March 31, 2016
Dear friends,
We live in a world seemingly consumed by darkness. Every day we can read about shocking injustices to humankind, explosives ripping through airports, environmental disasters, senseless violence and wars. People get used to living in fear, and the ‘powers that be’ capitalize on their trepidation. New laws get created to keep people subjugated. And Chemtrails are sprayed over all of us, while we are bombarded with genetically modified substandard foods. OK! Enough!

I find solace in the words of Orion that remind us to refocus our energies, and champion the Light. Orion observes humans create ‘dark corners in their minds where they stuff fears and worries, concerns and woes in one drawer,’ no doubt piling in the negative events of the day.

However, Orion is suggesting these instructions:

“Take inventory—not of the room full of debris—but of the place in your life where you store your hopes, dreams, visions and intuitive flashes! Then, arm those delightful thoughts and feelings with intention, surround them with Light and let them manifest into reality already! Stop holding yourself back! Be free.

Do not even look into the drawer of fear. Simply take the entire contents and burn them symbolically. Then, do not return to that room. Open all the windows, allow sunlight to pierce through the darkness, strip away the maudlin curtains and breathe life into that part of your inner self where you allowed darkness to creep in.

Henceforth, do not permit the dark energy of negative thinking into your mind. Keep the windows wide open, the sunlight flooding through. One does not have to shut one’s doors to keep out darkness. One simply has to fill every crevice with Light, and darkness will automatically be repelled. This, do. This, do daily. OM.”

 It is important to be aware of our environment, to be ‘forewarned, thus forearmed.’

However, we need not dwell on the negative, but instead move fearlessly with resolute focus, faith and fortitude into the future.

Walk in Light!
All love, Parvati Welcome to Orion Transmissions website! (English, Spanish, Polish).

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February 6, 2016 On ‘Conspiracy Theories’
Yes, yes, yes. As situations arise on the global front, the news carries the headlines across oceans and through the airways to reach into everyone’s living room. The news is disseminated via newspapers, radios, televisions, computers, and is efficiently broadcasted with impact in mind. However, the real news that you don’t see goes on behind the scenes and is never reaching the widespread panic of headlines.

Indeed, the public gets inklings of the rumblings underneath the surface, but these are dubbed ‘conspiracy theories’ and treated as such. Though many of these conspiracy theories find their source in individual imaginations run amok, there are many that actually are feeding from a rightful source.

That said, the habit is to become an avid collector of such theories, rather than a person who takes action or actually digs further for the truth. The theories often reflect simply ‘the tip of the iceberg’ and provide no understanding of the depth they are attempting to uncover.

It is like a series of underground tunnels, so intricate that it can be impossible to ascertain what leads to what and where these complex networks began. We do not encourage beings to become avid collectors of such theories, as the tendency will be to lock one’s wheels and keep one from taking any action whatsoever in life. These obsessions become what lead man to withdrawal and can lead to extreme depression.

To be curious and to be aware that there is deception in the world can actually bring one realizations not based upon the theories of others, but on one’s own developed intuitive awareness itself. In other words, to quote the Great Ones, “Go within.’’

February 8, 2016 On Parvati
Yes, yes. The purpose for which you have come, and specifically to Poland, lies in deciphering codes which have remained hidden till now. Our vehicle is endowed with a second sight. Much more can and will be revealed to you. Avail yourself to the wisdom of the Ages. Listen more. Silence is revelatory by essence.

February 16, 2016 On State of the World
Yes, yes. While mounting tensions between powers around the world have most human beings shuddering, we can assure you that this is all part of the unfolding of a higher plan. Though it may seem the unfurling of world chaos upon the world, it is actually possible to circumvent any crisis in the making. A lot is ‘huff and puff’ fear tactics designed to create stalemates and hyped up Cold War reenactments! All that superseded similar crises in the past shall come back around again.

It is environmental concerns that should be your first and foremost focus. All the other dramas are being played out, often to deter the real news from coming to light.

