Prayer for Our World

What a different world we live in now, one of isolation, one punctuated by fear of what most definitely is the unknown, one of insulation as we must remain in our homes or at least in our towns, unable to move outward throughout the world. We cling to internet, a great resource for reaching our loved ones, friends, and even a way to comfort strangers who may be feeling truly alone out there.

My prayer is that during this period of isolation, whether voluntary or enforced, that I, we, learn to access the inner space within where clarity and vision reign supreme. And from the depths of that well of wisdom, we can emerge with kindness, love and a deeper appreciation for the simplicity of a loving touch, a warm hug, a sweet embrace, a hand held in comfort and solidarity during crisis or simply to express friendship.

May we learn to cherish the closeness of human relations, and truly realize the humanity that pulses to the same rhythm in time, as we shift through the seasons of this life together. We are all in this together. We are now essentially islands in the storm right now, but we are one people, despite our vast differences in cultures, our wide range of time zones and seasons, our myriad of languages, our variety of religions and belief systems, our diverging political affiliations, our dietary preferences, our dreams, our hopes, our desires. And yet, we are ONE.

I pray that we strive to bridge gaps, ford our great divides and rise as one people on this Earth, with a greater appreciation and concern for the welfare of all humanity. And may we learn to cultivate a kinder relationship not only with each other, but a respect and gentle ease with the noble animal kingdom. May we walk a little softer on this magnificent Earth of ours. May we awaken to the need to protect our environment and band together to support this great planet.

My dreams may be lofty and to some, unrealistic, but I will not stop dreaming and envisioning a world of Unity and purpose. I will continue to nurture and vocalize my prayers for a new Earth emerging from the stark reality that faces us all now.

Prayers of love and compassion, hope, courage and kindness to everyone.
With all love,