October 17, 2019
Dear friends,
This world we live in is fraught with unprecedented trials, challenges and dangers. What seems a preponderance of maliciousness, meanness and malevolence in many in positions of power prancing upon on the world stage, makes it feel like a heightened state of stress and even ‘emergency’ at times. We are bombarded with it daily, via Internet, 24-hour news channels and political maneuverings designed to create division rather than unify our teeming populace.

Orion recognizes our reality and offers us timely solutions.

Going within to discover our higher purpose in this life is given as one way to practice in-depth self-study. The aim is to SERVE, ultimately using each of our unique gifts as instruments to do so. Service is an ‘antidote’ to steel our resolve and strengthen our spirits in these ‘times that try humans souls.’

I am grateful for the opportunity to love and to serve and to know such amazing human beings in my life, who value kindness, uphold integrity and champion Truth. In these dark times on our planet, the Light is being emboldened by the true spirit of unity that is, as well, on the rise.

To be able to serve in these uncommon times is a precious gift.
All love and gratitude,

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  • Photo: Buddha photo taken by Anna Gasek, at Ecovillage Bhrugu Aranya in Poland



September 30, 2019 On Truth Within
Yes, yes, yes. Nothing is as it seems. Those in power have seen to that. There is great power in dividing the populace and in instigating angry mobs and instilling hatred in minds already on the line. Dark side will always try to beat you at your own game.

The answer:
Refuse to play the game. You all have your work in the various areas of specialty, all united for the common good. Stay in your lane and develop your approach, hone your skills, be open and learn from each other. All aspects, all parts of the whole, can be utilized toward a harmonious, unified future for humankind and for this planet’s renewal by purely natural means.

Do not fall prey to propaganda. Align yourselves with your higher selves. Make use of the media to share your tools, to inspire, uplift and unite. Then, turn off the media to go within, wherein lies the TRUTH.

It is indeed a fine balance. Walk in balance.

Then, every impulse will lead to Truth, every word spoken, every gesture, every act will reverberate through the universe as TRUTHAnd, indeed, the Truth shall set you free.

We are, in Light,

October 6, 2019 On Capacity for Compassion
Yes, yes. The capacity for compassion is what marks one’s character. If one is only able to see from his/her own point of view, that capacity for compassion becomes limited. One has one’s natural inclinations. Add to that, societal mores, familial moral standards, and the opinions of others—and one’s opinion-based foundation is created, cemented by one’s own fears and anxieties.

As one begins to evolve, this crusty foundation begins to crumble and one’s true essence rises to the top. The unique individual one is becomes intermeshed with one’s highest potential to SERVE and act as a vessel for the upliftment and evolution of others.

As one’s opinions are released, the dogma is shed, and one’s capacity for compassion expands. That is when one’s very presence can be like a healing oasis for others seeking solace in today’s complex, chaotic world.

Then, to continue to SERVE in such capacity becomes one’s vessel or vehicle to transport one into higher realms of understanding and ultimately into higher consciousness.

Yes, one need not have an aim, for that may often create an expectation. Instead, develop quietly an intention, based purely upon the willingness to seek the Truth and to reflect that truth in one’s life.

Not every human being is to teach others, via words, write books, deliver sermons or create training programs. Some may simply walk through life, carrying within them that sharpened sense of intuition, enhanced by simple kindness and adherence to Truth. That human being is often more powerful than the grand, revered teachers of old. One can simply affect those around one with simplicity and Grace. Those whose hearts are steeped in true compassion do not see it within themselves, even. They simply radiate it. OM.

October 8, 2019 On Overcoming Fear and Discovering Higher Purpose
Yes, yes. We can address the role one’s fears take in one’s life. Each human being has some level of fear, like a built-in component that does in no way enhance the functioning of the being. Whether one’s fears are learned, as from childhood traumas, or genetic transferal, or whether they stem from past lives or are the by-product of one’s cultural orientation—all humans have some fears.

The healthy organism, mind and body in balance, generally speaking learns to compensate for one’s weaknesses and enhance one’s strengths. One is thereby able to avoid the trap of the fear-laden valley. One acknowledges one’s fears and redirects the focus to a more positive direction. This is not avoidance, but a coping skill that serves one well, as one progresses on one’s path in life.

It is when one is not able to manifest healthy coping mechanisms in order to redirect one’s fears, that one’s fears begin to grow, often multiplying like errant toxic cells, manifesting ultimately in mental/emotional disorders.

It is at that point where one must begin to look within to finally discover one’s inner strength, with which one can slowly but surely dismantle the barriers to openly experiencing life fully.

A gifted healer can assist others in the soul-searching process, though true healers are hard to find.

No substance, no pill, no drug will suffice to replace going within to uncover and discover one’s true self and unite with one’s Higher purpose in this life.

Yes, yes. One can postpone it indefinitely, choosing instead to seek momentary solace in outer distractions, entertainment, and manifestations of ego. However, there will come a time when the soul reaches its limit of patience with the wayward personality and begins to call louder, stronger, even if it must manifest a life-threatening illness or non-negotiable thought form in order to get one’s attention, to redirect it inward.

Best always not to put off for tomorrow what can be done today.
And these are the very times when one’s evolution is being speeded up.
Take heart, dear ones. Go within.
Now is the time.
Here exactly where you are, is the place.

Blessings truly abound.
We are,