However, the various countries mired in war and horrendous injustices should be addressed. The conditions in Syria are real and often find place as postscripts rather than headline news. Man’s inhumanity towards man is shocking and unparalleled in its lack of compassion and sheer cruelty.

Keep the beings who suffer in your minds and hearts. Remember, as you focus on your own gratitude in life, that so many others suffer far greater than yourselves. Do not forget them.

As the world plummets to the depths of despair and disregard for civil rights and justice, it is not surprising these very global weaknesses find their way into your own hearts and minds, coloring your lives with varying shades of grey.

February 16, 2016 On Architects for a New Tomorrow
Yes, yes. This is a time for planting the seeds for MANIFESTATION. You can feel or sense growth beginning to burst through the boundaries, those self-imposed and those erected by forces outside of you.

This is a time of breaking through boundaries, an excellent time for deep visualization and strengthening one’s inner depths of devotion.

It is not only via prayer and meditation, but also by taking resolute action with positive intent to heal situations and beings with whom you interact. Release resentments. Time to move forward, while still time of hibernation in winter. This is the time to generate and germinate, so that when Spring arrives, you will be prepared for the revolution-evolution of spirit rising! Indeed, powerful times.

We are engineers, architects for a new tomorrow.
Blessings abound.
We are, ORION.

February 24, 2016 On Hidden Knowledge and Underground Civilizations
Yes, yes. Underground tunnels indeed. Research the existence of underground tunnels in this region of southern Poland.

There are myths of treasure buried underground, myths which are largely perceived as stories with no actual credibility. There are, however, preparations for an excavation of one such segment of tunnels in an area fairly near to here.

As you are quite aware of already, there exist underground civilizations, and they are not mythical at all. It is similar to the parallel universe, but far more fascinating to reveal.

You have been taken to one such civilization beneath the mountain near to Sydney, Australia. This experience was itself an initiation into the world underground.
(For more on the story, see the date February 24, 2010 at this link):

How does there exist a similar landscape, rich with plant life, running streams and rivers, and a sun and moon as exist in this world? It is the stuff science fiction films are made of, but it is not science fiction.

Yes, yes. We are only at the beginning of revealing hidden knowledge of these connections.

On Babia Gora
A delegation of our fire bringers should consider a visit to this ancient site, once warmer weather has come. It is possible to perform an activation, actually a series of activations as near to the entrances as is known and possible. This is not the next activation site, but it is one such site.

Blessings. OM.

February 25, 2016 Art Imitates Life, Life Imitates Art
Yes, yes. There is reason why this information regarding underground civilizations and the elaborate labyrinth of tunnels underground, which are known to exist in this region and others of southern Poland, is resurfacing now. This is not resurfacing randomly.

As with everything on Earth, there is a tide, a season, a time and a purpose for all that occurs and all that exists. This is the time for recovering that which has been buried and that which has been hidden. Perhaps not on the physical level, but it is the time for manifestation of what has been kept in darkness—as this is the time for the rising of the Light.

Rising Light. Yes, these are indeed dark times on this planet Earth. It is a calling forth of that which reflects Divine Light and simultaneously repels the darkness. Those of you familiar with science fiction stories and subsequent popular fairy tales and films, may know that the crises faced by these fictitious characters often mirror real life human struggles. The forces of darkness vs. the forces of Light.

These science fiction films sweep the world, enchant and give hope to those in need of repellents for the darkness in human nature and the infringement upon the world by forces outside of your control. We can easily see their immense appeal.

However, you can take it one step further and realize that what is being portrayed is not entirely the figment of talented writers’ imaginations. Art imitates life, as well as life imitates art. In this case, the imaginary dark forces, the global threats, are as real in actuality as they are in film. Only, in film, within two hours a relatively hopeful solution can be reached, whether or not a sequel is brewing!

On Moldavite, ‘Emerald of the Skies’
There is more than meets the eye in the land of Moldavite. It is ancient land, which has been graced with the energy of fire within stone.

Each piece of Moldavite holds a code, actually, which reflects the power of the element Fire. Once these pieces are collected and activated in the healing temple at Bhrugu Aranya, the power is activated. It is of another quality, in that the element of Fire is activated, both on the land, in the ground before it is released, and in the temple at Bhrugu Aranya.

