April 22, 2017
Dear friends,
We’re gazing out over the snowy April landscape, having cancelled our Earth Day celebration due to the return of winter conditions across Poland and much of Europe. Still, though tempted to isolate, we are choosing to sublimate by working together daily–planning, editing, writing and preparing for the launch of our new Centre of Light fundraising campaign. (see link below)

During these times when darkness seems to reign in the world, we are constantly reminded to go within. Going within takes us to another dimension. It brings to mind Mahatma Gandhi’s quote: “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” How can we change the world without first changing ourselves?

For me, that means identifying what I need to change in myself to be better able to live life to my highest potential and fulfill my true purpose.

Letting go of negative impressions that impinge upon our hearts unburdens us, allowing more space for creativity and inspiration to rise. We become stronger, better able to persevere as Light Workers. And we can serve with lighter hearts.

The snow will melt and Spring will return. Our magical gardens beckon, promising rejuvenation of spirit, as we rise from winter!

This reminds me. We are accepting volunteers for Spring/Summer at our Ecovillage Bhrugu Aranya in the mountain region of southern Poland. Read about it online. We also welcome visitors all year round. Contact us via our website or on Facebook.

Love to all, Parvati

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(These transmissions are a compilation from December 2016 through April 2017.)

December 8, 2016 On Consciousness
Yes. Yes. Yes. Consciousness is rising, even despite the many trends to the contrary. The lines are drawn. The fate is cast. The first ones now may later be last. Indeed, the times of change have come.

Dear ones who appear to be listening but who have turned a deaf ear to avoid hearing that which you do not comprehend—listen now.

What seems to be abundance will leave you hungry, without nourishment for your souls.

In the great American ‘Land of milk and honey,’ a shadow has fallen across the land.

There is a great lull presiding, every infraction to that which excludes dignity and integrity appears as a ripple in the vast ocean, only a drop in the sea. The dishonoring of sacred peoples, the destruction of sacred lands, the erasing of culture and its resultant prophecy—all this but a ripple in the ocean? Any one of these infractions curbing liberty and righteousness would once have been deemed criminal—but now is seen only as a small shadow. Then, all return to their work at hand, their smallest lives—in favor of compliancy, in favor of diplomacy, in favor of a steady boat—never to rock it or steer it to new horizons.

Awaken and take back your Truth.
Awaken and resume your place in the World.
Awaken and Unite.
Awaken to the Light.

Realize you are all children of a Higher God.
You are the ones for whom the Call has come.
Unplug from the Matrix of Mediocrity.

Take your places in line with a Higher Democracy.
Walk in Light within each of you now.


December 10, 2016 On Points of Light
Yes. Yes. The three Points of Light are specific sites where healing is to be emitted to Mother Earth and to the stars. That is, receiving stations and relaying portals of Light.
All three are Points where interplanetary connections can be at their zenith. Yes. Yes.

Now at these three Points—Maheshwar, India, Bhrugu Aranya, Poland, and Elqui Valley, Chile—there are deposits of minerals which will be activated with the ongoing practice of Homas at each site. It is these fires which activate the underground minerals and cause an interaction between elements of Nature and the Cosmos.

These sacred places must be maintained with fire and, at each site, the fire shall be ongoing. Whosoever maintains the fire should be trained correctly in Homa, to be able to maintain the energy cycles of sunrise/sunset and additional fires. We would say, at each site, beings devoted to the fires should live and maintain these energy cycles with Agnihotra and Yajnya—at least regular Agnihotra practice to start with.

Where there is a will, there shall most definitely be a way.

Blessings abound. Catch them, like falling stars.
Indeed, at these sites, one will witness miracles and much interaction with the starry skies.

Blessings. Blessings. Yes. OM.

December 18, 2016 On Faith and Teaching Children
Yes, yes. These are uncharted waters, a new chapter in life. The unfamiliarity can feel disconcerting, but remember—the waters of the heart are well-charted.

Put your full faith in Almighty. In every instance, He will provide comfort, wisdom, protection and pure love.

