Dear friends,
So much has happened in the time since last sending out Orion Transmissions. It seems to me the world has gone crazier, more out of control and unstable. I choose not to focus on the state of the world in the moment, because I find it depletes me of energy which I need every ounce of to do the work for which I believe I’ve been called to do. And I don’t trust the media hype, designed to instill fear in every one of us. I want to decline to become a pawn in the fear game. So….

These transmissions, though clearly definitive and realistic about the world, are full of positive viewpoints, possible solutions and encouragement in following the Light, rather than succumbing to the darkness.

Many of the great ones say it is the most intense time to be alive and the most exciting, because we can evolve so much more quickly than ever before. 

We have made progress in our building of the Centre of Light, which now, more than ever, I feel is essential. We are in phase two. After a great summer with enthusiastic visitors from all around the world and amazing, helpful volunteers with hearts of gold, we really realize how much we need the space we’re creating to serve more people as interest in Homa Therapy and in Ecovillage life increases. If you would like to know more about this project, here is the link.

Now is a crucial time in our lives and in the life of our planet, for all of us to really focus on our highest purpose, also called ‘Vikarma’ or allotted task in life. It is easy to get swept up into the times, the chaos, turmoil, stage of constant dramas whirling around us. But, each of us has a higher purpose to fulfill in this life, this precious life. There has never been a greater time than now to manifest yourself, your work. Focus needs to be clear and undivided.

Of course, one fulfills one’s karmic responsibilities in life, but…Listen. Pray. Meditate. And listen to that voice within which will reveal your mission in life to you, if you pay attention. And then, follow that calling, that dream. Don’t give up. Now is the time for it!

All love,
Parvati – In English, Spanish and a little Polish – Homa Therapy, our ecovillage and Centre of Light.

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August 11, 2017 On Resonance, Sounding and Receiving
Yes, yes, dear vehicle, we are close, so close to you here. We wish to create an axis from which we will project pure energy to specific receiving stations on the grid, to ‘connect the dots,’ so-to-speak.

Yes, yes. The vibration from the uttering of sacred Mantras attuned to the sunrise and fall resonate through the grid and connect with other fires being performed at sunrise and sunset all around the globe.

The resonance from specific, more complex fires, such as, but not limited to, the Rudra Yajnya, also acts as a conductor of Light energy between planets and the three Points of Light, intersecting with additional points where energies have been and continue to be activated.

It is our wish to create a model activation plate, which will coordinate with various points on the grid. Someone with more scientific mind will be able to help you to create it. Then, using this as a kind of sounding or resounding board, deep and powerful, transformative activations can be performed, directing the energies to the receptive points. Yes.

August 16, 2017 On Ways to Contribute to Change
Yes, yes. Indeed, as politics becomes like the theatre of the absurd, one must realize the answers do not lie in the political realm.

However, we do not advocate non-action or apathy, which stems from a feeling of powerlessness. One shall neither be consumed by one’s passion nor rendered ineffective due to the lack thereof.

Indeed, there is a myriad of ways in which humans can be effective in contributing to change. There are those who will go to the front lines and maintain their presence, despite various blockades and hurdles to override. There are others who will form a line of Light working in the subtle realm via intense prayer, via in-depth work with elements of Nature and with interplanetary assists. Indeed, there are many more on the side of Light.

Do not fall into disdain or blame for those who walk another fork of the great sacred path. All whose aims are true, whose hearts are pure will support and balance each other in this multi-faceted Light Work.

Darkness, dear ones, can only beget darkness.

Strive to embrace all that is Light.
Maintain peace within your hearts.
For indeed, in the eyes of Almighty—no matter what name of Almighty your songs revere—All are One.

All are One.
All are One.

August 21, 2017 On A Great Portal, Time to Fulfill Higher Purpose
Yes, yes. A great portal is open. As the U.S. experiences firsthand the total solar eclipse, we remind you all that this portal is one which, once opened, shall remain so for a period of 21 days, following and prior to its opening.

Dear ones, know that this time is full, rich with high energies with which to transform your lives. Concentrate on releasing all that stops you from activating your highest dreams and fulfilling your spiritual potential.

It is a time when the energies present on your planet actually propel you to change and thus make transformation accelerated. It all depends on your willingness to let go of all that is outmoded in your lives, including energetically draining relationships, work that no longer fitsno matter how convenient and economically fulfilling.

