January 31, 2016

Dear friends,

In the midst of our chaotic world, embroiled in a state of collective ‘maya’, with great suffering of the masses and environmental fragility, Orion gets to the heart of the matter. Their words fill me with a sense of inspiration and the realization that time is of the essence. Here is an excerpt from Orion:

“…It appears to take a smaller number of dedicated human beings moving toward the Light, both in theory and practice, to shift levels of awareness of the whole. That is for simple reasons:

There is more power in Light than in darkness.
There is more power in Love than in hatred.
There is more power in Truth than in falsehood.’

Those truly aligned with their higher purposes, those engaged in acts of conscious compassion and love, can affect a turn in the course of the whole of civilization.”

We are in this together. We share space on this now fragile planet. The challenges before us bond us. And so many in need stand to benefit from the tools and wisdom we have in our hands to build a better world.

I feel this opportunity to serve is rare. If we unify, we will take the next steps together. The time is now. When we each individually come to know what our higher work entails, it is high time to embrace it. When we all vibrate at our highest potential, we can move mountains!

Love, Parvati


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December 18, 2015 On The Fall of the Great Empire
Yes, yes. Prepare for receiving more detailed transmissions re: the fall of the great empire.

Yes, you must pay close attention, for indeed, the fall of the empire is nigh. The players at the top have come up against themselves. All sinister plans for world domination have thus far failed and will continue in this manner until finally culminating in a complete collapse.

Banking systems will be the first to go. Already, the consolidation of banks into massive conglomerates for financial control has been nearly completed. However, bank closures are next. There will remain only a few financial institutions in future.

Those countries with strong farming communities, whether supported or not by the government, will thrive.

Trading and barter will return as the main resources for commerce. Those people with practical skills such as food preserving, gardening, clothes making, animal shepherding, building and carpentry will increase and prosper.

You will see the rise and fall of political parties, candidates helpless to establish order in chaos.

Communities will form out of absolute necessary. Though not necessarily certified as such, intentional communities will spring up everywhere.

Yes. Indeed, this is not in the plan that is being prepared behind closed and bolted doors. However, it will prevail.

Destructive forces have been unsuccessful in curtailing and derailing the ever-elusive human spirit. It is becoming increasingly obvious that even the ‘powers that be’ cannot seem to come close to the Power of the Divine.

Interplanetary resources are in your hands. You are not alone. You are not alone. There are Light Beings prepared to assist from planets other than this one. You are not alone.

On Healings, Cleansings and Activations
Dear one, in this year to come, we must send you out to serve in the capacity of healing. There are cleansings and activations to be performed, as well as beings in absolute dire need of healing on a cellular, deep level.

Once tapped, once willing to serve in the capacity of healer, all avenues open. Dear one, we will move you as well.

Your assistance is healing and revealing. It is also of great significance in your life, dear vehicle, as you pursue the path of the wise woman, for which you have been trained intensely all your life. Now, speak. Now share. Now, become. OM.

Blessings abound. OM.
We are, Orion.

December 19, 2015 On Exodus of Souls
Yes, yes, yes. As there appears to be an exodus of souls ready to traverse into Light, one must keep in mind that new, incoming souls are as well coming in to take their positions in Light.

Those departing now have often completed their lives’ work, or have need for refueling to return to Earth when called again. There is nothing unnatural about these departures. Those made ready by their karma on this Earth will go when called.

On Ecovillage Bhrugu Aranya
There seems to be a vortex of energy here, which is quite youthful in nature. Even the Nature exudes a younger glow.

Expect a more successful growing year in the garden and in the whole place. Winter will still welcome visitors pining for a new life. The influx now is of those beings in need of shelter who can also give greatly to this paradise. You do not really know how great it is.

Blessings abound.
We are Orion.

December 21, 2015 On Agnihotra – Environmental Protection and Defense
Yes, yes. The best defense against the effects of Chemtrails, you are already employing—performance of daily Agnihotra, which creates a cyclical, protective shield, boosted with each fire, performed precisely at sunrise and sunset.

In addition, try and spread Agnihotra Ash all over the property, where cows graze and gardens are grown. Do this periodically. This is also a deterrent for radioactive particles. It is essential to practice these Homas (fires) regularly to achieve this protective effect.

