December 29, 2017
Dear friends, family,
We are having a peaceful holiday season here in these quiet mountains of Poland. Our sister Karin from Austria is here, with her daughter Aurelia. Reiner and son Gabriel, also from Austria, have joined us for New Year’s. We are blessed to be with friends and family.

We are aware of all who are in need especially during these trying times. Daily we send love and healing to those who are suffering around the world. We focus on places, as well as people. There is great power in prayer and in holding space for healing in our hearts. More Mantras, more music, more creative arts unlock the gifts we all hold, so we can share them with the world.

Our Centre of Light is still being built; now the tireless workers are laying the roofing tiles, so that in Spring we will be able to begin filling in the walls with clay! Thank you for your continued support on all levels. To donate to this much-needed project, follow this link:

Most of the following transmissions, after Christmas message, came during a very powerful Rudra Yajnya in our Yajnya Shala in the garden. It was like the mantras seeded the atmosphere so richly, it tapped into Orion!

May you all live in harmony and peace, cherishing those in your lives whom you love and loving those who need love you may not know.

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December 25, 2017 12:01 a.m. Christmas morning
Yes, yes. Indeed, this is a celebration of great proportions, held around the world. Though greatly commercialized, the spirit of humanity is championed on this one day.

If only, human beings could realize the true meaning behind the words they hold so dear, yet defile and defy with actions not at all in line with their chosen reverence.

The true gift behind ‘Love thy neighbor as thyself,’ the wisdom behind ‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you’ appears to be lost amidst today’s divisiveness and prejudicial rhetoric.

We urge all who attune to a higher calling in life, to truly embrace the teachings of the Holy Ones in all you speak, in all you do.

Live your lives in a spirit of humility.
Seek to serve those in need, not just those from whom you seek favor.

Indeed, blessed be the meek.

Hold fast to your Truth, as it is revealed to you in your hearts.
Do not be dismayed or disillusioned by outside sources, by the unkindness of others, by hatred and bias. These are not your callings. Why answer them?

May your hearts ring true for all humanity to feel and to hear.

There is more Light than appears.
May you always seek the Light.

Blessings abound.
We are,

December 26, 2017 11:11 a.m.
(Rudra Yajnya was performed in the Yajnya Shala by Jacob and Rory. The energy was quite powerful. Orion came forth!)

Yes, yes, yes. Present indeed we are.

When one suffers lack of focus, it is not only in one area. It affects one’s thinking processes, one’s perceptive capabilities, as well as one’s general awareness.

Now, meditation takes greater effort, due to the nature of the world, rife with greater conflict, disturbances in Nature and disturbances foisted upon Nature, man’s inhumanity to man, and the combined effect of chemicals, pollution on a global scale, and the increased reliance on the electronic world to fulfill all one’s social needs!

One requires more in-depth concentration—that is, meditation. Some sit even willingly, but often get distracted at the beginning, when the body and mind are quieting themselves. And then one gives up before one reaches that contemplation state. In other words, the three stages—concentration, contemplation and finally, meditation.

So, it simply requires more effort to move through the first stage. Once you become more attuned during the contemplative stage, you may easily shift into a meditative state.

Good, by the way, to fast from electronics one day a week from sunrise to sunset, just to keep one’s feet grounded, allowing the mind to recover its senses and sensibilities!

(I had asked in regards to the ‘other world’ and gave Aboriginal people as an example. Aboriginal people believed the ‘dreamtime’ was the real world. Can you speak to that and to the different realities?)
Yes, dear vehicle, and it was not limited to the Aboriginal people, but in many ancient cultures and tribes. The belief in spirit world was and is of paramount importance in the continuance of their cultures.

The belief in ‘dreamtime’ is far from foreign for our vehicle, having maintained uncanny balance while being aware of the presence of two worlds, keeping one foot firmly planted in the earthly reality, whilst partaking of and standing sturdy in the world of spirit.

ALL the distractions lie in physical reality. Once the awareness of spirit is heightened, it is far more difficult to ignore its presence in one’s life.

Yes, yes. The presence of Devas, Angels, Light Beings is real. The Master guided you well. Experience, but do not become attached, neither to that uplifting experience nor the presence of such angelic beings.

To observe and to experience are two different states. One can observe without experiencing, because one’s sensibilities and parameters simply are not flexible enough to accept the presence of beings not in physical form.

An observer will find logical reasons to deny the existence or they will set up barriers so as not to become too vulnerable as to feel their presence. However, there is use for and benefit of observers in life.

Those whose sensibilities are of more expansive nature will see, feel and experience the presence of Devas, Angels, Nature Spirits and even Eternals in the world.

