July 17, 2021 Orion on Climate Change, Human Mind & Our Future
Yes, yes. In these times, we see humanity as walking the razor’s edge. It is easy to fall. However, conversely, it is easier than ever before to rise.

Every day one sees news that is shocking, and it is on all levels now—environmental upheaval, climate change at its most dramatic, and the state of the human mind—often shattered or at the least, challenged by circumstance and unprecedented change.

Covid has taken its toll, not only in lives lost, but in minds lost. For some, the enforced enclosure was similar to a prison term or, less dramatic, an extremely long period of solitude, like solitary confinement. For those not used to self-reflection, these times were extremely difficult.

Compassion is the key in overcoming the cultural and moral impasses in human development.

Fear not, dear ones. Those of you with feet firmly planted and minds regularly sharpened by practice and persistence, will prevail.

Environmentally, we see trouble ahead on nearly every continent. The preparation for future is here at hand, no longer near at hand.

Yes, yes. Shore up your strength and courage, for the times which have befallen Earth. We have seen what will be.

Keep your fires at the core, at the center of your practices. They will offer great protection now and in times to come.

Blessings abound,
We are Orion.
And, we are present!

***Artist’s rendition of the healing temple at Bhrugu Aranya, Poland