September 20, 2016
Dear friends,

In the sea of madness, political and environmental chaos, I am reminded always of the true direction I need to take in my own life. Perhaps it will be of help to others.

 I know that, despite the many distractions which careen all around me, I need to stay focused on what I came here for.

 That then leads me further on the ever-evolving course of Swadhyaya, as it unfolds daily in life—Swadhyaya being self-study. I recall Michael Jackson’s song, “Man in the Mirror.”

“I’m Starting With The Man In The Mirror
I’m Asking Him To Change His Ways
And No Message Could Have Been Any Clearer
If You Wanna Make The World A Better Place
Take A Look At Yourself, And Then Make A Change.”

If I truly wish and yearn to create change in our world, I can only be as effective as I am in my own life.

 If we can learn to forgive those who harm us, listen to those whose voices need to be heard, speak from our hearts and walk in truth and humility, then that alone will generate a ripple effect that inspires the same in others. If we can reach inside ourselves for compassionate understanding, then heart-to-heart communication with others will flow more naturally.

Then, we turn our attention to the children of the world. Orion spoke with great concern, that our children need some real choices to strengthen and empower them to face their uncertain future. My heart aches when I think of the children without tools and venues for their creative spirits, unsafe on streets unguarded. Orion says new ways of learning require new ways of teaching. Being open to receive them also requires us to be firmly grounded as purveyors of truth, willing to be beacons of light to shine their way home.

It all begins within.

I am inspired and hopeful, as another layer unfolds. Again, the only way out is in, but we are also not islands alone, on separate shores from each other. We are interconnected. To heal rifts between people, to grow and evolve in Light, to expand our awareness of the plight of all humanity and our Earth, each of us needs to make a fearless commitment to growth and evolution of the human spirit, starting with our own.

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July 25, 2016 On Championing the Children
Yes, yes. If you think that politics will reduce conflicts and create solutions, think again. The answer will never come from the political arena. There is very little truth in politics.

While the eyes and ears of the world focus on U.S. election process, greater crimes are being created and, one-by-one, freedoms curtailed.

What began in the wake of 9/11 continues at an accelerated speed now, and it is happening on a global scale.

While we do not suggest refraining from exercising your right to vote in any election great or small, we suggest strongly that all of you mobilize your individual groups, families, and friends to create new solutions for increasing education and combatting crime, as and where you live.

As children are the future for humankind, more focus and care need to be directed toward the youth. Especially now, while stress appears to be the norm, with the environment taxed and economic situations often strained—what choices do children have?

How can they learn to create alternatives which embolden them with choice, hope and clarity?

How can they learn to MEDITATE instead of MEDICATE?

New ways of learning require new ways of teaching. If the schools no longer provide the much-needed respite of Creative Arts and Music, the responsibility must rest on the capable shoulders of those of you who rise to the occasion to inspire and champion the children.

July 27, 2016 On Stones
Yes, yes. In addition to the magnetic magic of Moldavite, this year the demand is high for Moonstone, as it is one of the stones which correspond to the energies of these times of change. The connection between depth of Moldavite and the light of Moonstone is particularly healing. Kyanite, as well, will be excellent together—a dynamic trio.

Be certain to put your focus on Moldavite activation, dear vehicle.
The activations shall intensify and activation in Czech due later.

August 1, 2016 On Finding One’s Purpose in Life
(This is an excerpt from a requested reading. I felt it might be helpful for others.)

Yes, yes. One can continue to collect experiences and add to one’s pictures of life—yet, ultimately what to do with these experiences, snapshots of moments captured in time? Will they help others? Will they enrich their lives? Will they open doors to true service for humanity?

It may assist this being to make a list of what she feels are closest to her purpose in life. When did she feel the fulfillment of a higher purpose in her life? When she can identify that, that is her purpose. What is her song?

Practice of daily Agnihotra at sunrise and sunset would enhance her practice. Agnihotra would calm her nervous system and contribute to the environment at the same time.

Agnihotra, like any effective tool for healing, requires some level of commitment to achieve greatest results. Her nature would benefit from the fire in her life. OM.