That energy can only ever be used for the good. The ‘Emerald of the Skies’, ancient mineral stone Moldavite, cannot be used for harm.

Parvati shall ‘read’ the Moldavite. It shall speak to her. Certainly, in Spring or early summer, she should go to Czech for some more work. Additional activations in Czech should follow that visit.

The ancient land in Czech is that which was foreseen and foretold by us. Careful attentiveness and following exact descriptions and clues, it was found by our brother Jacob. There is more than meets the eye.

That ancient civilizations have known this mineral stone is true is another chapter.

Another thing to note about this Moldavite is its propensity for uncovering the Truth. When one wears this sacred stone, one must come to know that anything false, anything deceptive, will come to Light. No secrets will remain. It is as if the presence of this deeply powerful stone illuminates the soul and releases all the dross that blocks the Light from coming into the soul and from being released from it.

As well, if one is living any semblance of untruth, it will be released. It is as if the stone itself has been imbued with a kind of cosmic integrity. Hmmm, indeed—the stone of Ra. The stone of Truth. And yes, the stone of Orion.

Blessings abound. OM.

On Sound and Fire
Yes, yes. Times are changing. The focus, of course, is shifting and deepening, if you will. The element of Sound as woven with the element of Fire holds powerful keys which unlock and release content submerged within, just as you dig for minerals, stones. With Sound and Fire, all the elements are able to be tapped and thus, released.

On Intuitive Healers
The intuitive present, Parvati, can access that which lies within each soul, when and only when it is ready to be seen. That she is able to see and even communicate with ancestors and spirit guides, if you will, seems miraculous.

However, in ages gone by—Intuitive Healers, such as this one, were entrusted with communicating with ancient elders, guides who are present from other realms prepared to assist beings in their evolution, and angels present to assist beings through periods of transition in their lives.

Particularly called upon for births and deaths, Intuitive Healers who then had no such lofty titles, were seen as wise women or keepers of the Truth. They were accepted as such, and valuable members of their tribes. Rarely, in those times, did they venture out from their tribe. This is an important point.

Nowadays, due to advances in electronic communication, Internet and so on, such ‘Intuitives’ have been gaining popularity and seem to be increasing in numbers. Some are real, discernable primarily by results incurred from their readings. Others are would-be Intuitives who lack training and often employ their imaginative faculties to enhance their basic sense or feelings. Still others are blatantly false, normally focused on financial gain and the subsequent thrill of fame!

February 26, 2016 On Rising Above Chaos to Serve
Yes, yes. The energies in these last few days have been disconcerting to some more sensitive among you. We see there are energetic disturbances, as opposed to actual physical disturbances, such as environmental influences. No doubt, the environment is as well affected, but this period of time has been most affected by otherworldly energies impinging on the atmosphere.

There are so many variables that when beings peg one variable as the source for all their discontent—such as environmental discord—we have to bring the focus to a wider viewpoint. When the environment is under stress and subtle energies are colliding, when political manipulations are at their zenith around the globe and wars are consuming vast stores of energy from the entire world population—it is difficult to point to one of the many influences and announce that it is the main source of one’s discomfort. When all are vibrating in a state of flux, chaos reins and confusion results. GO WITHIN.

You can involve yourself in worthwhile causes, devote your time and energy to saving the forest, saving animals, saving the seas, saving the children, establishing equal rights for all human beings on planet Earth, but you must do so from a core within yourself that is breathing and pulsating with Light.

Once you cleanse yourself of the parasites of anger, resentment, unbridled lust and greed, you can finally arrive at the centre of your being. When you choose to serve humanity from that standpoint, every action you take bears fruit; whether expected fruit or a surprise result, it will create positive results.

March 3, 2016 On Left Brain/Right Brain
Yes, yes. We find it quite humorous that human beings, for the sake of their compartmentalizing tendencies, have divided the brain into two hemispheres and have calculated which side is in charge in a particular human being.

