January 23, 2018
Dear friends,
Ah, these sure are the times that try humans’ souls! In these transmissions, Orion has reflected on the current reality facing many of us around the world. Though we rarely get into political affairs, we all feel challenged by governments which favor rich over poor, strong over weak, and have instituted programs which further debilitate those in dire need—not to mention our beleaguered environment!

These messages speak to how we can overcome the negative forces and avoid becoming overly discouraged by current events. How we can unify to strengthen and support each other in love.

Here at Ecovillage Bhrugu Aranya we have been meeting regularly for prayer, self-development and healing circles, to try and bring more light into the world.

I am hoping this transmission will give you some comfort.

All Love,

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                #1 ORION TRANSMISSIONS 2018

January 1, 2018 On the Best of Times & Worst of Times
Yes, yes. This is the year of great manifestation, a year when the subtle and the material can be utilized to manifest positive, lasting creations.

There is great power available to change what needs to be changed individually, physically, mentally and spiritually.

Be diligent in your efforts to see within, to clear what is muddled in your thinking and in your perceptions, so that your actions will bear sweet fruit and your work will be successful.

These are the best of times and the worst of times. But most of all, these are the greatest of times for manifestation of all which has begun in Light.

January 20, 2018 On Creating Resistance
Yes, yes, yes. The suffering of the world is extreme. We see the pained faces in the world. We see all of your deep discontent. Yet it seems you are powerless to make a change, try as you might.

The powers that render judgment and initiate such programs as to annihilate, inhibit and annul human beings of all races, religions and creeds, are merciless in their vengeance.

However, dear ones, do not despair.
Stand firm in the face of affronts to human dignity, and aspire to champion a new way of being in the world.

Create avenues to walk freely upon.
Support those less privileged or less fortunate than yourselves.
Love will find a way.

There are those in every time in life, every era, every age—who defy orders, who create their own resistance to evil, who comfort those in greater need, who educate their children to speak their truth and value humanity and genuine acts of kindness.

Unify in the face of all that stands to block you. Strengthen each other in these times of extreme darkness in the world.

For within those whose hearts are in prayer, whose eyes are open to receive and whose arms open to give—within each of you there is an eternal flame of LOVE, of TRUTH, of HIGHER JUSTICE, of DIVINITY.

You must gather together in the names of your Fathers and in the names of your Mothers, in the prayers of the Ancients, find recourse, find solace, find rejuvenation. Through the avenue of pure prayer, deep meditation and sacred sound, music, laughter, art, dance and mantra, more prayer—the seed shall flourish upon the sacred Earth.

And it shall be so that the land upon which you stand will return to its true nature and all who walk upon it will be healed.

As it is so.
As it shall be so.