August 5, 2016 From the Divine Feminine
Dear beloved, we are calling you to return to the roots of your soul. Yes, dear one, go within. Make time to sit within. This is where all answers come, even for health, for practical considerations, and for emotional rebalancing.

You truly must take time to feed your soul.

Wisdom, beloved, Wisdom is yours for the asking, like fresh ripe fruit simply waiting to be picked. This is your time. You simply must dive within.

Any way that brings you deeper into spirit, do that. Whether it is music, movement, art, writing or simply dreaming. DO IT NOW.

Every day take the time to partake of all the loving energies alive and well at this sacred place. The atmosphere here is astonishingly pure and vibrant with love. All who enter this energy field receive its blessing. Everyone experiences this.

Ah beloved, now draw or dance!

August 6, 2016 On Moldavite and Lingams
Yes, yes. By all means, these two quite different stones are totally compatible, especially if kept in a clean, quiet atmosphere of a healing Yajnya Shala.

Moldavite is the essence of Fire. In the presence of Fire, Moldavite is activated, its natural healing, catalyst properties are enhanced, charged.

Keeping a Shiva Lingam with the Moldavite creates a balance between the two energies. Moldavite is moving, energizing and creative by nature. Lingams are calming and conducting energy. Therefore, the two will likely create a harmonious balance of energies in such a sacred healing space.

Blessings abound.

August 12, 2016 On Communication from the Heart
Yes, yes. May we speak to this subject? If one side of a paradigm is fixed, unmoving, inflexible and set, and the other side is evolving through effort, uncovering and discovering not only new realizations about themselves, but also new, more effective ways of communication—there can be a standstill between two divergent sides.

What is important to remember here is that, generally speaking, two halves make a whole.

However divergent the thinking may be, it is more a matter for the hearts than the minds. We have discovered that, when the approach comes from the heart, there is far more possibility of successful negotiation and heartfelt communication.

If you choose to lead with your hearts, then this effort must be consistent, no matter how much the heads disagree! If you keep shifting the communication from head to heart, and remaining basically grounded in love, there is not only hope for the future, but probability of success. Yes, successful outcome is possible.      

 You have no choice but to hear how others feel and interact with respect, even if you cannot agree with their stance on matters. You can agree to disagree, but to come together for the sake of unity and camaraderie, as your hearts would surely dictate. Indeed, follow your hearts.

On Somayag 2017
We now wish to impress upon all of you the vital importance of this final Somayag to be held at the sacred ancient site in Maheshwar, India. The planet is going to benefit from its existence. We shall explain further.

On Revealed Knowledge
In this realm of understanding, many of you find yourselves at a loss for words to explain what you come to know as truth. However, truth is undeniable, once it is revealed. Thus, revealed knowledge is never that which can be easily explained with facts, figures and data. Revealed Knowledge stems from a human contact with that which is referred to as Divine or Divinity. That Divinity has no name, though human beings have a tendency to label and identify. Hence, revealed knowledge is identified as Christian or Muslim or Hindu or Judaic, to name a few.

If you look deeper into that revealed wisdom, you can find threads which tie these great revelations to every culture, every religion. It is universal knowledge, which is owned by and created by no formal religious body, though it will be accepted as the gospel in each of them.

On Dogma and Separation
It is when human beings give into dogma that they separate themselves from others and create rifts between cultures and beliefs, when in fact there is a common thread that binds all! Unity, in fact, is a natural state of being. It is humans that defy it.

We do not blame any one body of knowledge for separating itself from others, nor do we celebrate any as superior to the rest. That is left to the religious fervor which engulfs human beings, moving them to try and ‘save’ others from going down a divergent path, one which is not clearly understandable or identifiable to them.

On Divinity and Unity
Let us take note that there are many paths to Divine, all of which can lead one to access the higher state of consciousness known as God Consciousness or God Realization. No one group or sect can lay claim to it, and anyone can achieve it if their heart is pure and their aim is true. If it is in their life’s plan, their karma if you will, to reach this highest state of consciousness, all efforts will be made by Higher Beings to lead them to it.

