March 10, 2020
Yes, yes. Be aware of the trickery that is being foisted upon this planet. There are negative energetic forces at play here. Be aware. Do not give into the mass hysteria surrounding the current virus.

While it is now a health risk, no doubt, do not arm yourselves with fear. Fear is a weapon in the arsenal that is fabricated to destroy and to control. Listen, dear beings of beloved planet Earth, the Record Keeper of the Universe—pay attention.

Take normal precautions when travelling or in large groups of people. However, do not fear this latest development.

Arm yourselves with boosted immune systems, with healing modalities. Perform the Agnihotra fires now, widely. This, most assuredly, will offer you a layer of protection in times as these.

Take normal precautions, but live in Light, Peace and Harmony.
Those whose souls are attuned to Higher vibrations on their evolutionary course will survive and thrive.

This is serious business.
This is Truth.     For Agnihotra & Homa Therapy in Europe:

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