As the planet shifts, there will be changes in the soil, in land formations, in water purity and in its availability, and in the strength and nutritive properties of plants. When plants are grown in healing atmosphere such as HOMA fires produce, their properties change automatically without much added expertise.

These ancient fires are not cosmic, but practical, healing, and based on extremely correct scientific knowledge. They should only be taught by those who practice them themselves.”

“We are nearing time when the resources of the planet will be so spoiled by pollutants, the foods we eat so chemically altered, that nutrients can no longer be expected to come from what we ingest and we will have no other avenue to turn toward for solution other than the ways of old. Thus, there is a returning to the land. In order to put back nutrients into soil, air, water and land resources, a new way of life is needed. A new technology, that allows for elements missing to be replaced in a completely natural way.”

Sheer fortitude will not be sufficient, as land resources will be so poorly preserved over the years due to chemical fertilizers and sprays which have replaced the old ways—to revive the soil a miracle will be needed! The elements missing in soil will be replaced using ancient Homa Farming methods.”

“The effect of one Agnihotra fire is equivalent to a healing balm so powerful, the entire nervous system is relieved and tranquilized. However, it is in the true performance of an extreme act of kindness toward Nature and toward one’s own nature—inner nature, that one shall find its most healing, transforming benefits.”

Agnihotra is what we prefer to call ‘An extreme act of Kindness toward all living beings—be they trees, animals, human beings, plants, earth, air or water.”

A reunification of the elements of Earth results from this practice. Harmony in atmosphere and in body, mind and soul is the ultimate goal. Agnihotra provides the catalyst for these to occur, at a greater frequency than in any other atmospheric purification process.”

Increase your fires. You are the stewards of Planet Earth and the ones who will assist in her healing from the ground up.”