March 15, 2020 ON HOPE RISING
Yes, yes. All we told before is applicable to the present time.

The crises on this planet have precipitated a crucial imbalance in all of Nature, including human beings, animals, soil, water, air and the plant kingdom. Thus, when Nature is out of balance, a defiant Mother Earth will gather all her power in a protective bid to save and secure her multitude of species in existence upon her ground. Her sacred ground.

Dear ones, such imbalance of Nature requires no proven conspiracy theory. No doubt mischief is often afoot, but when Nature is weakened, resources strained and threatened, a state of uncertainty is created. For humans are not separate from Nature, though they assume an unnatural power over her. Even in times of great ecological and medical crises, Nature is still more powerful than humankind. Therefore, strive to live in harmony with Nature. Protect your resources, nurture your lands and waterways.

Individually, even on your single plot of land, create harmony amongst the species and elements in existence there. Honor and respect the great and noble Animal Kingdom.

One human being living in harmony on this Earth does have a profound effect on the whole.

As one power, in Light.
Light shall indeed dispel the darkness.

Curate hope and plant the seeds of kindness, forgiveness and a deep abiding love in your children. They are the hope of the future.

Do not be defeated.

Let your voices rise together amidst the deafening roar of Nature as She rises.

You are not alone,
We are with you.

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