Your spirit calls you to fulfill your Higher Purpose. There is a great push toward embracing your potential and realizing your true purpose in life.

Align yourselves with those who support, encourage and nurture your true selves.

Simultaneously, it is another portal when one might observe more beings returning to the Light. It is a time of such high transformational energies that those ready to release their physical bodies may choose this time to depart. There is nothing to fear. There are those who are prepared to shift into Light. Particularly ones on a high level will gravitate toward this very high time period on planet Earth. OM.

During Rudra Yajnya in the Healing Temple at Bhrugu Aranya
Yes, yes. Map activations shall be done from where you are. Those sites which you are able to reach shall be activated by hand. Others shall be activated across the grid, using the aforementioned map.

One sacred site in Himalayas is to be activated soon. It will be revealed. Develop the map according to instructions. A similar map of the grid may already be in existence. Thus, with a little research and positive intent, this plan can reach fruition.

September 6, 2017 On Vikarma,
Yes, yes. Ones of you who have been as fortunate as to have found your VIKARMA, your higher purpose in this life, have an added responsibility to fulfill it in this lifetime. It’s not enough to ‘know’ it. VIKARMA is not something to be put on hold for when time permits or for a rainy day.

From the very moment your Vikarma is revealed to you—whether it is through an enlightened teacher or your own inner exploration—that responsibility begins. Because, it is not revealed to you before you are ready to begin actualizing it—even if your thinking is otherwise.

Thus, an active day would resemble a work day, with sufficient breaks and time to fulfill worldly and familial duties and chores. It is like a main focus and not an additional activity which gets squeezed into an otherwise busy day.

If one’s Vikarma or higher purpose in life is healing, for example, one’s day shall include whatever activities support and manifest healing. If the Vikarma is in the creative arts area, then certainly the very act of creation should be a major part of one’s everyday schedule. If it is not, one will likely feel something is missing in one’s life.

All you need do is to REMEMBER. You may call on Divine Beings, Angels, your personal guides and teachers, to assist you in moving closer to the goal of actualizing your higher purpose in life.

When you seek help from Higher Realms there is generally no delay. Help comes faster from the Higher Realms than it often does in the material world.

If you call a plumber you may have to wait for a response and certainly more time may pass before service manifests!

Divine Realm is energy. Learn to trust it more and allow It to work with you. Help is waiting just for your call.

Blessings abound.
We are 

September 7, 2017 On Activations and Healings
Yes, yes. Prepare the map and let activations begin. Do not delay.

All the subtle work, for which you have received generous training via the great Master, shall now come into good use.
You can and will experience more miraculous healings now. Work on subtle levels will intensify.

Employ all elements and do not recognize borders or boundaries to your work. Only the human will—always respect this. By borders and boundaries, we refer to those the mind creates, unnecessary blockages fueled by self-doubt and lack of faith. No question about self-doubt. This work is so far beyond the ‘self,’ the individual. Simply be willing to be an instrument in healing and in service always. Divine will choose how, to whom, when and where. Receive. Release. Be grateful. And do it all again.

October 2, 2017 On Activations of Sacred Sites
(I read an old excerpt from March 13, 2013 about a place where royals used to go, castle for royals, near Prszemysl, Poland…a grotto. Also, about a Mother Mary place which was important in Christian history, relatively new. Asia and I looked at sites and I felt very strongly that I found the Mother Mary site.)

Re: Mrukowa, site of Mother Mary chapel, healing stone & holy spring
Yes, yes. Aha. You have found the place! Indeed, and it is right on time. This site has its roots in ancient culture, even pre-Pagan culture. And this is precisely the time the energies locked in the Earth—for indeed, much remains underground—are to be RELEASED.

The sacred chapel’s significance is not limited to or particularly of vital importance for the appearance of Mother Mary there. Indeed, the site’s sacredness has more to do with the ancient fire rituals performed there on a sacred stone, which now is submerged beneath the ground.

Performing a fire upon this sacred land will be enough to activate it. And by all means, do so in this month at your earliest convenience. Go in one car, preferably no more than 5 people. Prepare ahead of time and be prepared for road delays, should you entrain prior to October 10. After October 10 may be less troublesome. It is not urgent to accomplish prior to 10th October and actually preferable after. Indeed, this is a sacred point to attend to, one closest to your heart, dear vehicle. OM.