Divine has no preferences as to one’s belief system, one’s way of life, one’s diet, one’s sexuality, or one’s cultural background, race, religion or creed. There is no hierarchy or ladder to climb to reach status or success in spiritual matters.

All are One in the eyes of the Divine, as they should be in the eyes of humankind.

August 16, 2016 On Activations
Yes, yes. Indeed, it is time for activations. There has been a long period of time between them. Meanwhile, there are several local places involving activation of water resources, which are ready to be activated.

First Polish site for activation is under 65 km. from this point. This should provide some clear picture of the location. We would suggest the region just east of Jordanów. Do examine previous information gleaned from the search several years ago. There may be a site just due east in need of activation. It is neither south nor north, but due east.

We would suggest establishing the nearest one and choosing a date for it. The more minor activations are still important, as they become a part of a chain of activations of sacred sites, even if the ones in particular are of lesser importance seemingly.

The other, more vital activations are in east Poland, an ancient site not so well-known or, if known, not particularly ‘touristy.’

Other than these—Czech three points—one, perhaps two, can be activated in the fall. These, the being Jacob will be able to ascertain.

There are reasons behind each and every activation site, and timing, some quite expansive and some just like a blink of the eye. The most vital of the activations here in Poland have been the one or two performed at Wavel Castle in Krakow and the profoundly effective ones which were performed at the stone circles in the north.

Blessings abound.
We are,

August 22, 2016 On Earth Under Siege
Yes, yes. There is imminent danger in the waterways. We can foresee flooding and tidal waves, as the water rises. We would suggest that those who live in seaside locations consider shifting residence, at least temporarily if not permanently. There will be increase in floods, torrential rains, and storms at sea which will wreak havoc on seaside regions. This is a global situation, not confined to one region of any country. This is the element water rising.

 One must be more aware of one’s environmental position in the world. As more and more catastrophes take place, there will follow, as always, denial of responsibility and instead, a laissez faire approach to the environmental crises in the world today. Human beings must take responsibility for the destruction of the planet’s natural resources. As the saying goes, “If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.”

In fact, we observe the human tendency to shrug one’s collective shoulders and continue with life as usual. Human beings’ lives have become so compartmentalized, so driven by social media and computer reality, that environmental concerns only slightly raise alarms. But the sound of the alarms dim with increased preoccupation with news of the day, so dramatic it steers one away from the crucial reality that the environment is seriously under siege.

When human beings feel that they are ‘under siege,’ and when one’s own personal reality is fragile at best, it becomes a challenge to think of the greater whole or of the planet’s needs.

Thus, those dedicated purveyors of Truth, whose mission it has become to save planet Earth, need to personalize their campaign and reach the masses where they sit, where they eat, where they live. Bring the talk down to the people. Do not sit in offices behind computers, sending out petitions to stop this or start that. While this certainly is valuable in terms of communication with the masses via Internet, social media and news—when they allow it—action needs to be taken on a physical, actual, ground level.

Creating alternatives to mainstream solutions requires some public personas who will back deep ecology efforts.

For now the only way is through deep healing of the Earth from within. In other words, time is running out for the simpler ways, and Earth is entering a stage where extreme efforts need to be taken to preserve natural resources as they are now. It is not possible to bring them back to what they once were without extreme efforts. OM.

August 27, 2016 A Flash on China
Yes, yes. Crossing the bridge into China may become rather strained and dangerous.

September 9, 2016 In Healing Temple at Bhrugu Aranya
(Today was the 20th anniversary of our Parshuram healing temple. Agnihotra is performed daily sunrise/sunset in the temple and silence is observed at all times.)

Yes, yes. This is, in essence, the next activation. Today, in this holy Temple at Bhrugu Aranya, we are activating the air and water resources which surround this sacred site.

In ancient times, Bhrugu Aranya had another name. It was known for its pure water, an abundance of trees and unusual plants, and amphibians in Nature. This was once the land of an ancient forest, as the name ‘Bhrugu Aranya’ implies. Saints walked the mountains and lived above ground and underground as well.