Blessings abound. OM.

December 22, 2015 On the Nature of Politics and Extremism
Yes, yes. There are those in power whose very natures are compromised, let alone their political stances. Indeed, look beyond what you see in the media. Every candidate, every being in political office today around the globe, has secrets hidden in darkened closets, long since inaccessible even to them. Even those with glowing reviews and great accolades, all have something to hide. It is always a matter of choosing the lesser of two evils. In any case, dear ones, there may be a few as yet unscathed. Let us see how the future unfolds on this planet.

Africa is suffering greatest turmoil and droughts. There will be a resurgence of extremist sentiments which serve to further divide racial sectors, threatening a return to previous grievous systems. Civil rights threatened, expect turmoil and revolution. Africa is most definitely affected now.

December 29, 2015 On Ecovillage Bhrugu Aranya 2016
Yes, yes. Time for inner weaving, for searching within for direction and the map of the soul

There will be a great clearing following the end of the year. 2016 will be fruitful and abundant for this community, both on individual levels and as a global entity.

Yes, more teaching opportunities need to be found, especially for the being Jarek. However, the work being done simply by developing and maintaining this farm and community is quite impressive, to say the least. Certainly, on subtle levels, there is a great influx of High Beings and Light Beings to this superb site. So, don’t be too hard on yourselves for less outreach, via travel and so on. This will also come, but holding the Light here is far from a simple effort. We applaud the sincerity and dedication it takes to hold the Light firm at this sacred land. OM.

December 31, 2015 On Human Decency and Compassion
Yes, yes. The sanctity of human life is succinctly dismissed in the scramble for winning political parties and world domination. Above all else, the sanctity of human life need be preserved and respected. When there is a decline in human decency, compassion and love in the world, the edges of that world begin to crumble and the entire existence upon this Earth becomes weakened to the core. Without human decency, respect and honoring of each other, there follows a decline in natural resources and upheaval in Nature.

Do you think you are separate from Nature? It is not only the environmental abuse that causes destruction of planet Earth, dear ones. Though you abuse the environment continually and hide its decline under the guise of great technical and industrial progress, it is the decline in human decency which cements the turn in this planet’s downhill slide. It is the human spirit that is required to uplift and transform this planet, dear ones. Human beings are necessary in the evolution of this planet. Indeed. Indeed.

Where there are pockets of loving, compassionate souls, such places become like oases in a world dispassionate. Such places as you have developed here, dear vehicle, attract and nurture souls in a way that is both rare and sacred. Being caretakers of such a sacred place may seem simple or normal at best, but it is not at all.

Dear ones here at Bhrugu Aranya, you are in the process of creating an elevated environment, where all living beings can coexist in a harmonious balance with Nature. Even if none of you are present on any given day, someone who comes to receive healing will receive it, simply by entering this atmosphere. You may not even realize the power of this place, and rightly so. Remain conscious but humble purveyors of the knowledge, and caretakers of this oasis, welcoming those who come with hearts open to receive light. Indeed, here there is much Light.

January 15, 2015 On the Open Portal
Yes, yes. Indeed there is a portal opening now, through which many souls have moved into the Light—those of higher awareness or natural innocence.

There are many who are leaving at this time, some of whose work has been completed for this incarnation, others who have chosen a path more divergent from the one for which their souls were intended. Yes, it is difficult to grasp during this rather fluctuating period of uncertainty, for those of you following a spiritual direction in life.

Your particular lot has been tapped for service via the agency of FIRE. This is the clear direction to take.

How you express yourselves becomes the manner in which you conduct your inner symphony. Do tune your instruments regularly, via prayer, meditation, practice in self-awareness, and fine-tune your instruments, all of you.

Those who are passing through the portal into Light have left their work for the new direction. Those of you who remain need to go within and follow the calling of your souls.

Dear ones, don’t worry about your own evolution. Just do it.

January 21, 2016 On The Omnipotence of Divine Power
Yes, yes. By all means, contemplate the state of the world, but though it may be dire and extremely fragile at first glance, know that there is still hope for this world. The planet will survive. Civilization will take a series of changes that are already underway, and depending upon the outcome of certain efforts on behalf of planet Earth, the planet awaits the results.

