Author: Parvati

Current Climate of Chaos, Complication, and Children

On Current Climate of Chaos, Complication, and Children Yes, yes, yes. Never before has life on this revolving, evolving planet been so wrought with chaos and complication. Never before has there been such widespread panic and hysteria, absolute confusion, disillusion. As crime is on the rise, people begin to arm themselves, thus creating a greater danger for an already explosive environment. And the children—all in immediate danger of this system gone haywire. Those of you with awareness of the current climate on this planet shall do well to consider changing your focus—from reacting to the constantly changing demands of...

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Being All We Can Be

Yes, yes. Focus.  Focus within. Can you imagine a world in which each of you realize your potential? Each of you stand up to be counted as aware, vibrant beings which you are? Each of you come from a center within you so strong that no winds of change or outside force can cause even a momentary lapse of strength and stability? Indeed, this is not only possible but highly probable. It can be realized. If all of you manifest your highest dreams and embrace the Truth within you, it is most probable. One may be enthusiastic or inspired...

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The Age of Truth

”You are all carriers of Light, dear ones. Focus on that! And take care of your step, as you move forward carrying the torch of Truth, tempered with the absolute healing manifestation of love.”

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