Author: Parvati

Recovery of the Future

“It is on the soul level where greatest change is being called for.
It is on this soul level, individually and globally, that true recovery can take place.
It is not a recovery of the old, but a recovery of the future waiting in the wings. This is it.”

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“If we steer the ship of change in the direction of a new Unity, tempered with Love, and in the direction of Truth, the change so desperately called for can be lasting.
A cycle can come to an end and a new beginning can dawn.”

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Prayer for Our World

Prayer for Our World What a different world we live in now, one of isolation, one punctuated by fear of what most definitely is the unknown, one of insulation as we must remain in our homes or at least in our towns, unable to move outward throughout the world. We cling to internet, a great resource for reaching our loved ones, friends, and even a way to comfort strangers who may be feeling truly alone out there. My prayer is that during this period of isolation, whether voluntary or enforced, that I, we, learn to access the inner space...

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