The key is to allow oneself to be inspired and uplifted by Divine Presence, but do not become lost in the pursuit of these elevated experiences and states of consciousness. Be in the world, but not of the world.

Indeed, today is an opportune time to receive any inquiries our brother Jacob might have to ask.

On Starving Fear and Feeding Soul
Yes, yes. There is so much discontent around the world. That discontent is being seeded and fed by over-zealous leaders whose righteousness is far from pure, whose worldviews are scarcely those which would foster Unity on any level. The ‘powers that be’ have vested and invested interest in creating discontent, in emphasizing division rather than oneness, in championing hatred and separatism over compassion and understanding.

However, the truth is they cannot create those feelings and thoughts of hatred and division if the seeds of such are not already present within the world’s teeming population!

One therefore must make energetic progress in removing such seeds of division in one’s psyche. One shall then emphasize and honour the positive qualities which lie in each human being as well.

To quote the story of two wolves vying for one’s attention within each of you—as the story goes, the wise grandfather’s response to his grandson as to which wolf wins—‘the one you feed’ shall never be more true or valuable advice than in today’s times.

Thus, our suggestion to take one day a week off electronics. On that day, if possible, walk in Nature, stand in a forest or by a river. Be fully present in your body on that day. And take time for inner work, prayer or meditation, chanting, music, creative arts. One day. No news. No reports from those watching the news. Listen to the sounds within yourself and those in Nature.

Yes, yes. Feed your souls.
Starve the fears and feed the soul.

Blessing abound.
Orion here.

On Power of Mantras
Yes, yes. Divine makes use of all elements in Nature and beyond your Nature, to usher in the true New Era. One element, one of greatest power, is the element of SOUND.

Through revival of ancient Mantras that seed the clouds for healing rains, that alter consciousness of humanity and call into being the Presence of Almighty in a palpable, apparent form—Mantras hold the key to greatest expansion of the intellect to break through self-imposed and outer-imposed limitations. If one can intellectually understand meaning, cadence, rhythm and importance of Mantras, and simultaneously rise above that awareness into the level of vibration in SOUND, one can indeed make highest use of one’s intellect, yet surpass the limitations of it and embrace the profound shift Mantras are designed to create.

Powerful Mantras draw our brother Jacob. He is not learning, but relearning what Mantras are already imprinted in the fabric of his soul. It is on his soul level that he resonates most with ancient Mantras, the oldest of which will be the ones to draw him most.

His soul is aware of his ancient connection to Mantras, but the ego remains unattached to this realization, which allows him to evolve without the trappings the ego would often carry. This being has neither time nor patience for even his own ego’s calling. Very good to see a truly no-nonsense approach.

The other elements are equally as present in the evolution of planet Earth. Ancient symbols, designs and motifs’ resurgence is neither random nor accidental. We find it interesting that Jacob’s work involves elements of Sound and that of visual symbols.

Indeed, continue your Mandala drawing, dear one. Each Mandala holds healing vibration.

To combine art and music is a powerful use of elements for energetic transformation. OM.

On Empowerment
Yes, yes. Though, as we stated before, the ‘powers that be,’ those in positions of ruling nations, have orchestrated a quite developed plan for world domination—yes, while it is true—they cannot succeed.

Also, one must guard against the assumption fed by conspiracy theories, yet untested and unproven, that every act of Nature is also part of the plan. Certainly Nature has her own voice, and beleaguered as Nature is, she can rise up to claim her lands and waterways. She can create storms to awaken and to warn the inhabitants of the dire environmental crises in the world.

Not everything is manipulated by the ‘powers that be.’ Some are just Nature’s railing against civilization in a last-ditch effort for us to listen and pay heed to her loudly proclaimed warning.

Stop this victim consciousness. You can empower yourselves, prepare your body, minds and habitats for times to come, and you can do so without wasting energy on blame.

If you are part of the solution, you need not steep yourself in the problems, nor waste time pointing the blame at those who would be quite pleased to see you as a victim.

You have a voice.
Use it.

You have tools at your disposal to create and shape a future of your own.
You can and will thrive, but only if and when you own your own circumstances as your own.

Blessings abound.
And Light surround.

December 27, 2017 On Fulfilling of Your Mission in Life
Yes, yes, yes. It is high time to hone the gifts given you all, and use them to create a world that welcomes and nourishes all human life.

To sit with blessings and talents, letting the creative mind lie fallow, giving into the downward pull of inertia, can only deplete beings of much-needed vital energy.

When one utilizes the great gifts given by Grace, one activates the seeds within, enabling them to grow and to shine as Light in these darkest times.

Yes, fulfill your missions in life, dear brothers and sisters in the Light. It is high time!

Blessings abound.
We are.