October 4, 2017 On Refusing to be Silenced
In the world, what happens to one happens to all, or is experienced by all to varying degrees.

To those who are extra sensitive, every extreme act of kindness as well creates a healing balm which has a ripple effect that is like a blanket of love unfolding across the globe.

Heinous crimes, crimes against humanity, horrific mass murders and such also create a dense energy field of darkness, creating despair and desperation across the planet.

Therefore, it would behoove those of this planet Earth to sow seeds of loving kindness and weave this majestic tapestry that spans the globe.

We see the overriding emotional response of the masses, many silenced by their own fear of not being heard or their sense of powerlessness. What can one voice do to be heard? Come together. Let all the voices of love, equality, trust, compassion and understanding ring out loud and clear. Refuse to be silenced.

Rest assured, these voices will be heard. The forces of darkness on this planet can and will be overcome.

Walk in Light. OM.

October 18, 2017 Mrukowa Chapel in forest
Yes, yes. Indeed, this is one of the ancient sites of Fire which was said to cleanse the Earth, enrich the soil, and carry nutrients through all the elements—earth, air, fire, water, ether.

These ancient sacred fire rituals were performed in this exact place. As told in previous guidance, the stone upon which these fires were performed is buried at the base of this chapel, on the southern or southeastern side—not exactly in the middle. None of this knowledge remains accessible to this day. Now you have it!

(I felt the air in the chapel rich with prayers uttered in silence and aloud by many pilgrims over the years. They hang in the air like delicate lacy flowers, blossoms that drop to the ground silently as the prayers are fulfilled. Bells ring in my ears, high-pitched tones that I imagine the voices of angels sound like.)

 I pray too that I can be an instrument of healing, prayer, comfort and love for all I encounter in life. May I live and with each breath do Thy Will. 
I am your child. Guide me through life on this sacred path that has unfolded before me. Amen.

Orion continued:
Yes, yes. Awakening the healing energies submerged beneath years and years hidden from sight will create a linking system between various ancient sites now being tapped to awaken. These sites all take their places on the grid and will become activated once the time is ready—like a switch going on to light up the grid.

Preparing these ancient sacred places, particularly of the elements, FIRE and WATER, is essential now. Light will spread its blanket of Love over the darkness that threatens all today.

This is preparation. Continue this blessed work.

We are in your service, dear ones.
We are, Orion.

October 27, 2017 On Creating Arks of Fire
Yes, yes. One can discover and uncover conspiracy after conspiracy, and most certainly there is mischief afoot in the political arena! However, if one spends all one’s time in such ventures, one will miss one’s own pathway to the Light.

Indeed, there is a worldwide movement, well-coordinated, to divide and conquer, to alienate and destroy much of what is good in the world. Light is greater, more powerful than darkness. Therefore, look toward Light. Be aware of the darkness and move steadily in Light.

At every turn you will be protected, guarded, guided and blessed for this work. The fires which all of you are performing daily—these simple fires are healing Nature and creating a force field surrounding land.

Your mission is to create such safe havens around the world. Write about forming and maintaining Homa Farm communities as soon as possible. These are the Arks of Fire told about through the great Master. Creating Arks of Fire is an essential work.

Blessings abound.
We are Orion.

November 11, 2017 On Fearless Focus
Yes, yes. Overriding circumstances constantly make their way across the world stage, wreaking havoc, creating chaos, feeding fear, and producing panic as they play out in one drama after the next.

Beings with less attention spans attempt to follow the ever-evasive news. A headline today is a byline tomorrow—then, forgotten the following week. If your eye is fixed on the outer array of events, you will become like a pawn, your attention pulled left-to-right, left-to-right, until you have no focus remaining.

See it. Then release it. Go within. Go within. From that real vantage point, you can see without distraction; you can listen to the voice of clarity within. You can strengthen yourself through this simple practice of meditation.

Prayer and meditation will heal and inspire you to continue to act as an instrument of PEACE in the world.

All the events, crises, chaos, are to pull you off course and instill fear in your hearts.
Don’t allow for fear to enter and weaken your fibre.

You can stand for change. You can work for justice. You can speak the Truth, but remember. Without the inner work, the outer work will easily crumble under the weight of the world.

Feed your Light bodies, as you feed your physical bodies.
All that makes you whole—do that.

There is great power within you waiting to be tapped.