December 10, 2016
Dear friends,
These are truly the times that try humans’ souls. Shocking politics around the world, human injustices and the outlandish destruction of Nature weigh heavy on all of our minds and hearts. But somehow, as I have witnessed in Light workers around the world and in decent people everywhere, these times seem to be bringing us together. And this I have seen, across cultural divides, and amongst people of all ages and belief systems. This is the time for unity, if there ever was a time.

It is our responsibility as aware human beings to not miss a beat! It’s our job to spread Light and love wherever we can, and to do so, we need to remain steady as a rock, strong as an oak tree and resilient as the true human spirit in all of us. We have been groomed for times like these.

The solutions do not lie in the realm of politics. We have to think outside the box or, as the expression goes, ‘outside of the matrix.’

We owe it to our children to stand firm and clear, to mirror their hopes and dreams, and be the beacons of Light they will need to move into these uncertain times.

We are strong when we are ONE.

Wishing you all blessings of peace this holiday season and into a New Year, in prayer and unity.

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November 9, 2016 (The following message came to me the day after the U.S. elections. As we all awoke, shocked at the results, these powerful words were given in the voice of Shree Vasant, whom Orion often refer to as the Master.)

When all around there is chaos, when political powers are extremists and the messages they propel are tinged with hate, you must be strong within yourselves.

We have been telling all along, there are no solutions in the political realm.

You must unite and strengthen your resolve to create and defend options for your children and for the future of humankind.

Seek to form groups which are designed to be safety zones, buffers against the bitterness in the world. Prayer groups, music groups, groups for the creative arts, groups of parents, and groups for children.

Do not allow divisive politics to divide you from your brothers and sisters in the Light—whatever be their race, religion or cultural background.

Refuse to react in the ways these divisive politicians expect and program you to react. If you realize that you are being programmed by these divisive powers to react in a negative way, then suddenly you come to know to refuse to be manipulated by the negative forces in existence now.


Sometimes to respond with love may be as simple as to walk away from conflict rather than become embroiled in it, thus endangering your most vital and valuable weapon of peace—your own peace of mind. Guard your peace of mind with your life. Your life depends upon it.

In this life, walk with love and absolute integrity. Be true to yourselves in all your affairs.

Each of you has the capacity to become a beacon of Light in your lives. The world needs more beacons of Light, all shining in the darkness of these most trying times.

Do not become disheartened.
Become One.
Become True.
Become that which you were born for.

Be aware of the darkness. Good. That will make it clearer and easier to identify the Light. Move toward Light in all you do.

Blessings of love and grace always with you all.

November 13, 2016 ORION on Community
Yes, yes. Now, more than ever, there is need for community. Isolation will not serve the whole. Isolation leads to desolation. Community restores human beings’ sense of the greater whole. It stretches and redefines one’s definition and scope of family.

It is a time of great return to one’s deepest, most abiding roots, coupled with one’s capacity to spread one’s wings to envelop humanity as a whole.  

November 16, 2016 Orion on Times of Change
Yes, yes. We are embarking upon a new, highly chiseled, deliberate era during which the ‘chips will fall where they may,’ to borrow a colloquial expression of your times. Indeed, there are a great many more unknowns. Whereas previous leaders of governing bodies were more predictable, for better or worse, the new politics across the world seems to embody the element of surprise, of inconsistency and of unpredictability.

It is time for human beings to take control of their lives, pull back from dependence upon a system which is now being pushed and pulled, stretched beyond its limits and unsecured, rather than secured.

Those of you depending upon the system to assist you in your journeys, whether it be in the financial sense or the healthcare system, whether it is reliance upon the legal system or reliance upon the justice and equality for all myth—find alternatives!

There are a few areas which are going to receive great benefits, but that remains to be seen. However, some good will come out of these highly restrained government officials.

We predict a likely overthrow of the government in P. This seems imminent, unless the course changes. Again, with the unpredictability of the extremist governments, it is difficult to predict. Only trends can be seen.

These are very difficult times for many people on your planet. It is again a portal for the release of souls ready to be released.

November 28, 2016 On Unity, Not Division
Yes, yes. In every country, there is the sense of escalation, but not toward war. War is the common fear. There is an escalation toward chaos, as politicians more brazen commit obvious crimes with no compunction and no abiding consequences.

There is a sense of lawlessness. This is when the people unite. They form a tribe within and amongst themselves. When the people begin to unite as ONE and extend their arms across the great waters to embrace others in need, humanity comes closer to fulfilling its mission on this planet.

When governments go awry, the people shall UNITE.

Refuse to be divided by the colour of your skin or the faith which you follow.
Refuse to rise against each other.
Change the program.

Go within more to achieve a peaceful state of consciousness.
And carry that peace to others all around you.

You need not spout spiritual vignettes or preach sermons.
Just be still and listen more to your fellow men and women.

On Our Precious Resource – Our Children
And, by all means, become as still as you are able—to listen attentively to the children.

They are leaders of the future, being groomed for their roles in time. Their hearts remain open, despite the chaos their tender souls observe in the world outside. Help them to kindle and maintain that Light within, until it becomes so clear, so strong, that nothing can extinguish it.

Consider every moment with your own beloved children to be a blessing bestowed upon you by Almighty.

Be the mirror for your children, so that who you are at your highest vibration becomes reflected back to them, as they seek to find their own ways to rise.

Take care how you expend and extend your energies.
Guard your personal space, no matter how small it may seem.

Go within daily.
Meditate more deeply.

This is the time when TRUTH will be revealed.
Shadows become visible.

Walk in Light.