December 25, 2016
Dear friends,
This transmission was received early Christmas morning, while sitting in meditation following our yearly 12-midnight healing circle. It felt like a special communication for all of us and I decided to send it out on its own.
May your holidays bring you time for peaceful introspection and joy.

All love,



December 25, 2016 On the Portal and the Light
Yes, yes. The Portal, which we referred to in previous transmissions, is now slowly closing with the final days of 2016. It has been a powerful year of change, not always seemingly for the best for all. However, amidst the political powwows and power mongering, there are seeds of deep change being sown and grown amongst all of you who bear the Light for the world. Your responsibilities deepen now.

Just like the germination process when a plant gathers energy from the soil, the air and water, the sun, before being able to grow into full radiance and seed bearing fruit—you must be patient with yourselves during this, the germination process on Earth.

Though all appears to be daunting and shadows pilfering the light, dear Light Beings of planet Earth, do not despair. Do not give in to fear. That is the game being played. You do not participate in the games that are beneath your stature in Light.

Walk quickly and carefully through the booby traps that appear before you. Without fear, none of these seeming obstacles have any chance to touch you. You are beyond their grasp, when your strength and your hope lie in the Spirit, in the wholeness of the universe, and the souls coming together en masse to shift the tide. And, the tide will shift once again.

Those sacred sites* have been prepared by us for just these times. Support and build up these sacred sites, for there shall be peace at those places, as we have shown. *(Sacred sites referred to here are the three Points of Light – Maheshwar, India, Bhrugu Aranya, Poland, and Elqui Valley, Chile)—ed.

The portal is slowly closing and the ease with which many have shifted into the Light has been phenomenal, like no other time. Now, the portal is again closing, so there will be less beings departing from end of December.

The entryways are now rich with Light, as many who have passed most recently were imbued with Light.
Those who lived their lives in kindness and in loving service always continue on the path of Light, as their evolution has been stepped up due to the energies alive at these times.

No Fear.

May this sacred holiday, in all your cultures, be rich with Peace, Hope and Love.
May you all walk on your chosen paths with a light step, an open heart and compassion, compassion, compassion.

Your calling is loud and clear now, each of you, no matter what path you take.
Walk in Light, in reverence to Mother Earth, hand in hand, heart in heart.

Blessings abound.

We are,