Of course, the scientific studies of left brain/right brain are valid, but beings tend to adhere to a specific theory, rather than intuit or come to a deeper understanding of their own inner balance system. Certainly, if a person is more logical, rational by nature, it is assumed they lean more toward the left-brain dependency. However, it is not always the case.

Sometimes, we have observed, truly intuitive human beings rely heavily on their intellect and logical sense due to fear of actually embracing their more fluid senses, even going so far as to avoid, deny or invalidate their intuitive faculties! As with everything we observe on your planet, dear ones, it is more than meets the eye.

On Celebrating the Myriad of Humankind
We observe the human tendency to label and define, rather than to explore and comprehend—rather than to reveal differences as shades of the same humanity, embracing and celebrating the myriad of humankind. We see instead, a marked tendency to establish a way of defining and determining types rather than individuals. There is a box for everyone and everyone is thus installed in a box! Do guard against these very tendencies in your own awareness, all of you. Because in defining and labeling the individuality which creates diversity or the diversity which creates individuality, so much is lost.

Champion that which defies definition! Celebrate that which is unique, original and groundbreaking! Understand the differences and unite, with all your magnificent shades of being, as One Humanity. It is in the blending and uniting of humanity’s various cultures that you all shine, as ONE. OM.

March 8, 2016 On Underground Tunnels and Caves
Yes, yes. Most certainly, it would behoove our vehicle and members of this community to search for more information which is available on the network of underground tunnels, particularly those in this region of southern Poland. It will reveal more than simply words could do. Our direction will take you to an interesting conclusion. Investigate what you uncover. There is far more than meets the eye.

The being Jacob is drawn to a particular set of caves, though in fact there are a greater number of caves which are less publicly known in the same mountainous region near the Tatra Mountains. Some may be difficult to reach, others surprisingly easy. Begin to check out the region, as it is rich in historical and mythical lore. Blessings abound.

On Off the Grid, but in the Oven
Yes, yes. Dear one, your work is essentially that which could be best described as subtle, intuitive and definitely ‘off the grid.’ Remove yourself from some of the more material matters, at least intellectually. Spend more time on the subtle work for which you were born. Accept your worldly limitations and proceed accordingly. It is far more important for you to go into deeper states of meditation and receive Light, which is no easy feat for others, but simple for you.

(As if reading my mind, Orion added): You may bake a cake, which is actually more the creative realm. No problem there!

March 10, 2016 On Knowing When to Be Still
Yes, yes. A quiet day should be a welcome change. Don’t concern yourself with the affairs of the day, the concerns of tomorrow. Focus instead on your own energetic progress, as this is indeed the time for inner healing of ancient wounds too deep to reach normally.

Through the art of Mandala, the prayers of the Ancients via select Mantras, the sounds created with crystal bowls and song, there will be a deeper inner healing as a direct result of these efforts. Begin today.

Of course, seek answers in regards to the ancient civilizations beneath Earth’s surfaces. Indeed, you have access to these ancient worlds, which first you accessed when in Australia. By the way, deep healing is required there, too. This can be done from within.

March 17, 2016 On Light Piercing Darkness
Ah, yes. Humans sometimes follow the tendencies of the mind to create dark corners where they stuff fears, worries, concerns and woes in one drawer, bulging with a hodgepodge of chaotic thoughts. Indeed, that corner is full of old debris that may no longer serve you and certainly may no longer apply to your life in this present moment. Thus, our instructions are as follows:

Take inventory—not of the room full of debris—but of the place in your life where you store your hopes, dreams, visions and intuitive flashes! Then, arm those delightful thoughts and feelings with intention, surround them with Light and let them manifest into reality already! Stop holding yourself back! Be free.

Do not even look into the drawer of fear. Simply take the entire contents and burn them symbolically. Then, do not return to that room. Open all the windows, allow sunlight to pierce through the darkness, strip away the maudlin curtains and breathe life into that part of your inner self where you allowed darkness to creep in.