There are indeed, worlds above and worlds below—and we are not referring to heaven and hell as per popular belief. There exist worlds unknown to humankind, realms of life sustainable and productive, filled with abundance of Nature, sunlight, water from rains and from underground sources.

Simultaneously these worlds exist parallel to Earth’s civilization. These realms, these parallel universes as they are referred to, are far more harmonious and balanced than this one. They correlate with life on Earth. They are not alien to this Earth.

The error of thinking common amongst humans is to believe only in what can be seen, heard, weighed, measured, quantified, qualified, certified and proven by scientific fact to exist. To believe only in what one sees is a fallacy.

Yet, humans attribute human-like qualities to gods which are often figments of imagination or, at least, creations of man. That the Divine can manifest in any form is known and has many times been shown. Yet in many cultures, gods of any form are worshipped, feared and glorified. Yet, human beings cannot accept that worlds exist beside their own, that parallel worlds do exist, and what’s more, that communication between worlds is not only possible but probable. Not to mention interplanetary communications!

Unless clothed in the robes of religious fervor, human beings act as closed books in the grand library of truth.

Now, to the point of activations. Today is vital and the results will be palpable and will shift any stagnant energies that may be leaving many of you feeling stuck and without energy at times.

Today’s powerful Rudra Yajnya will continue to create a strong energy vortex here at Bhrugu Aranya. All who are present will experience the powerful effects for quite a long time. Today begins a new phase in the evolution of Bhrugu Aranya.

This is the third Point of Light. This is the Point where a flood of energies will be released at the right time. It is intricately connected to Maheshwar and Valley Elqui in Chile. When each site is vibrating at the right speed, each revolution of energy being spun into the atmosphere will reach maximum effect.

We realize it is difficult for our vehicle to know the effect. However, may we also assure you that no human being can alter its course.

Yes, yes. Shall we continue? Certainly you may consider entraining for the nearby mountains which are precisely due east from this point. There, by a river whose flow is more rapid than languid—perform one simple Vyahruti Homa and activate the water resources with fire and sound. Deposit pure Agnihotra ash from this Temple into the river at the point the fire is performed. Do this any time in the month of September.

Today’s activation is for air and water resources above and below the Earth’s palpable presence.

Be aware that tales reported and those of unknown sources, continually have made specific reference to an intricate system of tunnels underground. This is so, as tales have told.

The fires being performed at this site create a field of energy which leads to an opening into the Earth where your deep well was bored. Yes, and at this point, an opening into the tunnel system now exists.

Aside from access to the tunnels, which weave through this and adjoining land all the way to Babia Gora and way, way, beyond, there is also an opening to the worlds beyond this one.

As you recall from your experiences both in Elqui Valley, Chile and the ancient depths of the River Narmada in sacred site Maheshwar, all three Points of Light have access to the underground worlds, as well as those above.

You have been shown the connections between these three sacred Points of Light. This is no accident. This is a part of the unfolding of the energy cycle being rejuvenated on planet Earth. The connection between all three Points of Light is extremely important to maintain on the subtle realms.

It is said that, even if no human being lived at any of the three Points of Light, the fires would still be performed by Eternals on the subtle realm. However, that said, the integration of human energy and effort with that of the land, air and water resources, as well as the subtle energies highly present at each site, is of optimum effect in REJUVENATION of energies to be used for healing of planet Earth.

Thus we have encouraged those human beings who walk the path of Light, specifically those who maintain the sacred fires—to strive for UNITY amongst yourselves around the world.

There are those who would not follow the call for UNITY. Divine will operate with or without full cooperation on this mission. It is optimum for all of you. However, the mission is greater for the whole of planet Earth, the record keeper of this universe. Divine will be done with unity amongst you or without. It cannot be stopped, blocked, delayed or deterred.

Blessings, dear vehicle. Blessings to all in attendance today, for this vital sacred activation for the worlds above, below, and where you sit. OM.