It appears that the forces poised against the planet are waning, though they continue to rail. The sinister, behind the scenes manipulation by the powers that be—and not having to do with any political powers really—continue to vex those with awareness of such matters. However, even they are not omnipotent. Divine Power is.

January 25, 2016 On the Path of Truth and Spirit
Yes, yes. For those of you whose eyes have been opened, this is no time to close them and return to life as usual. You must embrace your highest goals, unleash your greatest potential and follow with resolute determination and inspiration, your spiritual path.

This is the time to intensify one’s Sadhana. (spiritual practice). It is the path of the Truth, the path of wonderment and of the creative force ready to work through you. This is for many of you now. The path is made ready for further exploration of Truth.

When one embarks on one’s spiritual path, when one’s celebratory entrance upon the path of Light is marked—though in actuality it was seeded in your soul from lifetimes before—there is an immediate moment of recognition. Your colloquial reference may be what you call, an ‘Aha’ moment. Indeed, aha!

From that point in time, one’s past begins to unravel, sometimes gently, other times with such intensity one can be literally stopped in one’s tracks. The inner work takes one into a deepened state of conscious awareness. At those times, it may even be difficult to maintain one’s equilibrium enough to continue in one’s outer material employment or involvement. At that time, many pull back and hesitate to follow the spirit. Thus, many beings continue with life as usual, dabbling ever so lightly in the spirit—on weekends or late night meanderings when time permits. This is understandable for those whose responsibilities toward family maintenance and security appear paramount.

However, there can be a balance if one sees the path of the spirit as a wholistic way of life, instead of a spiritual activity done once or twice per day. When one goes deeper into spirit, one comes to realize that in order to fully embrace one’s highest nature, one must shift one’s attitudes and even one’s understanding of what is spirit.

One begins to know that one’s love for others is what is paramount in importance and not whether one meditates and for how long, whether one becomes a Sanyasin or a householder. It does not matter.

Spirit is not a mythical journey into the unknown, as much as it is a conscious daily effort to seek and follow the highest way. It permeates all of what one thinks, speaks and does. It colors one’s relationships and forms one’s demeanor which reflects one’s highest good. It is a distinctly different way of life, but it is real and tangible, whether or not one discovers and revels in cosmic truths! Unless one can translate those cosmic realizations, that human beings are so fond of discussing, into life experiences, one is simply getting lost in the starry cosmos, leading to nowhere.

When a being embraces the higher truths as revealed to him/her in prayer, in meditation, in somber reflection, or in the pursuit of loving awareness, one’s life begins to change. It is indeed a process of becoming, rather than a process of reaching a particular set of goals. One can become expert at Yoga Asanas and completely miss the point.

All the tools in the world cannot set you free without earnest self-examination, without actual deep and pervading surrender to Divine.

When you meet a fully realized soul, there is no pomp and glamour, no fame and fortune necessarily. The feeling is often quite subdued, but there is a deep knowing that can be observed in silence often, in stunning, mesmerizing silence. Indeed, as the great Master spoke, all things are revealed in Silence. It is astonishing the effect one human being, fully engrossed in spirit, has upon any number of beings in the world, near or far.

On Walking the Talk
One cannot take on the mantle of realization without truly walking the path with full concentration and sincere longing for Divine.

 No matter how many disciples one amasses with one’s foray into the spiritual realm, unless one’s heart is pure and one’s aim is true, one ends up fooling no one but oneself. All of you have seen such displays of famous gurus playing out their desire for fame and fortune! The world is full of such.

However, those who speak the Truth are neither interested in fame nor tempted by fortune. They speak the Truth and are often silent in regards to their own greatness.

 Humility is the mark of the true follower of Divine Truth.

On The Power in Light
Yes, yes. Shall we continue in this vein? It is our understanding of human evolution that, at some point, if the civilization is not being pushed in the direction of spirit, there will be changes that precipitate such direction toward manifesting in the collective consciousness.

It is such a case now, when human beings, rather than turning inward and embracing the spiritual, have instead shunned the spirit in favor of mass materialism and the pursuit of commercial, material success at all costs.