It is in these times when darkness seems to reign in the world, that all of you must go within and UNITE with ones of like mind and heart.

Resist the evils of the world.
Strengthen inner peace and rise above chaos and turmoil.

Teach your children through peace and tolerance, through love and forgiveness.
They look to you for direction.

If only you had known to go within during times of strife in your lives.

You can save your children unnecessary steps by showing them the way to go within and find their inner strength, how to trust and move ahead in Light.
Let this be your legacy.

Blessings to all.
We are, ORION.

December 25, 2016 On The Portal
Yes, yes. The portal which we referred to in previous transmissions is now slowly closing with the final days of 2016. It has been a powerful year of change, not always seemingly for the best for all. However, amidst the political powwows and power mongering, there are seeds of deep change being sown and grown amongst all of you who bear the light for the world. Your responsibilities deepen now.

Just like the germination process when a plant gathers energy from the soil, the air, the water and sun, before being able to grow into full radiance and seed bearing fruit—you must be patient with yourselves during this, the germination process on Earth.

Though all appears to be daunting and shadows pilfering the Light, dear Light Beings of planet Earth, do not despair. Do not give in to fear. That is the game being played. You do not participate in the games that are beneath your stature in Light.

Walk quickly and carefully through the booby traps that appear before you. Without fear, none of these seeming obstacles have any chance to touch you. You are beyond that grasp, when your strength and your hope lie in the Spirit, in the wholeness of the universe and the souls coming together en masse to shift the tide. And, the tide will shift once again.

Those Sacred Sites (The Three Points of Light) have been prepared by us for just these times. Support and build up these sacred sites, for there shall be peace at those places, as we have shown.

The portal is slowly closing and the ease with which many have shifted into the Light has been phenomenal, like no other time. Now, the portal is again closing, so there will be less beings departing from end of December, actually beginning now. The entryways are now rich with Light, as many who have passed most recently were imbued with light.

Those who lived their lives in kindness and in loving service always continue on the path of Light, as their evolution has been stepped up due to the energies alive at these times.


May this sacred holiday, in all your cultures, be rich with Peace, Hope and Love.
May you all walk on your chosen paths with a light step, an open heart and compassion, compassion, compassion.

Your calling is loud and clear now, each of you, no matter what path you take.
Walk in Light, in reverence to Mother Earth, hand in hand, heart in heart.

Blessings abound.
We are, ORION.

February 14, 2017 (In Maheshwar, India. Following a powerful Somayag held at the nearby Goshala along the banks of the Narmada River, we returned to the site of an ancient cave, where I had been several times before.)

Yes, yes. Ancient sacred portal, Narmada. The call of the Narmada. This sacred portal, this cave beneath the cave, is emitting energies connected to what will be the Sound Current the great Master refers to. Indeed, this sacred portal is open, emitting Light and the call of the ancient Rishis—the call of Narmada.

Dear one, this is a virtual port of information, coded and emitted via sound waves for when the times shall arrive for full flooding of the planet via Sound Current.

All these are the missing pieces. In other ancient lands, there are sacred portals being opened to emit and to act as relay stations for the Light. Most certainly, the holy River Cochiguas in Chile is one such place where a now invisible cave exists.

There are other portals around the world. It is time for activation of ancient sacred portals. Directions will follow.

Blessings abound. Grace of SOMAYAGS past and present now unfolds.

These reconnections with past lives are a rare gift presented to you by your beloved Guru, to give you strength of purpose, fortitude, patience and resilience. You are a perfect vehicle, perfect in your imperfections, in your fiery and faithful nature, through your great affection for sacred verse and inspirational writing, coupled with your tireless resolve and absolute integrity always in defense of TRUTH.

Blessings truly abound.
We are brothers in Light, ORION.

February 28, 2017 On the ‘Calling of the Narmada’
Yes, yes. Our vehicle’s return (from India) is welcomed. To have returned with a fresh perspective on this changing planet, as well as on your role in it, pleases us indeed.

The ancient cave which you revisited holds the key to realms beneath the Earth and their connections with the realms above the Earth. The truths of the universe are indeed locked in stones, in the beds of ancient waterways, symbols of which can be traced back to civilizations before known time. These secrets shall manifest when the end is near.

