March 2, 2020
Dear friends,
The theme of these transmissions truly reflects what we all must be thinking, feeling and experiencing in these troubled times of global health and  environmental challenges.

Here in Poland, we are experiencing the lightest winter ever, with trees beginning to bud in February and so much less snow and cold. I’m not complaining, but it is easy to see that Nature is in a state of confusion. Nothing is as it was, nor is our world the same. We are constantly being guided not to give into fear, as public panic is the tendency. 

Despite the challenging nature of our times, Orion softly says, “We are in awe of your resilience, the splendor of your spirits, your prayerful presence…” And they implore us to “Find your true anchor within and hold steady to that.” Another version of “The only way out is IN.”

That I am able to wake up each day midst magnificent Nature and be surrounded by loving, compassionate human beings in the supercharged Homa atmosphere of our Ecovillage, reminds me to champion gratitude for all that I have been given.

It is truly a privilege and an honor to be able to receive guidance, as well as practical knowledge and inspiration to share with all in need.

Love, strength, courage and faith to everyone!
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 January 30, 2020 On Fearlessness, Strength and Endurance
Yes, yes. Indeed, dear vehicle. These have been the most trying times for all. Those whose work it is to create safe havens where energies are heightened and all of Nature is responding—now, your work truly becomes of vital importance.

We advise you now to begin proper food storage, to be recycled as you continue. Develop alternative sources of fuel and power.

We do not foresee an ‘end of the world’ scenario, but the climate threats are real. There are those in high and secretive positions who are programming the weather. Dear ones, do not give in to fear of any kind now.

These times require all of your strength and endurance to continue to evolve and consciously spread Light. Do the best to dispel fears that plague your minds. Preoccupation with aging will not do anything to strengthen you or give clarity to your mind. Let go. Every moment is a life of its own.

Spend more time in Prayer.

Blessings abound.
We are as always,

February 29, 2020 On Support for Planet Earth
Yes, yes. Whilst the ecological balance on your planet Earth reaches an all-time low and the ecosystem suffers greatly at the hands of humans, we turn our attention to creating solutions for the world.
Creating a more sustainable lifestyle.

  • Exploring and then implementing alternative fuel and energy sources.
  • Investing in the formation and maintenance of ecovillages, where people can learn to live in harmony with Nature.
  • One must be aware of the challenges facing this society. One must have awareness of global warming, of the negative aspects facing the world today. However, it is essential to arm yourselves with knowledge and experience in new, innovative solutions, clear resolutions for a future for all humankind.

One must pay attention to the fact that humans are not the only life force on this planet. There is the noble animal kingdom, always at risk, as well as the plant kingdom, ready to assist humans in sustenance and evolution.

Plant-based diets are called for now, more than ever, though shifting in that direction may take a gradual process. Actually, gradual may be best for the organism in any case.

We salute the change-makers, the innovators, those whose intention is being actualized by their efforts. We salute and support the courage of all who begin to create a new way to live on Planet Earth.

We are in awe of your resilience, the splendor of your spirits, your prayerful presence as you kneel to raise Mother Earth’s stature.

We stand with you.
Do not lose hope.
Do not give into fear.
Move as One in UNITY,
And indeed, this New Earth will come to pass.

We are in your SERVICE,
We are,

March 1, 2020 On Finding your True Anchor
Yes, yes. By all means, do start stockpiling foodstuffs, as well as necessities for the six-month period, as was told. Whether you order online or simply from the market or stores, do so. No need to panic. Just be prepared, should there be reason to do so. This is coming now for a reason. It had not been suggested as such in quite awhile.

Yes, yes. You may resend the older transmissions received in the earlier years. These will be especially pertinent now, for these very times.

The world on the outside will always shift from one side to the next, as if it is an object on a delicate balance. So, one set of circumstances will rock the world in one direction, while the next will bring it back to balance.

If you depend on the outside world for your point of reference, the axis, your central point­—you will be, as well, in a constant state of unrest. This promotes fear, anxiety, worry and negative thinking.

Find your true anchor within and hold steady to that. Let the seas rise and fall. Let the tides change. Your hold will be strong and will steer your vessel in the best direction, the direction of your soul.

Create sanctuaries of Light, such as this one.(Ed. Ecovillage Bhrugu Aranya).Build it. Nurture it. And open your hearts. The ones are coming now. The tribes of old are rediscovering their homes within.

Blessings abound.
We are,