART.

There are many avenues, like streets paved with gold, all of which lead Home.
Choose your path wisely. Hold true to those tenets you learned along the way. Speak out.

Dance. Sing. Paint. Build. Create.

Blessings abound.
Build and fortify your faith.
Walk in Light.


June 14, 2016 On Bhrugu Aranya and Centre of Light
Yes, yes. The elementals at Bhrugu Aranya are becoming more balanced, as harmonious interchange with all of Nature becomes more and more the ‘norm’ here.

This location is essential as a healing point for all of Europe. Light given from this sacred point of Light will resonate across the whole of Europe. This Centre of Light’s efforts will soon bear fruit. To this end, continue your subtle work and all other avenues available to you.

When you enter the realm of spirit, nurture and strengthen that connection, answers will come even before questions occur to be asked.

Truly, truly, the only way out is IN.

We are appreciating, yours, Orion.

June 15, 2016 On Centre of Light—Healing & Protection for Europe
Yes. Yes. We are present. Amid the clashes on the stage of life, the daily, weekly horrors flashed across your TV and computer screens, we sound the alarm to remind you all to FOCUS ON THE LIGHT.

All that is occurring now in the world, around the world, the darkness that threatens the Light, the terrorism that makes it mark—you must not allow yourselves to focus on it.

Create venues for the Light.

 The Centre of Light is not just another yoga centre or ecology centre or esoteric centre. This has been called forth by Higher Laws which govern the spirit world. This is for the generation and regeneration of energies for the healing and protection of the continent of Europe. It is for the energetic healing of the planet.

 Build it in the spirit with which it was revealed. With absolute faith and devotion with full focus on Divine Will manifesting.

Blessings will unfold now. OM.

June 18, 2016 On Dwelling in Truth over Fear
Yes, yes. We foresee a change in the ‘old guard.’ Everything in the world is in a state of flux, so it follows that those amongst you who are considered ‘Sensitives,’ those who can feel what is not apparent to the eye, those whose frequencies are on a higher level—you will feel the changes more within your own bodies, minds and hearts.

Do not dwell on fear, even though that is the design of those who hold the strings. You shall rise above the chaos and embrace the Truth. Remain steadfast and determined. Focus on the Light.

Blessings all of you, and for the Centre of Light, a boost. OM.

June 23, 2016 On Strengthening the Spirit
Yes, yes. It is time for deeper periods of meditation in your life, dear vehicle. This is the Source, the resource from which you will glean stamina, clarity and direction. Your soul has yearned for this. You must be strict with yourself to make greater use of your time.

If you know, as you know, what is your highest calling, what is your Vikarma, it is that which must account for more time each day. It is only through strengthening the spirit that Light can truly manifest—from the inside out to the world.

We are always present, ready to serve any time, any day, ORION.

June 26, 2016 On Bringing Joy
Yes, yes. Dear ones, consider your lives as a whole. Examine your reasoning and purpose for all that you do. Become super conscious of what motivates and inspires you, what brings joy not only into your own heart, but into the hearts of those around you.

Consider your life now. It is like your own vehicle. What direction are you going towards in your life? How can your life carry the impact into the lives of others? If you are blessed with healing abilities, are you making these healings available? Are you reaching out with words as yet unwritten?

Dear vehicle, in your case, writing will be your primary source of communication with the masses. WRITE. WRITE. WRITE.

June 30, 2016 On A Place for Transformation: Centre of Light
Yes. Yes. While you scramble to find sufficient lodging for guests and volunteers, we shall suggest that you just breathe easy, as this is only the beginning. You will attract many more to this place in the days, weeks and months to come. Rest assured, there will be a way to accommodate all those who are destined to be here.

Indeed. Indeed. It can be a turning point for many who wish to come, as transformation is a near certainty for most beings who and come and experience this rarified energy vortex. OM.