The voice within the cave by Narmada River resounds throughout the underground tunnels which connect from point to point. There is indeed a reverence held in place by tradition and faith. It is not a site which can be harmed, but it should never become well-known, sought after, and lost into hands of those who would disrespect that which is kept there.

Yes, yes. There is such a thing as the ‘calling of the Narmada,’ as was our vehicle’s first intuition, heard in silence. Yes, yes. The seeds which were planted within you so many years ago and lifetimes before, have manifested in this uncommon life which you were born into at present.

Yes, your son, again and again, resonates with the Narmada as well, as does the being now referred to as Suwindi. The fact that all of you have taken residence here at this sacred site, Bhrugu Aranya, is predestined and preordained.

Again, we must refer to the ancient tunnel system beneath the ground here, similar in fact to those underneath Maheshwar and nearby points. Here, on the mountain Babia Gora, are traces of ancient cultures which preceded it. But there are additional caves to be activated, both here and in Czech, for which the time is near. Yes, it would behoove you to plan on further activations. We will reveal the places most readied to receive and transmute the energies which will be given there.

April 11, 2017 On Remembering Who We Are
Yes, yes. Be aware, one can become fully engrossed in world events, lost in the emerging characters, playing roles in the play devised to disguise and misrepresent Truth. Don’t be fooled by the show, no matter how shocking or outrageous.

Indeed, what goes up must come down. Those whose aim is destruction of natural resources, culling the world’s population, and creating divisive politics to separate and alienate human beings from one another – will reap their karmic due.

Your jobs as Light Workers, as compassionate citizens of the world, is to REMEMBER.

Remember who you are.
Remember who the being standing in front of you truly is.
Remember your promises.
Remember to preserve your integrity and to protect the integrity of others.
Remember to keep your hearts open to receive Light and to share that Light.
Remember to honour the wisdom of age.

Shelter those less fortunate than yourselves.
Stand in Unity with those of you who are suffering.
Create oases where you can – on land, in cities, in parks, in your hearts.
Create places of refuge and safety in your own hearts.

Do not judge what you do not understand.
Keep those people of your lustrous planet in your hearts, in your prayers and in your songs.
Wherever you see darkness, be a carrier of the Light.
In all you think, speak and act, share that Light with others.

These are times when Almighty shall dispel the fear, clear the air, till and heal the soil, create safety zones where beings can come to receive purity and healing in Light.

We are, ORION

April 19, 2017 On Strengthening Your Resolve
Yes, yes. While the others await our commentary on the present political situation in U.S. as well as the world, we decline to comment in the moment. Feeding the illusive reality of your untimely times is essentially unessential! If you whose eyes are opened and whose hearts are welcoming can perceive the dissonance around you, this is sufficient.

It is of far greater concern for us to buffer you against the harshness which surrounds you, and strengthen your resolve to continue walking in the Light, fearless and resolute, steadfast and true. This is our concern, not to further highlight what needs to be risen above.

That said, we must urge you to become one onto yourselves, and to be true to those with whom you hold camaraderie and deep bonds of friendship, kinship and spiritual brotherhood/sisterhood. There is indeed great, great strength in numbers.

Walk on this Earth with absolute integrity, with honesty, commitment and clarity. Your adherence to Truth and to Service toward the greater humanity will shine forth and create a beacon of Light for others to follow, in these teeming times when humanity is being called upon to triumph over darkness and move forward into Light.

Greater are the needs of the whole than those of individuals who insist upon carrying their burdens, unwilling to lay them down and release. Encourage those whose burdens are weighty to summon up the faith to lay down their fears, doubts and confusion, to override their hesitance and stubborn resistance and to give in to Faith, even if it is a single seed within them. One seed of faith can greatly outweigh the fears, as one seed of faith is born of Light. Light shall always triumph over darkness. Of this, you must be sure.

Now, we urge you to go within, where every hope shall blossom, where every truth shall expand, where every prayer shall be answered.

We are in your service, dear ones. OM.