Yes, yes. Focus.  Focus within. Can you imagine a world in which each of you realize your potential? Each of you stand up to be counted as aware, vibrant beings which you are? Each of you come from a center within you so strong that no winds of change or outside force can cause even a momentary lapse of strength and stability? Indeed, this is not only possible but highly probable. It can be realized. If all of you manifest your highest dreams and embrace the Truth within you, it is most probable.

One may be enthusiastic or inspired upon hearing this suggestion, but then the mind comes in and denies the possibility of a positive outcome. Call it tradition, call it cultural, attitudinal or even familial blockages to success. Call it what you will, but this is where ‘they’ get you—where you live.

And herein lies the answer, the response you can summon up from the depths of your soul, from the ancients, from your highest ancestors, from your heart of hearts. You can cry out that you will be free! You can call it to those invisible doubts that assail you. You can shout it into the middle of the darkest night. You shall be free. You can say it softly to those who may belittle you or to those who simply do not trust your truth. Say it. I AM FREE!

You need not be a servant to your desires any more than you are a servant to your fears, your past experiences which define the way you see yourself and the way you hold your head when you walk, the way you carry your body as you enter a room. You need not be a servant to loss or to lack. You need not believe that you do not deserve goodness and love, light and joy. You need not fear anymore.

  • Now then, what do you do if you do not carry these burdens further?
    You carry faith.
    You walk in faith.
    You talk in faith.
    You communicate with Divine with faith.
    You know your prayers will be heard.
    You know your truth will carry you home.
    You know, because you are free.

    Now, this does not mean that you will never encounter sorrow. Life contains joys and sorrows, often in equal measure. You, however, will be equipped to face whatever life brings your way. You are free. You choose not to carry the burdens of fear and anxiety, of expectation and judgement. So, both your arms are free to embrace TRUTH, to embrace LIFE.

    Now, your old habits will likely try to return to test you. But you can see them coming, because you are focused and alert now. You are able to see clearly the path before you. You are ready for what life brings you. Your heart is free.

    Now, some keys to help you on your way home:

  • Surround yourself with beings who are attuned to life’s rhythms and are preparing themselves as you are to meet the future unafraid.
  • Avoid old places where you used to go, which may have been places of weakness for you in the past. Try and keep yourself in an atmosphere of Light and peace. If this is not completely possible, create a space for yourself in which you feel able to be at peace. Go there daily.
  • Affirm your self-worth daily. But also affirm your connection with Divinity, which is like a lifeboat in times of storm and the invisible umbilical cord in times of transformation.
  • EMBRACE CHANGE. You cannot avoid it. You cannot deny it. So, better to embrace it and let its wings unfold in your life as they will.

Have faith that everything is as it should be, for you to learn the greatest lessons and move forward blessed by Grace.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          April 16, 2009 Orion