That said, no doubt there are pockets of those who wish to evolve in spirit and it is those beings who are creating an arc which is shifting the world slowly but surely toward higher goals.

Interesting that it appears to take a smaller number of dedicated human beings moving toward the Light, both in theory and practice, to shift levels of awareness of the whole. That is for simple reasons:

There is more power in Light than in darkness.
There is more power in Love than in hatred.
There is more power in Truth than in falsehood.

 Those truly aligned with their higher purposes, those engaged in acts of conscious compassion and love, can affect a turn in the course of the whole of civilization.

This mammoth effort takes hearts with pure intent to heal—
without agendas
without penchant for name or fame
without expectation of reward or awards for their great efforts made in the spirit of humanity helping humanity and humanity healing Earth.

Yes, and those who vibrate on such a higher level of Truth will, in fact, garner support from other planets, from higher sources, from angels, devas, High Beings of light in existence on this planet, and from the force of Nature under the auspices of Almighty. Yes, yes, yes. Ah, there is so much power in it!

We bow our heads, to honour such creative spirit that aligns itself to Divine.
We are, in awe and wonder, in gratitude for our fellow journeyers,

January 26, 2016 12 On Fivefold Path*
Yes, yes. Human beings respond quite kindly to causes, it seems. If a cause pulls at one’s heartstrings, the response is equally heartfelt. This is a positive aspect of human behavior, as it indicates a lessening of the apathy that can easily take hold in this increasingly insensitive world.

However, the fact that human beings can still be brought to their knees in either gratitude or deep compassion is what continues to inspire and encourage support from all realms. Indeed, this is the valiant human spirit for which we fight to save.

When one human being opens his or her heart to another in crisis or in need, the stark emptiness of the material world is greatly diminished. One begins to feel connectivity to all in need. When you help one individual, your generosity inspires others and a chain reaction can occur. This is often referred to as ‘paying it forward.’ This does not have to be a deliberate act even. Just the very nature of compassion is so expansive that it is bound to spread, like wildfire!

That said, unfortunately it is often the case that major charities milk the public for all they’re worth, yet squander money on less important material matters or unseen profit. It is through hand to hand, heart to heart giving in one’s daily life that true service is accomplished. It is personal. It is heartfelt. It is not just a check in the mail to a major conglomerate in the name of those in need.

It is in touching and embracing another human being in need that one’s heart opens to the Light.

Giving to causes, which are true, is another story. When you know the cause and it is transparent to the eye, when you believe in the work which is being done by the funds raised—this falls under the category of service.

When practicing Daan, sharing one’s assets in a spirit of humility, there are regulations which guide the giving, so that it will assist one in maintaining humility and graciousness. Thus, one learns the proper way of loosening one’s ties to one’s material bounty. This, according to great teachings, is described in literature which embodies the Master’s wealth of truth.

One must select the recipient of this act of giving, sharing, with care. One must be certain that the recipient of one’s gift will utilize it for its intent. Indeed, one must be correct in receiving as well.

All in all, it is a valued practice and one which shall prevail, as a tenet on what is referred to by the Master as ‘Fivefold Path.’* Indeed, these precepts are all simple and well-defined. One shall find great growth and development in simply practicing these five basic tenets. Should you find it inspiring and valuable in life, certainly it would behoove you to teach it.

Returning to the basics is one way to explain it. Returning to all which is true and kind, careful and clear, will always benefit one on any spiritual path. It can be applied to any walk of life, any religion or faith. Such wonderful basic principles are of great value in a far-too-complicated world of today.

Blessings abound.
We are,

Note: *Fivefold Path:

               Agnihotra for purification of the atmosphere
               Daan – sharing assets in a spirit of humility to reduce attachment
               Tapa – Self-Discipline for training the mind
               Karma – Doing good action without expectation
               Swadhyaya – Self Study: ‘Who am I? Why am I here?’

January 27, 2016 On Homa Atmosphere
Yes, yes, yes. Your dream regarding Homa farms is real. Yes, not only will the healing effects of Agnihotra become magnified as the environment’s health declines, but the beings who live in such rarified nature will be protected from great turmoil in times near to come.