Henceforth, do not permit the dark energy of negative thinking into your mind. Keep the windows wide open, the sunlight flooding through. One does not have to shut one’s doors to keep out darkness. One simply has to fill every crevice with Light, and darkness will automatically be repelled. This, do. This, do daily. OM.

March 19, 2016 On Embracing the Light
Yes, yes. This world seems sinister, dark and foreboding. And, yes, there is that element which most certainly appears to be on the rise. However, those of you who have been drawn to the Light, who are in the process of awakening to Truth, need not spend unnecessary time on analyzing the fear-driven reality that is being presented to you.

When you feel pulled into the vortex of darkness, cling to the Light. Shift all your priorities to embrace the Light, and to work tirelessly to reveal it to others.

There are many ways to serve. There is not just one way, not just one path to enlightenment. Remember this, as the tendency of many human beings is to assume their way is the right and only way toward the Light. It is not the case.

Share with others what has propelled you into Light, without expectation, without judgment. You have been tapped to serve. Serve in the best way possible. It is not a matter of assembling numbers. It is a matter of spreading the Light, swiftly, efficiently and with absolute humility, gratitude and love.

Having developed this Ecovillage has created a space where people can come, experience the healing energies of the fires and taste the fruit of the progress that has been made here. And great progress has been made.

March 20, 2016 On Activations in Poland and Czech
Yes, yes. There is something happening which connects with the tunnel network in southern Poland. Seek information, whether via Internet or word of mouth. Do not avoid or forget the subject.

Activations will begin in May and continue throughout summer in Poland and after, in Czech.

There is a triangle in Czech, which connects three places and it is in the very region where the Moldavite land is located. This is like a powerful vortex of energies, known largely among those studying or aware of energetic alchemy, the study of stones and sacred geometry.

At each of these three points, Jacob and Chapman should be present when activations are completed. You will know these three points and receive instructions once there.

Blessings abound. Directions to follow. OM.

March 21, 2016 On Limitations of Politics and Limitlessness of Spirit
Yes, yes. This is a highly energetic period during which great strides in the realms of manifestation and realization can be made.

Do not be overly concerned with the flights of fancy in the global political arena. There are more masks than in a masquerade ball! All of you should become aware that in the realm of politics, nothing is as it appears to be, and very little can come from the realm of politics. Make use of that which is favourable and find alternatives to that which appears as a limitation.

In the realm of spirit, there is NO LIMITATION. Believe and manifest all according to Divine Will. Let your desires take a back seat, because at the wheel they will always steer your vehicle from side to side, led by the seemingly endless well of wants.

Thus, sit still. Allow your higher being to align itself with Divine Will, and enjoy the ride. We are, as ever, at your service.

March 22, 2016 On ‘Keepers of the Flame’
Yes, yes, yes. As mounting pressures around the world become apparent even to those whose lives have been relatively comfortable and stress-free, tensions build. In regions more affected by natural disasters, financial upheaval or civil unrest, tensions reach a boiling over point. Alarm bells ring.

Those of you who hold keys to allaying the deleterious effects of stress, both environmental and personal, shall certainly step up your efforts in reaching the masses.

More pointedly, those of you who carry the flame, ‘Keepers of the Flame,’ shall now consider the great opportunities you have in hand to affect positive changes in the environment and in the lives of many human beings who long for such a panacea as AGNIHOTRA.

Though you know that continual effort in self-development and positive mental attitude, proper diet and balance in one’s life are equally as crucial to address—adding the element of fire that heals will tip the scales in the positive direction.

Many human beings, already working hard on improving their lives and developing positive habits, still find themselves affected by stress in the atmosphere and are weakened by it. This is precisely where adding AGNIHOTRA as a healing cycle will most assuredly produce the longed for effect of deepening the quality and peacefulness in one’s life. If you know this, you must share it. And what better time than the present?

AGNIHOTRA is actually an answer to prayers for the Earth, for well-being and cleansing of one’s environment. It is truly ‘super science.’

Beings are awaiting receiving this knowledge which those of you who can be referred to as ‘Keepers of the Flame’ hold in your hands and hearts. GIVE. As always, give freely.

Blessings abound.