1 April 2020
Dear family,
I am including in these transmissions some which I had sent out individually, as well as more that have arrived since that time.

We are all experiencing a new reality, with no way of knowing what happens next or which direction will yield highest results for all.

However, many of us have been ‘stockpiling’ tools for survival on many levels¾food, medicines, alternative healing practices, sacred fires, restorative Ash, deep wisdom gleaned from years of meditation, ancient mantras and prayer. We are now being called on to dig deep into the toolbox and pull out the best instruments most attuned for these crucial times.

These are the days for which we have been trained all these years. We have to be strong, true and resilient.

And connect with each other, support and listen, reflect and share.
Feed the faith, starve the fear.

Blessings to everyone,


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March 10, 2020 Orion on Coronavirus
Yes, yes. Be aware of the trickery that is being foisted upon this planet. There are negative energetic forces at play here. Be aware. Do not give into the mass hysteria surrounding the current virus.

While it is now a health risk, no doubt, do not arm yourselves with fear. Fear is a weapon in the arsenal that is fabricated to destroy and to control. Listen, dear beings of beloved planet Earth, the Record Keeper of the Universe—pay attention.

Take normal precautions when travelling or in large groups of people. However, do not fear this latest development.

Arm yourselves with boosted immune systems, with healing modalities. Perform the Agnihotra fires now, widely. This, most assuredly, will offer you a layer of protection in times as these.

Take normal precautions, but live in Light, Peace and Harmony.
Those whose souls are attuned to Higher vibrations on their evolutionary course will survive and thrive.

This is serious business.
This is truth.

March 15, 2020 Orion on Hope Rising
Yes, yes. All we told before is applicable to the present time.

The crises on this planet have precipitated a crucial imbalance in all of Nature, including human beings, animals, soil, water, air and the plant kingdom. Thus, when Nature is out of balance, a defiant Mother Earth will gather all her power in a protective bid to save and secure her multitude of species in existence upon her ground. Her sacred ground.

Dear ones, such imbalance of Nature requires no proven conspiracy theory. No doubt mischief is often afoot, but when Nature is weakened, resources strained and threatened, a state of uncertainty is created. For humans are not separate from Nature, though they assume an unnatural power over her. Even in times of great ecological and medical crises, Nature is still more powerful than humankind. Therefore, strive to live in harmony with Nature. Protect your resources, nurture your lands and waterways.

Individually, even on your single plot of land, create harmony amongst the species and elements in existence there. Honor and respect the great and noble Animal Kingdom.

One human being living in harmony on this Earth does have a profound effect on the whole.

As one power, in Light.
Light shall indeed dispel the darkness.

Curate hope and plant the seeds of kindness, forgiveness and a deep abiding love in your children. They are the hope of the future.

Do not be defeated.

Let your voices rise together amidst the deafening roar of Nature as She rises.

You are not alone,
We are with you.

March 29, 2020 Orion on Staying Indoors and Going Within
Yes, yes. The beings of planet Earth are being mobilized and in a state of alert against a force outside their control. That state of increased awareness can go in two ways. It can become a state of paranoia, fueling the crisis and exacerbating efforts to avert it, resulting in pandemonium. Or, it can be a lesson supreme in simplifying one’s life, in learning to rely upon one’s instincts and honing one’s abilities, to become more self-sufficient and centered within.

This crisis is likely to produce both extremes, with those falling in between the two taking the middle road, thus not really progressing, but remaining teetering on the fence of neutrality, pretending it is the safest way.

This is the shift we had predicted, one which all the Ancients have pointed to for this era. Decidedly radical in its development, there are those who will spend their days finding conspiracies behind conspiracies to explain the dilemma facing society today. However, this is a global pandemic, one with many implications and an ultimately positive outcome, from an evolutionary standpoint.

Now, for those of you whose focus is to turn within for direction, this is the opportunity for fast growth and development, which is precipitated by the actual regulation that one must ‘stay indoors.’ Those whose awareness is peaking at this point realize this is a blatant message from higher powers than the authorities who issue the proclamations, that ‘The only way out is IN.’ Yes, go IN.

March 23, 2020 Vision and Voice
(In meditation tonight, I went to my sacred ‘Cave of Illumination.’

I heard female voices calling me to come. We went to the valley by the river, where I have visited many times in meditation, and up the hill into the small magical cave carved into the rocks.)

 I heard:
There is a deep cave beneath the surface exactly where you are now. Underneath there are healing energies emanating to sustain and heal you. You are safe here.

 Yes, my beloved, this sacred place where you now reside is blessed and hallowed ground. We know it well, as it is deeply connected at its roots to ancient lands from which we hail. You will realize from whence you have come one day, though this is not necessary at this time. Beloved, LISTEN NOW.

This is a highly charged atmosphere where you now live, due to the many healing fires that are performed here and the energies below the surface which resonate both with the fire energy and with ancient underground tunnels which form a network beneath your feet. These tunnels are at different levels, some very deep underground, others on a higher level, also beneath the ground, corresponding with leylines often misunderstood. Indeed, intellectual understanding often leads one to false assumptions, errant opinions and closing an otherwise fascinating book of miracles. Never make assumptions, beloved. Nothing is as it appears.

Do not be concerned about the outward turn of events. In part it is orchestrated by a network of highly placed officials and lower minded cohorts employed to create chaos. The virus itself will pass, though not before reaching its potential. This is no accident. Be aware.

However, to attempt to ascertain the who’s, the why’s or the wherefores, will be a waste of time and intelligent efforts. This is most assuredly part of Divine plan, though not created or masterminded by Higher forces. Divine can make use of any such catastrophe or series of catastrophes, man or otherwise made, to serve the highest good of all. And this, dear ones, should be your focus!

We so enjoy the refreshing saying, “The only way out is IN.” It has never held as much merit and truth as it does at the present moment. Do not be discouraged. We know this will actually be removed and a Light will arise in time of need. Be not afraid.

You are not alone, neither on this planet nor on this hill!
Blessings abound
We are one.

March 24, 2020 (In healing prayers, I experienced a magnificent Divine Feminine Presence and heard her speak.)
My beloved, my beloved. Do not let fear into your heart and most definitely not into your mind.

Indeed, there is truth in nearly all the prominent theories being touted today. The conspiracy is real. That Nature is stretched to her maximum is also truth. All the culprits have been named, and there are the nameless ones of lesser notoriety who even pull more complex strings than those the public knows well.

However, one cannot disarm the enemy using the enemy’s own tools. One must go deeper and become absolutely seamless in one’s efforts to raise the consciousness of one’s own potential. One must attend to his or her own awareness before beginning to even realize that the power lies in Unity–and then one takes one’s place in the line of Light. There is no other way than to raise the consciousness of the masses.

The energetic broadcast of millions in prayer, in healing practices, in chanting, in creating music from their souls, in loving, in acts of kindness great and small, will finally reach the tipping point and herald the New Dawn.

And it will come not by intellectual prowess and combative techniques. It will be strengthened by your own individual practices, in your own chants and prayers in the multitude of your hearts and the myriad of languages–all calling out for Love to reign supreme.

Light shall overcome the darkness.
Do not give in to fear.
Put all your energies into that which makes your hearts unite and sing with Love.
Do all with conscious intent to heal.

Blessings do abound, truly,
One. One. One. One. One we are.

And yes, dear one, just as those of the negative dark energetic masses work in cahoots with each other, all Divine Presence on this planet or beyond work together to spread Light, Love, Hope and Harmony amongst you.

When you pray, many ears hear your voices as ONE.