There is a subtle nature to these Homa fires which you perform, which cannot be fully documented scientifically. Though science can prove that which can be ascertained by physical experimentation, the subtle realms are more difficult both to ascertain and to explain.

On a subtle level, the plants growing in Homa atmosphere that is properly, regularly maintained on an actual, active Homa farm, are receiving more than nutrients through the air and water. They are receiving life force energy, which is given a boost via the presence of Divine entities that are drawn to Homa atmosphere. At a Homa farm, there are greater numbers of what are referred to as Nature Spirits or Devas present. The energy itself is super-charged and this is difficult to prove in scientific terminology.

However, this is what is most profound. The effects on human mind, body and spirit are noticeable and inspiring to see. Those entering such a rarified atmosphere often remark about how peaceful they feel or how energized.

What is needed by each individual organism will be that which that organism experiences.

If one is in need of deep rest, the body will experience a calming, peaceful flow of life force energy.

If a depressive person comes into such environment, he or she is likely to feel a surge of positive energy, which can dispel even the darkest moods. Indeed, there is far more than the eye can see.

On Parvati
(My tendency has always been to omit or greatly limit references that Orion makes to my own personal development. But I feel this is a different time. I am being encouraged to share more. Perhaps it will be valuable to others.)

Yes, yes, dear vehicle. Your prayers of how you can help and serve are being answered. You will be receiving a unique opportunity and venue at which to speak and share your experiences. This will present itself soon, so be aware of it.

As we had spoken before, in reference to shifting into the new stage as a wise woman, this process is one of awakening the wisdom and of rejuvenating that which is joyous, rhythmical and whimsical in your soul.

Do not worry about keeping messages re: your wise woman status in these transmissions. It is neither your idea nor your preference in airing them. They shall indeed be heard, as this is the time for it.

The tribal roots to which we referred in previous transmissions are becoming more significant now and welcome you wholeheartedly, as you move into the wise woman,

All meditations now shall take you deeper into that state of consciousness where the roots of wisdom are growing. Even the guidance which you receive shall begin to reflect that depth and include a bit of the mystic, which you are.

Your soul is deeply rooted in the ancient mystic tradition, which reveals itself only at times of awakening of the soul. At different levels, as a mystic evolves, the doors which are many, open one after the next. This is the meaning of the dream often repeated throughout your life, with one door leading to the next in a seemingly endless succession of doors. There is nothing ever frightening about it, and never was in any of your numerous dreams. It is indication of the truths which lie behind the veils.

On Oneness
It is the lifting of veils that is the culmination, the release of what is One, into what is ALL. This is something which cannot be wished for, cannot be worked for, and cannot be given until precisely the correct moment in time when the disciple reaches that pivotal state of at-ONE-ment. One cannot predict when, nor program times. It just is and will be, when the time is right.

Oneness with all of humanity and an embracing of the universal life force can occur in a split second, and often does appear in glimpses of that heightened state of serenity and awareness, only to be overshadowed by one’s increasing demands on the material plane.

However, there is a step missing here. One reaches a point in one’s life when one can still perform necessary duties on the material plane and remain in the heightened state of purity and Grace which dawns upon one when one is ready. That step is the one which comes with non-attachment, neither to the material nor to the spiritual! One’s heart and soul come together as one force and nothing breaks that level of clarity of mind, body and spirit.

Most assuredly, this is one’s aim in life on spiritual path. If one substitutes fame or fortune at any point on spiritual path, that lofty possibility becomes mired with the fog of a divided heart. Hmmm, the bane of many spiritual beings’ existence! One can see many dashing about in robes of various colours, each in pursuit of adoration and glory. Should they but realize the trade-off, they would be ashamed and dismayed by their loss.

Always maintain humility which the great masters have shown. For in so doing, the task for which you have been born into human frame can indeed reach completion, and the seemingly lofty goal of ‘I and My Father are One’ can become not only feasible but actual.

Always, always, remember to surrender to that which is Divine Will and temper your own desires, longings and wishes. When you embrace that which is destined to be, you reap the harvest designed for your soul.

Blessings abound.
We are,