Author: Parvati


March 10, 2020 Yes, yes. Be aware of the trickery that is being foisted upon this planet. There are negative energetic forces at play here. Be aware. Do not give into the mass hysteria surrounding the current virus. While it is now a health risk, no doubt, do not arm yourselves with fear. Fear is a weapon in the arsenal that is fabricated to destroy and to control. Listen, dear beings of beloved planet Earth, the Record Keeper of the Universe—pay attention. Take normal precautions when travelling or in large groups of people. However, do not fear this latest...

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October 2019

October 17, 2019 Dear friends, This world we live in is fraught with unprecedented trials, challenges and dangers. What seems a preponderance of maliciousness, meanness and malevolence in many in positions of power prancing upon on the world stage, makes it feel like a heightened state of stress and even ‘emergency’ at times. We are bombarded with it daily, via Internet, 24-hour news channels and political maneuverings designed to create division rather than unify our teeming populace. Orion recognizes our reality and offers us timely solutions. Going within to discover our higher purpose in this life is given as...

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September 2019

‘Those of you for whom the alarm bells toll—do not lose heart.
Continue to march for equal rights for all human beings on this planet.
Continue to walk in peace upon this planet Earth.
Continue to rise up. To stand up,
To face the ugliness of racism, the injustice of abuse, the deleterious misuse of power of those in power.
Stand up for the healing of the great Mother, Earth.”

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