April 2, 2019
Dear friends,
I am sending a short but pertinent Orion Transmissions this time.

These days are trying times, times during which we need to go within more. We all have challenges in this crazy world. Let’s stay connected and strengthen, comfort and support each other. With love and acceptance.

There is power in UNITY!

All love,

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March 21, 2019 On Healing Inside and Out
Yes, yes. A layer of protection is covering this planet you call Earth. Those of deceitful natures will be removed by their own karmic justice. Of this, be certain.

The players on the stage again will shift, as one act follows the next. No encore is expected. Political alliances are not recommended, as politics itself is a rather stained and soiled ground, normally a platform for greedy agendas, want for name and fame.

As mentioned before, there are few politicians of excellent repute—out of a world stage full of prancing political puppets and egotists amassing power. Indeed, those whose sheen is quite pure, stand out as symbols of hope for a dream where Unity and Justice join in the egalitarian pursuit of a peaceful, harmonious world.

That said, in order to truly have a peaceful, harmonious world, one also likely must begin with cleansing and detoxifying one’s environment—both inner and outer.

Grand and great ecological pioneers should do well to look within and see that their inner environment is clear and clean—with respect to honoring the planet and truly acting to protect and champion this beloved planet’s ecosystem.

This is a call for those active in environmental protection and ecological balance to begin to move toward creating the same inside yourselves.

One cannot further develop a clear planetary healing initiative and simultaneously avoid one’s own inner landscape.

Shifting one’s focus to healing within creates an environment which is far more conducive to healing the planet.

 If you truly want to heal outside, you must begin within.